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  • America's Original March Madness! Welcome to March Madness 2006! Inside this site you'll find complete information on all four of our state basketball tournaments

  • We have detailed information on all the games and attractions that will be a part of this year's March Madness Experience! and much more

  • Headlines This free camp is held as part of the March Madness Experience

  • This is March Madness

  • IHSA's March Madness® is the premier high school sporting event in the nation

  • Since 1996, the March Madness Experience™ , a family-oriented extravaganza of fun, interactive games, historical exhibits and good times, has been an integral part of the boys tournaments in Peoria

  • Just across the concourse from the tournament action at Carver Arena, the March Madness Experience fills up the Peoria Civic Center's huge Exhibition Hall

  • So mark your calendar and make a date to visit and enjoy the girls tournaments in Normal and the boys tournaments and the March Madness Experience in Peoria

  • "March Madness is an IHSA thing always has been, always will be!" | Please address all email to: "America's Original March Madness" is a registered trademark of the "March Madness" and "March Madness Experience" are registered trademarks of the March Madness Athletic Association, L.L.C - NCAA Tournament 2004
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    march madness
    A thoughful and humorous look at March's political happenings as the race gains
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  • politics march madness by g.j
    The official web site of NCAA basketball championships. Contains information on
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    IGN - NCAA March Madness 2001
    Review with screen shots and movies [scores 8.4/10].

  • | Search Catch up with these six official creator blogs for the latest updates on your favorite upcoming games: SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES » » » (PS) Guide FAQs Cheats Features NCAA March Madness 2001 EA Sports has gone ahead and improved what was already an excellent sports franchise

  • by December 18, 2000 - EA Sports decided to rock the boat with NCAA March Madness 2000 last year by taking its college basketball videogame series to a new level by giving it all the special attention that's normally only really seen in its professional franchises

  • The game marked the first time since EA Sports started making both the college and professional sports that the college edition was arguably superior to its professional counterpart, as March Madness 2000 offered gamers many advantages over NBA Live 2001, including a better framerate, smoother play, and more features and customizable gameplay options

  • Gameplay NCAA March Madness 2001 has just about everything that any college basketball fan would ever look for in a videogame representation of the sport

  • Beyond the rich play modes and features, March Madness 2001 also fairs well in the area of customizable options

    NCAA March Madness 2001 Resources
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  • | » « | n e o s e e k : | « | : : : : : : Cheats, Codes, Unlockables, and Tips/Tricks Other games in this series · · · · · · · · NCAA March Madness 2001 | Cheats, Codes, Unlockables, and Tips/Tricks Cheats, Play Guides, and Hints cheats - Neoseeker updated: 02.12.03 Cheat codes, cheats, and play tips for NCAA March Madness 2001

  • Walkthroughs & FAQS FAQ/Walkthrough Title Date Author Size Version Got a NCAA March Madness 2001 FAQ or Guide? Use the, or email them as attachments to

  • Submit your cheats for NCAA March Madness 2001 using our and we'll post it up in a cheats page for this title! comments or corrections: » » » » » » » » © Copyright Neo Era Media Inc., 1999-2006

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    March Madness 2000 - Game Reviews - The Cincinnati Enquirer
    Reviewed by Justin Braxton-Brown, with screen shots. Score: 3.5 out of 4.

  • | Currently: 61°F Clear | March Madness 2000 March Madness 2000 brings hoops home BY JUSTIN BRAXTON-BROWN Enquirer Contributor March Madness 2000 publisher EA Sports ages Everyone requirements Sony PlayStation difficulty Medium rating (out of 4) screenshots related sites From the opening jump ball to the buzzer-beating three-pointer, NCAA March Madness 2000 for the Sony PlayStation is a non-stop-action slam dunk of a video game

  • March Madness sets itself apart from other basketball games because the controls are simple to master

  • To add an extra touch of realism, March Madness 2000 also comes with actual college pep songs and the schools’ real playbooks

  • To round out the full college basketball feel March Madness 2000 also includes non-stop commentary by Dick Vitale

  • There are four modes of play in March Madness 2000: Exhibition, Tournament, Dynasty and Women’s Sweet 16

  • March Madness 2000 is compatible with the PlayStation multiplayer hook-up which means that all modes of game play can be played with up to eight players

  • March Madness 2000 is the perfect balance between these kinds of games

    Sports Gaming Network - NCAA March Madness 2001
    Review with screen shots [scores 60/100].

  • Search For Posters! SGN The Sports Ad Links NCAA March Madness 2001 (PSX) Review Publisher : EA Sports Background Info Screens(13) March Madness is arguably the best few weeks in all of sports

  • The madness begins with Conference Tournament Week, which is capped off by Selection Sunday

  • After the sixty-four teams are chosen for the Big Dance, March Madness hits full stride

  • All of those three things are something March Madness 2001 hopes to achieve

  • That was until last year when EA released March Madness 2000 for the PSX

  • The newest incarnation of the March Madness series is not perfect, but I think for the first time it outdoes its NBA counterpart, the juggernaut NBA Live series

  • Despite the inclusion of the new coaching mode, the dynasty mode in March Madness is still very raw and unpolished when compared to NCAA Football

  • Overall : 60 With the PlayStation on its last legs, it would be unfair to expect March Madness 2001 to be a revolutionary game

    EA SPORTS - March Madness 2001
    Official site. Features, wallpapers, videos, screen shots, interviews, hits, and tips.

    NCAA March Madness 2001 for PS - NCAA March Madness 2001 ...
    Review with screen shots, codes, and movies [scores 8.3/10].

  • By: , Genre: Release Date: Dec 6, 2000 Most Popular Preview Nov 10, 2000 Movie Nov 10, 2000 Movie Nov 10, 2000 Latest Images Popular Videos Posted Nov 10, 2000 | 0'00' | Lo-Res: 0KB Latest GameSpot Updates Review Dec 14, 2000 Movie Nov 10, 2000 Preview Nov 10, 2000 Current Topics In Our Forum NCAA March Madness 2001 | Downloads | Check Prices Vital Stats Publisher: Developer: Release Date: Dec 6, 2000 8.3 7.1 (18 votes) 7.2 (15 reviews) Rank: 20, 073 of 32, 583 103 Rank on PS: 1, 340 of 1, 943 Wish Lists: 2 Collections: 60 Now Playing: 1 Tracking: 7 Your Score: This content requires Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher

  • March Madness Universe March Madness is back in NCAA March Madness 06

  • Score: 7.0 NCAA March Madness 2002 improves in gameplay terms upon its NBA counterpart, but even as a first-year effort, the options and features available in the game are rather paltry

  • Score: 7.0 While March Madness 2004 does a good job at capturing the feel of college basketball, a general lack of polish keeps it just a little short of greatness

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    March Madness 98 for PlayStation Review - PlayStation March ...
    Reviewed by Tasos Kaiafas. Includes screen shots and FAQs. Score: 6.9 out of 10.

  • : | E-mail: Password: | background color: search: News & Previews Videos Downloads Check Prices Player Reviews GameSpot Review 6.9 fair Gameplay 7 Graphics 6 Sound 7 Value 5 Tilt 8 Difficulty: Easy Learning Curve: About a half hour It's obvious that the March Madness development team did its homework

  • It's obvious that the March Madness development team did its homework by realizing what's different about college basketball and making sure the game included those features

  • Another pronounced feature of the college game is the effect of the home crowd on its team, and March Madness uses a momentum meter to mimic the effect

  • Another college basketball-specific feature in March Madness is the USA Today poll, which ranks all teams and not just the top 25 (all Division I teams are included)

  • March Madness makes a pretty good attempt at simulating the college game, but it has a few shortcomings

  • For the most part, March Madness is a good basketball game and an even better college basketball game

  • But even with its somewhat dated graphics (it looks like last year's NBA Live), adequate AI, and uncharacteristically high-scoring games, March Madness '98 definitely supplies most of the qualities of big-time college basketball

    Pool Tracker
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    FOX Sports - Hoops Hysteria - March Madness Finals Event Page
    2005 NCAA Tournament coverage. Includes brackets, team profiles, rosters, and articles.

    IGN - NCAA College Basketball 2K3 (GameCube)
    Review with screen shots and video clips [8.5/10].

    Compare Prices and Read Reviews on March Madness 99 for ...
    Consumer reviews.

  • | > > March Madness 99 for PlayStation 1 Overall rating: This product has not yet been reviewed

  • Compare Prices No Reviews at at at Marketplaces Store Rating Search "Buy it Now" for at Search for at Featured Resources Additional information on March Madness 99 for PlayStation 1 or other products

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