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  • Are you making the most of your UCAS personal statement? A good essay will not only demonstrate your ability to write concise, structured prose, it will also highlight your achievements and show admissions officers why they should offer you a place Personal Statement and Application Essay Editing ...
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  • The NYT reports, "Admissions officers said eliminating the testing requirement had increased both the size and diversity of their applicant pools, and bolstered their reputation as places personal enough to consider each application." Posted by Linda Abraham on Thu, 31 Aug 2006 23:34:47 +0000 | UCLA Anderson 2007 MBA Essay Questions are available now

  • The Admissions Committee considers your responses to the following essay questions extremely important in the selection process

  • Therefore, you are encouraged to prepare your essays with great care

  • (Note: Uploaded essays should be double-spaced.) 1

  • (Optional) Is there any other information that you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Committee in considering your application? If you feel the application already represents you well, do not feel obligated to answer this essay question

    Law Admissions: Writing the Law School Personal Statement
    Advice on applying to law school, including writing personal statements, and what
    to request in letters of recommendation.


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  • The preparation of these critical admission essays is widely regarded as one of the most daunting, difficult and anxiety-producing aspects of the application process

  • Meet Richard Stelzer , a well-known consultant with an impressive track record helping clients produce competitive application essays for law, business and medical school
    Tips on writing personal essays for law school applications.

  • MBA/Business School Application Essay Resources Law School Personal Statement Resources Graduate School Personal Statement Resources College Admission Essay Writing Resources Medical School Application Essay Resources College Admission Essays & Personal Statements Over the years, AdmissionsEssays has organized a diverse group of scholars, writers, lawyers, and other professionals as a collective source of advice, inspiration, and guidance for academic applicants throughout the global reach of the Internet

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  • Admissions Essays is the premier personal statement development service on the Web

  • We provide all the necessary guidance to help our clients produce memorable, striking, and effective personal statements and admission essays to help them get into their schools of choice
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    What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It. From Indiana University Writing
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  • “Citing Sources in MLA Style”:, “Citing Sources in APA Style”:, “How to Use Evidence”:, “How To Write a Thesis Statement”:, “Paragraphs and Topic Sentences”:, “Personal Statements and Application Letters”:, “Plagiarism: What It Is and How To Avoid It”:, “Proofreading for Common Surface Errors”:, “Proofreading for Spelling Errors”:, “Taking an Essay Exam”: “Using Outlines”:, “Writing Book Reviews”:, “Writing Resumes and Cover Letters”:, Writing Tutorial Services Ballantine Hall 206, 1020 E - College Admission Essay, Personal Statement, and ...
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  • Need Help Writing Your Graduate Admission Essay or Personal Statement for Graduate School? Gaining entry into a prestigious graduate school is a competitive and often daunting task

  • Admission requirements ask not only for academic records (undergraduate degrees, diplomas or certificates) but for a written admission essay, also

  • The admission essay requested is often fairly short (approximately 500 to 600 words) and is commonly referred to as a letter of intent, statement of purpose, personal statement, or admission essay

  • Writing your admission essay is often an intimidating task, especially if you’re struggling to write your personal statement, graduate admissions essay, letter of intent, or letter of interest in clear and compelling prose

  • The perfect graduate admissions essay will give you the edge over hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of university applicants - each with comparable test scores, work experiences, and personal interests

  • The graduate admissions essay is your best chance to distinguish yourself from other applicants, while it also allows you to emphasize your accomplishments and future potential

    The Teaching Portfolio
    Article by Hannelore B. Rodriguez-Farrar, introduces and explain the Teaching
    Portfolio concept as a way to demonstrate one's teaching credentials to colleagues ...

    The Benefits and Hazards of the Philosophy of Ayn Rand
    Nathaniel Branden's memoir on the Objectivist experience.

  • A further difficulty lies in the fact that she was a novelist and chose principally to present her philosophy in fiction, the important exceptions being, of course, her monograph, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology , and a number of collections of her nonfiction essays, such as The Virtue of Selfishness

  • The consequence of failing to make this distinction, and this is markedly apparent in the case of Ayn Rand, is that if someone disagrees with your notion of 'the reasonable, ' it can feel very appropriate to accuse him or her of being 'irrational' or 'against reason.' If you read her books, or her essays in The Objectivist , or if you listen to her lectures, you will notice with what frequency and ease she branded any viewpoint she did not share as not merely mistaken but 'irrational' or 'mystical.' In other words, anything that challenged her particular model of reality was not merely wrong but 'irrational' and 'mystical' -- to say nothing, of course, of its being 'evil, ' another word she loved to use with extraordinary frequency

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  • a glazed eye and 'Next!') - Review your personal statement and essays

  • In a nutshell: Pre-Med Undergrad advising - pre-med requirements; Evaluation of credentials - grades, MCAT scores, "non-cognitive variables" (extra-curricular activities) AMCAS application Timing Formatting Presentation of your material in the strongest possible manner Personal statement in-depth review for content/grammar Transcript discussion Recommendation letters Help in selecting med schools to which to apply Sorting through school-specific secondary applications Timing the return of the 'secondary' Discussing/reviewing essays Handling the possible reject letter Interviewing The interview trip - planning, etc

  • I am often asked, "How many hours do your clients typically spend with you?" There is no standard answer...anywhere from 1 (essay review) to 8 or 9 hours (includes mock interviewing)

    United Kingdom House of Parliament: Military Action on Iraq
    Documents latest statements and debates, provides information on how Members of
    Parliament voted, and includes related reports by Parliament committees and ...

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