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Produce avviatori statici (softstarter) per motori trifase a controllo digitale,
azionamenti per servomotori e prodotti custom per automazione.

West Elm
Offering furniture, wall decor, rugs, pillows and window treatments.

Gemeinde Elm
Offizielle Seite mit aktuellen Hinweisen.

About Elm Trees
Descriptions of ten species of Ulmus, how to identify different species, basic
biology of the genus, and advice on caring for elms in the landscape.

  • | Elm Care Products | > About Elms Last Update 30/08/00 About Elm Trees The majestic elm is one of the most beloved of all our trees

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    Elmcare.com - All about elm trees and elm tree care.
    Devoted to elm trees and elm care with sections dealing with diseases (including
    Dutch elm disease), new research, tree physiology and other elm-related ...

  • Register your elm tree to receive customized care advice...

  • Links to a growing community of academics, homeowners and professional tree care experts

    Electronic Learning Marketplace
    Maine Learning Results (MLR) resource offers a searchable database, a collection
    of teacher developed assessments and a reference area.

    ELM FORKLIFT EQUIPMENT - a world of possibilities...
    Vertrieb von Gabelstaplern und entsprechenden Ersatzteilen. Die Modelle und
    Neuigkeiten werden vorgestellt. [DK-8723 Losning]

    Saskatchewan Dutch Elm Disease Association
    The SDEDA is an association created to preserve the American Elm in Saskatchewan.
    Provides information on Dutch Elm Disease and ways to battle the disease.

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    Nightmare On Elm Street
    Official site. Features the interactive Freddy, a photo gallery, screen saver,
    interviews, and a store.

    Ulmus americana - American Elm
    Fact sheet, illustrated with color photos.

    Elm Watch
    Encourages the protection of historic and scenic American Elms from Dutch elm
    disease (DED). Provides information on DED prevention technology.

  • Elm Watch Links people and communities to public trees through three primary programs: (1) Heritage American elm preservation through its flagship Adopt-an-elm program

  • (3) Community forestry outreach and educational services including informational programs, slide lectures, formation and support of local tree committees, Arbor Day celebrations, and the promotion and design of green parking lots and campus arboreta

    Dutch Elm Conservatoire, The
    British troupe providing tour dates, reviews, photos, biographies and contact

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    Town of Little Elm
    Includes city departments, newcomer information, news, and recreation.

    Village of Elm Grove
    Official municipal web site.

    Environmental League of Massachusetts
    Dedicated to protecting the air, water, and land for the people of the commonwealth.
    Volunteer jobs, activist tools, and related news.

  • Environmental League of Massachusetts Advocates for Responsible Environmental Policy Since 1898 14 Beacon Street, Suite 714, Boston, MA 02108 Phone: (617) 742-2553 Fax: (617) 742-9656 E-Mail: New Reports and ImportantInformation The Environmental League has teamed up with other organizations to form the Click on the link to learn more about this new effort! Event Wednesday May 3, 2006, 11:00 am, State House Room 222 ELM Responds to Proposed Budget Amendments Senate voted unanimously to pass S-2464, An Act Relative to Mercury Management ELM's letter to House Ways and Means Chairman Robert DeLeo about the expedited permitting bill

    Elm Renaissance Tree Farm
    Regional growers of the Liberty Elm in Mattapoisett, MA. Help restore this
    magnificent tree in your community.

    Ulmus americana - American Elm
    Detailed information from the US Forest Service.

  • Because of it, American elms now comprise a smaller percentage of the large diameter trees in mixed forest stands than formerly

  • The trees are essentially self-sterile

  • When mature, American elm is a prolific seed producers Trees as old as 300 years have been reported to bear seeds

  • In closed stands, seed production is greatest in the exposed tops of dominant trees

  • Although most seeds fall within 91 in (300 ft) of the parent tree, some may be carried 0.4 kin (0.25 mi) or more

  • American elm may be perpetuated for generations, even though the average life span of the trees is likely to be reduced

  • Vegetative Reproduction- Small American elm trees produce vigorous stump sprouts

  • Although not documented, some observations suggest that replacement in dense, undisturbed bottom-land stands in Minnesota may be by root suckers of mature trees

  • In open-grown or sparse stands, the trees usually fork near the ground and form wide arching crowns

  • Dutch elm disease is characterized by a gradual wilting and yellowing of the foliage, usually followed by death of the branches and eventually the whole tree (5, 14)

    The Inn at The Elm Tree
    Inn and Restaurant. Weekend, sporting and leisure breaks, and weddings.

  • Welcome to the Inn at the Elm Tree, Originally an early 19th Century Barn, now transformed from a Celebrated Restaurant of 15 years to an 'Inn'

    The Nightmare On Elm Street Companion
    Cast and crew, synopses, screenplays, box covers, posters, photographs, deleted
    scenes, and soundtrack details for the series' films.

  • THE FILMS Friday The 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street and all related characters, names, and indicia are trademarks and © of New Line Productions, Inc

  • to the Nightmare On Elm Street Companion, resource to the horror series A Nightmare On Elm Street

    Saving the American Elm
    Information about efforts to restore Ulmus americana to the landscape by developing
    and planting new disease resistant varieties. Includes photos and links.

  • Ever since some new disease-resistant varieties of purely American elm were called to my attention, I have been hooked on raising these trees for distribution in my home town of Acton, Massachusetts, and it did not take me long to conceive of finding a way to have them planted in natural settings on various public lands, where they always will be safe from indifferent landowners

  • QUINTESSENTIAL MAIN STREET During their usual strolls along the main streets of their home towns, our parents and grandparents gazed at the scenery around them and took for granted a spectacular picture that seldom is observed nowadays and that few of us can hope to see during our lifetimes

  • The interweaving limbs of the stately trees that lined the streets ascended into a towering canopy with a graceful, arching beauty unmatched by any tree that is commonly seen today, spreading horizontally at heights often greatly exceeding 100 feet (in rare cases attaining 140 feet with even greater spreads and 11 foot trunk diameters), and drooping long, slender branches in abundance high above the street, blocking all view of the sky

  • Along countless streets for many miles in cities and towns throughout the tree's extensive native range in the eastern half of North America, even as late as the early 1960's, this scene abounded, the effect of the only species capable of giving us such majestic splendor


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