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Chans Eggroll and Jazz
Serving patrons a full range of oriental food - eat in and enjoy jazz, blues,
folk, cabaret, and comedy...

Charlie Chan Page
Includes Charlie's proverbs and a list of his offspring.

  • 'Interesting problem in chemistry-- sweet wine often turn nice woman sour.' --CC in Rio J ust how much work Charlie Chan actually got done for his employer, the Honolulu Police Department, is open to conjecture, since he was seemingly always on the road-- 'in Rio, ' 'in Panama, ' 'at Treasure Island, ' 'in Paris'-- you get the picture

  • T he character of Charlie Chan was created by Ohio-born writer, and although Charlie's first film appearances were peripheral, Fox soon put him front and center, and actor played the part with

  • T he formula was, for the most part-- Charlie Chan of the Honolulu Police Force, crack detective and worldwide celebrity, happened upon a good case of murder in an interesting or exotic locale, usually not Honolulu

  • They would then spend the rest of the film getting in the way and providing comic relief, until Charlie solved the case in spite of them

  • The Charlie Chan Poll Will you be buying the new Fox Charlie Chan DVD's? Yes No Not Sure F ox's casting for the Chan series was generous: , Lionel Atwill, and some other pretty talented stars of the era appeared in supporting roles

    Centre historique des Archives nationales
    Situé à Paris dans le quartier du Marais, le CHAN communique au public les archives

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    Angy-chan's Doll House
    Original dolls, that include divas, Yume, animated, and Manga. Also offers bases,
    a doll base search...

    Chan Brothers
    Information on promotions, airfares, travel tips, online reservation of hotels
    and travel packages.

    Chan Robles and Associates Law Firm
    Philippine law firm with worldwide affiliates, Atty. Joselito Guianan Chan,
    Reynaldo ...

    Jackie Chan
    FAQ mit einfallsreichen Fragen. Biografie und Filmografie sowie eine Aufstellung
    von Chan-Mailinglisten.

  • 'If the books of film history have all the names - Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Steven Spielberg and just a small note, Jackie Chan, then that's enough

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    Chan Chich Lodge
    Jungle lodge located in the lower plaza of an ancient Maya city and in a private
    nature reserve of...

    Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks
    A site with annotated links to over six hundred China- and Chinese language and

    Chan, Wendy
    Shows her portfolio of images from Singapore, Lombok, Oman, and different Asian
    locations. Candid...


    Chan, Ron
    Online illustration portfolio and stock search page for institutional, advertising
    and design firms.

    chan #starwars : salon irc / chat Star Wars francophone
    Salon irc francophone des fans de Star Wars.

    Zen-Zentrum Tao Chan
    Das Zen-Zentrum Tao Chan steht unter persönlicher Leitung von Zen-Meister Zensho W.

    Hol Chan Marine Reserve
    Visit coral reefs, snorkel with sharks and sting rays, experience Belize's first
    marine park, photos...

    Charlie Chan
    Musician and composer. Includes releases, music, the studio, yoga and meditation,
    and web-based toys.

  • Charlie Chan Site Highlights with any thoughts or ideas for the site

    The Official Jackie Chan Fan Club USA
    Includes news items, film posters and synopses, photographs, a FAQ, membership
    information and related...

    Sutherland-Chan School and Teaching Clinic
    Providing massage therapy services since 1983.

    Chan, William
    Landscape and nature photos of the American West and other places.


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