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Pressed rawhide bones and chews.

  • I know it's kind of weird that I'm a dog that can write Internet pages, but who says that anold dog can't learn new tricks? Anyway, what dog doesn't like a nice high-quality rawhide dog bone to chew on and play with? Also, what owner doesn't like to get the best quality treats for their dogs at the lowest possible price? Well, that is where comes in

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  • USA Rawhide Dog Bones Toys and Treats for Dogs and Cats Looking for wholesale prices on pet supplies? Do you want high quality, made in the USA rawhide dog bones, dog chews and treats for your pets? Internet Pet Supplies, means highest quality pet treats and toys, wholesale pet shop prices on the internet, and a guarantee of 100% satisfaction for you and your pet

  • | PETSHOP SELECTIONS | Lots of fun stuff! Interesting articles and tips for pet owners Jokes, riddles and stories about pets Quotes and quips about animals Unusual facts and information USA RAWHIDE BONES, TREATS & CHEWS IMPORTED NATURAL PRESSED RAWHIDE BONES IMPORTED RAWHIDE BONES, TREATS & CHEWS DOG TOYS SHIPPING $6.00 on any size order, to any location, except Alaska & Hawaii Copyright © 1998 - 2006

    Pet Factory - USA rawhide manufacturer in Mundelein, IL, USA
    Manufacturer of USA rawhide dog treats, bones, and chews.

  • Most dog chews originate from countries outside US borders even though American Beefhide is considered the Prime #1 choice

  • We feel that American Beefhide chews are what demanding pet owners want and we provide the highest quality: thicker and longer lasting chews

  • Keep in mind while you visit our site that we provide a wide variety of American Beefhide dog chews and we are the only company that manufacturers American Beefhide products 100% in the US


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  • Retriever Rolls and Twists A mixture of some of the most desired rawhide chews available

  • Pressed Rawhide Long Lasting Chews that will keep your dog occupied for hours on end Assorted Munchies An assortment of colorful chews for your dogs enjoyment: red, yellow, green, brown, and natural

  • Munchy Bones and Lollipops A collection of chews for dogs of all shapes and sizes

  • Bagged Flip Strips A popular dog chew, packaged in 8 oz

  • 6" Bully Sticks A smaller bully stick just as enoyable as the larger size 12" Bully Sticks A dog chew rapidly gaining in popularity and challenging the ever-popular pig ear

  • Baked Croissant, Pretzel, and 5" Ring A necessity for the dog that has everything The Bakery Department Rawhide chews that look like they just came out of the oven

    Ecology Rawhide Co. 100% Natural Heavy Rawhide Dog Chew Treats
    Natural rawhide chews and gifts.

  • Benefits

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  • " " Red Barn Chicken Jerky is made of first quality chicken and select seasonings to produce a moist and chewy dog treat for your puppy or dog

  • Bringing home a ? Essential items for chewing, calming, training..

  • For Fashion or For Fun, Dog Carriers are a great way to take your pet wherever you go - ! Squeaky vinyl or are great fun for non aggressive chewer dogs

    Pet Train
    Offers clothing, toys, leashes, flea treatment, rawhide items, as well as aquarium
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  • Smoked Smoked Dog Bones : Are a 100% All Chew Treat

  • Smoked Dog Bones : Will provide your dog hours of entertainment and chewing pleasure and are the ultimate smoked dog bone treats

  • Smoked Dog Bones : Are a safe and natural way to satisfy your dog's desire to chew and they make the perfect dog reward treats during training

  • Lucky Dog Chew Bones are not oven baked using artificial liquid smoke to add the hickory smoked smell and flavor

  • When you purchase a Lucky Dog Brand Hickory Smoked Dog Chew Bone Treat you are getting the real McCoy

  • Lucky Dog Hickory Smoked Dog Bones wants to be your canine's best friend! Except for our Rawhide Dog Chew Bones, all Lucky Dog Smoked Bones for dogs products are all NATURAL and FULLY SMOKE CURED so they are SAFE DOG BONE TREATS FOR YOUR DOG! Treat your Dog to Lucky Dog Hickory Smoked Today Copyright © 2006 No part of this web site shall be reproduced in whole or part without express written consent from of Houston, Texas 77022-5933


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  • Plus, we have that squeak and rattle, a variety of rawhide chews and flavored tennis balls; and other great products from Happy Dog Toys! Prowl around our store and you'll also find a complete line of Super Premium Pet Food from, the highest quality herbs from, fun rubber stamps, and our original designs on mousepads, shirts and more! Already know what you want? Go directly to our where you can search by category, item name and product manufacturer

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    Amatikulu Pet Products Rawhide Dog Chew Manufacturer
    Making rawhide bones and sticks as pet chews. Product details and photographs
    and a description of benefits. Gingindlovu, South Africa.

  • Email Page The Premium Rawhide Dog Chew Manufacturer Welcome to Amatikulu Pet Products

  • All of our employees are individually trained to make the finest cowhide dog chews by hand

  • As an integral part of the community we believe in the benefits of educating our staff, the quality of our chews reflects this attitude.Our continuing product research and development has helped us evolve to become the premium manufacturer of natural rawhide chews

  • Our beefhide chews are handmade from the finest hides but because we ovenbake our cowhide we are able to ship within twenty days and guarantee our treats germ free and safe for pet consumption

  • Using both means our customers are able to count on us to deliver premium natural colour cowhide chews at reasonable prices

    Triumph Pet Industries produces the finest quality, all natural ...
    Manufacturers of natural dog and cat food. Based in Warwick, New York.

  • treats have been basted in an assortment of flavors and will satisfy the chewing needs of your canine

  • Triumph Rawhide Chew Treats are available in five different varieties

  • These include Original Flavor, Chicken Basted, Beef Basted, Peanut Butter Basted and Assorted Rawhide Chew Treats

    Pica Behaviour in the Adult Dog
    Known as pica, this can cause serious health problems. The causes and solutions
    are explained.

  • Boredom Boredom or lack of exercise for long periods of time without companionship can play a major role in a dog's interest in chewing on non-food items

  • A dog with little to do in his day will 'explore' behavioural activities, such as chewing on foreign objects

  • For dogs with an urge to find, chew and hold items within their mouth it is useful to orient the dog towards an acceptable object such as a strong nylon or rawhide bone

  • Teasing the dog with a bone or chew toy will help stimulate interest in the object

  • Encourage the dog to play with acceptable chew items

  • (Make sure the bone or chew item is large enough so that the dog cannot swallow it.) In cases where it seems that the dog is exhibiting pica behavior in order to gain attention and the dog is performing the behaviour in your presence, it is best to ignore the dog if it already has something in its mouth - Der Shop für Ihr Tier
    Produkte für Hunde, Katzen und Frettchen.


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