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  • (8/7/2006) Have you built a nice library of songs in iTunes but can’t get rid of the pesky duplicates or dead link files? Well then Dupe Eliminator is for you

  • (8/7/2006) Search, find, download and save files from web sites automatically

    SoundClick - Free MP3 music download and much, much more.
    ASF and MP3. Stars and unsigned artists. Streaming songs and videos in up-to-broadband
    quality. Charts,...

  • Each song is presented in up-to-broadband streaming audio, and most are downloadable as mp3 files (simple registration required)

    Blubster™ free music downloads
    Decentralized file sharing system for MP3 files featuring resumable and distributed

  • Search, Download, Play and Burn Music :: for Free today! :: :: :: Latest release: v2.60e 12, 728, 436 Blubster downloads so far! : free, secure & fast P2P File-Sharing

  • Become a Blubzie and start enjoying all of the new features and the advantages of this worldwide filesharing network

  • Bearing in mind some of you will not be familiar with the mp3 download process, we at the Blubster team offer you a free and effortless file-sharing program that will make all your music downloads manageable in a fast and easy way

  • Millions of users worldwide can share their music files and help the online community grow

  • This system allows a user's identity to remain private, which makes all the file-sharing process completely secure

    The Bible in MP3 Audio Format
    Offers the Bible in mp3 audio format for free download in several different
    languages and translations...

  • narrated by Luke in 30 language Finding Peace in Uncertain Times A 10 minute message from Mp3 Audio Real Audio The AudioTreasure site exist to offer audio Bible files for download in as many languages as legally possible

  • This site serves over 1.5 million Bible mp3 file downloads per month to 200 nations around the world


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    AESSENET.ORG - Notizie, Software download, File Sharing, Guide e ...
    News tecnologiche aggiornate quotidianamente e commentabili dai visitatori, pagine
    sui nuovi hardware...

  • (29/11) Il programma pi? utilizzato per leggere i file pdf (Portable Document Format), formato molto diffuso su internet

  • Ecco quali sono stati gli ultimi commenti inseriti: 23:19 (Nero 6 Reloaded) 23:01 (Musica online: violato iTunes) 23:01 (Musica online: violato iTunes) 23:00 (IrfanView32) 22:47 (Cara Adsl...) 22:40 (Shawn: da pirata a salvatore del music business?) 22:37 (Google lancia il video store) 22:36 (Cd-rom Posizionamento sui motori di ricerca (file ISO)) Scopri il significato di centinaia di parole legate al computer e ad internet

    Games Download - giochi gratis da scaricare,classici,freeware ...
    Giochi freeware divisi per genere e piattaforma, tutti liberamente scaricabili. - Download freeware and shareware software - Giochi ...
    Archivio di software per Internet, DivX, DVD, CD-R/RW in versione freeware,
    shareware e demo.

  • Ultimi Programmi Inseriti Super WMA Cutter Joiner é un editor per unire / divider files WMA

  • Il programma supporta inoltre files in formato MP3, WAV e OGG

  • FlashPoint PowerPoint to Flash Converter é una semplice utility per convertire i vostri files creati con Powerpoint in files flash

  • Super Mp3 Splitter é un potente tool in grado di dividere un files MP3 di grandi dimensioni in piu' files MP3 di dimensioni ridotte

  • Video Audio Player é un player freeware di files multimediali come per esempio mp3, wmv, mpeg, mpg, m1v, dat, wma, wav, aiff, au, aif, mid, midi, rmi, snd, avi, asf, VCD, ecc

  • Max Folder Secure é un tool di sicurezza che vi consentirà di proteggere i vostri files e cartelle tramite password

  • PDF Splitter é un utility per dividere in piu' parti un file in formato PDF

  • Descrizione del produttore: PDF Splitter is used to split(burst, bursting) PDF files into individual ..

  • Divide un file Avi compresso in Divx in due sotto segmenti Avi

    Girolamo Frescobaldi. MIDI files (free download)
    The complete 'Fiori Musicali' played live on MIDI. It is necessary to request a
    free password.

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    Cambiavoce, riproduttore di MP3, riproduttore di DVD, salvaschermo ...
    Presenta Voice Changer, un elaboratore vocale, applicazioni multimediali come il
    Dvd Player e per...

  • Riproduttore e registratore MP3: registra e riproduce files in 10 formati musicali, come MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, APE, ecc

  • Creatore di DVD: DVD Player-Morpher può trasformare le immagini o l'audio negli effetti che desideri, e catturarli in un nuovo file

  • Convertitore di DVD: DVD Player-Morpher ti permette di convertire i DVD e i file video da un formato all'altro

    Digital Music - MP3s, P2P, Free Music, and Buy Music Online
    The oldest and largest site for original MIDI. Since early 1995, composers from
    all over the world...

  • From CD Freaks: Earlier this month, the inability to prove who actually did the file sharing caused the RIAA to drop a case in Oklahoma and now it looks like the same defense has worked in a California case as well

  • How'd Debbie Foster do it? She requested that the RIAA provide specifics such as the dates of the alleged downloading and the files involved

  • The RIAA failed to provide the requested information and Foster filed a motion for summary judgment

  • It's one thing for the RIAA to launch lawsuits left and right on individuals, but it looks downright skeazy when they can't provide any evidence of the file sharing

    Home Page - Classici Stranieri - Biblioteca Multimediale - E-Book ...
    Biblioteca di classici in versione e-book scaricabili gratuitamente.

    mfiles - free music files and notes: Sheet Music, MIDI and MP3
    Includes classical, original, ragtime, traditional, and church music, available
    in MIDI and MP3 formats,...

  • Home Latest News Powaqqatsi - Philip Glass The striking image on the cover of the album shows a boy walking down the side of a dirt road with a huge truck advancing from behind bringing with it a storm of dust which is about to engulf him

  • At mfiles we support the playing of classical music to children of all ages, and this album is an ideal introduction which adults will enjoy too

  • In addition to his numerous 'Etudes' or Studies some of which are already featured on mfiles, we present the following Mazurka which is more challenging to play

  • Sites like mfiles can be a great introduction to this activity with its range of free sheet music of classical favourites

  • We have therefore negotiated a special for mfiles customers interested in Digital Sheet Music from Music Notes, and have put together a list of popular film music for piano to illustrate just a small proportion of what is available

  • Minuet for original Minuet arranged for Minuet arranged for Minuet arranged for Minuet arranged for Minuet arranged for Minuet arranged for Minuet arranged for Minuet arranged for Minuet arranged for Search: web mfiles Discount Offer on Digital Sheet Music: Composer Poster: Visit or All material in is © 1999-2006 All rights reserved


    Free Software Downloads and Software Reviews -
    The site is one of the largest and most trusted sources of freeware, shareware,
    and other software...

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  • Filed under: After a few lackluster adventures and a three-year absence, the brassy British heroine has returned with more polygons and a brand-new game engine

  • Filed under: You can be a top contributor too! Just rate and review the stuff you download

  • Not a member? Sign up Ridding your PC of unnecessary files, this utility speeds up your performance and removes traces of your online behavior

  • This summer, let your handheld device help you retrieve e-mail, instant messages, media files, and directions

    MP3 Download, music mp3 downloads. ALLOFMP3.
    Provides MP3 singles, soundtracks, remixes, charts, news, and ratings.

    MediaMonkey Free MP3 Jukebox Player, Music Library Organizer
    Free music manager and jukebox for large collections of CDs, MP3s and other audio
    files. It rips CDs,...

  • | MediaMonkey: Get Your Music Collection in Order! Organize music and edit tags in your audio library with a powerful, intuitive interface Automatically lookup and tag Album Art and other metadata Manage 50, 000+ files in your music collection without bogging down Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never again worry about varying volume Record CDs into OGG, MP3, FLAC and WMA files Convert MP3s , OGG, FLAC and WMA files into other formats with the Audio Converter Create playlists and music mixes quickly and easily to suit any occasion Synchronize with iPods / MP3 players effortlessly and convert tracks on-the-fly Plus ..

  • " -- " Singularly Impressive! " -- " Like the idea of iTunes keeping track of and playing your music library but hate giving up control of the music files and directories you’ve spent years organizing? Looking for one app to rip and burn music? Need an easy-to-use music program full of features? Want to easily synch your portable audio player with the library on your computer? MediaMonkey is for you

  • " -- " Our favorite for managing MP3 files is MediaMonkey

  • After poking and prodding at all the settings, I decided I would give it a the chance to restructure my 5, 263 file library..

    Fresh Download - Free Download Manager, no ads, no spyware, no ...
    Download manager with multiple connections/split file, pause/resume broken
    download, and integration...

    Software freeware Download Gratis - 4you Gratis
    Contiene software gratuito da scaricare suddiviso per categorie.

  • Tanto Software gratuito per creare immagini 3D, file ICO, per catturare lo schermo in movimento, per il fotoritocco, Tantissimi programmi dedicati all'hobby, ma anche per gli studenti, tra le categorie: scienza, geografia, chimica..

  • Condividi file Audio, Video o Software con altri utenti online

  • Tanto Software per masterizzare CD e DVD, per convertire o tagliare file MP3 o Midi, per copiare file video sul tuo PC..

    FreeRIP: rip audio CD tracks to Wav, MP3, Ogg Vorbis files for free
    A Windows application that can save audio CD tracks to Wav or MP3 or Ogg Vorbis
    audio files. It also...

  • FreeRIP FreeRip is a freeware application that lets you save audio CD tracks to Wav or MP3 or Ogg Vorbis audio files

  • FreeRIP is also an audio file converter since it can convert and encode from WMA, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Wav files to Ogg Vorbis, MP3 or Wav

  • FreeRIP is a CD ripper, this means that it can record digital audio tracks directly from audio CD to files on your hard drive (this process is known as "ripping")

  • You can save tracks as CD quality WAV files or encode them to Ogg Vorbis or MP3 compressed audio format

  • CD database, and ID3 Tagging (Version 1 and 2) are supported: FreeRIP automatically downloads album and song titles from freedb Internet databases and stores them in the MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files themselves

  • FreeRIP lets you convert audio files from a format to another

  • You can convert WMA and Wav files to MP3 or Ogg Vorbis, and back MP3 or Ogg Vorbis to Wav

  • FreeRIP includes two audio converters: a single file converter and a multi file converter that lets you convert many files at a time

  • FreeRIP also includes a music search bar to help you search for MP3 and music files on the Internet, or search for CDs in CD catalogue

    Morpheus free P2P file sharing program. Free music downloads ...
    Multi-network file-sharing client with features including chat, multiple media
    types, and multisource...

  • Download free music, videos, games, and more* today with Morpheus™ P2P file sharing software

  • No Spyware No Bundles No Pop-Ups No Trojans No Kidding Most Powerful Morpheus Ever More Search Results Faster Downloads Better Download Success Integrates BitTorrent** Results Smart User Interface Easy to Install & Use Includes Bonus Skin Searches Multiple P2P Networks Discover & Buy Songs Videos Games Software & More! Search & Enjoy* Free Music Downloads Free Movies & Videos Free Games & Software Free Pictures & Documents Max Out Your MP3 Player Helpful Online Community Helpful Forums Friendly Chat Rooms Share with Millions of Morpheus Users Safe & Secure Uses Your Anti-Virus Software to Prevent Malicious Files Protects Your Privacy Optional Parental Filters Proxy Network Access Free Bitzi** Anti-Spoofing Look-Ups Find What You Want *Authorized by the copyright holders for distribution for non-commercial or promotional purposes

    MP3 Cafe - free downloads, full albums, archives
    MP3 resource featuring news, information, chart and full album downloads, software,
    and links.

  • And better yet, you know already about that special format called MP3 that makes your music files more compact and more portable

  • Anyone can set up an Icecast server and begin streaming songs or audio files

  • However, home users may also be happy streaming a static playlist of MP3 files from a server’s hard drive

  • Networked machines can connect to the server and listen to the current song or audio file

  • — Emusic reviewer Don McLeese Posted: Sunday, May 15, 2005 in: MP3Tagger is a freeware program intended for editing tags in multimedia sound files

  • As you already know, MP3 (MPEG Layer 3) is a music-file format

  • This is actually a piece of information, stored right in that MP3 file

  • Of course, you may use it to fill in the tags, but you have to browse through the files - one after another - press Alt+3 and enter all the desired information

  • Posted: Friday, May 13, 2005 in: BladeEnc is a free program that are able to encode WAV into MP3 files

  • It offers the advantage of playing audio files at the original sound quality at a data reduction up to 12 times of the source file.The MP3 Surround format offers multi-channel sound while being fully backwards compatible with existing MP3 decoders in the sense that these will decode a stereo downmix of the multichannel sound image


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