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A Collection of dark wallpapers and icons including: system replacement icons,
shell, texture and...

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    The Iconfactory: Your Quality Freeware Icons Hub (news.asp)
    Developer, of freeware icons for the Macintosh and home of the 'Pixelaplooza'
    contest, an annual forum...

    An online review dedicated to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics.

    Rosalind Franklin: Dark Lady of DNA
    Howard Berkes talks with Brenda Maddox about her book. In RealAudio format, from
    National Public Radio.

  • A later work by a friend casts Franklin as a feminist icon, cheated of recognition

  • info: DARK ICON

    Photo by www.surfsidepca.com

    Supports shell casings falling to the floor, improved bullet impacts, 32bit color
    alpha blended explosion...

  • Black changed the SDL window icon back to DP's icon

    Jabber icons (JISP)
    A website devoted to collect jabber iconsets (jisp-files).

  • Jisps collection for jabber Dudes32 version : 1.0creation : 2003-07-08description : Simple small little dudes, now with a little shadow on itauthor : Tom Germeauhome : AIM version : 1.0creation : 2003-09-08description : AIM iconsetauthor : Doug Claarhome : Apple iChat version : 1.0creation : 0000-00-00description : Sample icons from Apple iChat.author : Apple Computer Inc

  • z o.o., ła VampyGoth version : 1.0creation : 2003-10-23description : Gothic theme authored for Taraauthor : Michail Pishchagin (icondef.xml), Jamie Campbell (VampyGoth icons)home : ICQ version : 2002acreation : 0000-00-00description : Default icons in ICQ Instant Messenger.author : ICQ Inc

  • If you like shiny blobs, you're goning to love this set.author : Roy Duncan, Tom Germeau (convert) Hexicubes version : 1.0creation : 0000-00-00description : Raromchine's iconsetauthor : Stuart Aymon Kinghome : RSS version : 1.0creation : 2006-05-01description : RSSauthor : sevas ePLUS version : 3.0creation : 2005-04-24description : emotki ePLUS dla Hapi`egoauthor : Benassi ShinyIcons version : 1.0creation : 0000-00-00description : Iconsset for JaJc

  • z o.o., ła Weather version : 2.0creation : 2003-09-16description : Weather transport icons from OriginalGangstaIconsauthor : Tomasz Sterna (conversion), Jacek Tomasiak (retouch), MatriX #109476464 (artist) WebMessenger version : 1.0description : Default mini smileyset of Webmessengerauthor : WebMessenger Team, Tom Germeauhome : WPKontakt version : 2.0creation : 2004-01-17description : WPKontakt iconsetauthor : WP artists, Kamil Kliwisonhome : Yahoo! version : 1.0creation : 2003-07-17description : Default Yahoo! messenger iconsetauthor : Michail Pishchagin (not the icons, just this icondef.xml), Yahoo! messenger artistshome : Yahoo! Messenger version : : 2002-09-13description : Default set of icons in Yahoo! Messenger.author : Yahoo! Inc., Sebastiaan Deckers boss iconset ;) version : 1.0creation : 2004-02-16description : Psi 0.9.1 iconsetauthor : Robert Martinezhome : Dictionary (es) version : 1.0.escreation : 2004-04-19description : Dictionary book iconset

    TV.com - Joan of Arcadia
    Episode guide and reviews, cast and crew information, goofs, and a forum.

    Transparentis: Make the background of your Windows desktop icons ...
    Software that makes the captions of Windows desktop icons transparent, with no
    kludges or resident programs.

  • | Transparentis™ Transparentis ™ is the world's first successful attempt at making the text background of Windows® desktop icons transparent permanently, with no kludges or resident programs

  • If you run a pre-XP Windows operating system, you are stuck with opaque icon captions that cover your wallpaper

  • How many times have you been bothered by the solid icon caption backgrounds covering your nifty wallpapers? After using Transparentis™ once on your system, you will be able to bury those bad memories in the past

  • Versions of Microsoft Windows prior to XP do not have a setting for making the background of the caption of the desktop icons transparent, not even a hidden one

  • I have made the background of my icon captions transparent with Transparentis™, but the text of my captions is white/black and is barely visible on my light/dark wallpaper

  • How do I change the color of the text? Transparentis™ does not alter the way Windows picks the color of the text of your desktop icons

  • To make your icon captions white, set your desktop color to black or another dark color

  • Benefits

    Photo by www.abacuspub.com

    Next generation console emulation news.

    Maps, models, skins, icons, discussion forum and mapping tutorials.

  • Games, Online Games, Warcraft Game, Blizzard Games, batte net Game, Online Game, Top Games, Game Charts, Game Files, Game Servers, Game Server support wc3sear.ch Total: 4482670 Switch to Wc3C Style LogIn | Displays the news for www.wc3sear.ch Displays the news for www.wc3sear.ch | News | Maps | Skins | Icons | Models | Spells | AI | JASS | Art | Tools | Forums | Rules | Screen | Chat | Tutorial | Links | FAQ | Circle Defense | The Spiderqueen | WarCraft Top 200 | News | Games, Online Games, Warcraft Game, Blizzard Games, batte net Game, Online Game, Top Games And so it begins....

  • Exception files are Darky's icons (why? because he owns the site) and Blizzard icons (because they were put here by Darky himself)

  • If Darky allows me, I will remove these icons as well

  • But any other icon, purely recolored, will be deleted

    Vann's Inc.
    DVD, car stero equipment, home electronic goods, camcorders and GPS units.

    The Orthodox Church and Its Icons
    Annotated, evaluated and structured links for educational use.


    Equipping Your Pet
    Contains a Negg list, links, and tips on equipping pets.

  • There are many 'categories' here, but in general we have the following: 6 icons - lots of variety to choose from here so shop for the bargains 9 icons -some good choices that are well-priced

  • examples: Earth Faerie Slingshot, Stone Club, Psellias Fighting Fan, Sword Of Apocalypse, Royal Wedding Ring 10 icons - examples: Ramtors Spellbook, Scuzzy's Comb and Ring of the Lost 13 icons -examples: Bow of Destiny and Wand of Reality Next you move into the higher end weapons, Werelupe Claw Necklace, SoS, and PCC etc

  • 9-12 icons Exploding Snowball: Att

  • (7-12 icons) Ummagine Bomb: Att

  • (7-12 icons) Cake Bomb: Att

  • (14-16 icons) Fruit Bomb: Att

  • (5-41) 6 icons or more (based on minimal damage) Spider on a String: Att

  • 3 Fire (6-12) 7 icons or more (based on minimal damage) Brain Tree Mace : Att

  • (7-27) 8 icons or more (based on minimal damage) Chilli Sword: Att

  • 2 Air, 2 Dark, 2 Water, 2 Earth or 5 Air, 5 Earth, 2 Dark or x10 HP (8 or 12 or heal 10) 9 icons or more (based on minimal damage) Zapatron 4000: Att

  • (9-13) 10 icons or more (based on minimal damage) Radish Bow: Att

    Dark Sorrows
    MIDI files, video clips, and pictures.

  • That's it I think, so signing off, TTFN!!! (Ta ta for now...yes it's from Winnie the Pooh....who doesn't like a yellow bear in red???) Friday, December 31, 04: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Hey everyone, just dropping in to say that, and hope you have some new year's resolutions! Have fun, and don't get into to much trouble...lol....see ya!(Oh...I'm gonna add these really cute icons I found onto the Midi page

  • And if you are into fantasy and dark art...my friend has this site!! I haven't found an icon for her yet so I'll just paste the address!!! Well...bye then!!!! _ Counter _ This Site has been designed for 800x600 resolution and

    Jovian Satellite Simulator
    JupSat95 calculates and displays the positions of Jupiter's four Galilean moons.
    [Shareware Win9x/NT]

  • Icons Minimise JupSat95 Exit JupSat95 Increase the magnification in the side-view window Decrease the magnification in the side-view window Start Jovian system animation Stop any currently running animation Put the application into realtime mode - uses the system clock Display satellite tracks for the selected month and year Set display for Northern Hemisphere Set display for Southern Hemisphere Display JupSat95 Help

  • Animation Clicking the icon brings up a small dialog box into which the user can enter an increment value (in minutes) which determines the time between each successive calculation

  • The current time setting is indicated by one of two icons: for Universal Time and for Local Time

  • The mode can be toggled by clicking on whichever time icon is currently displayed

  • As with the Tracks window, the current time setting is indicated by one of two icons: for Universal Time and for Local Time

  • The mode can be toggled by clicking on whichever time icon is currently displayed

  • Clicking the icon will bring up the GRS longitude editing window

  • The Northern hemisphere is represented by the icon and the Southern by

    Crotalo Edizioni Musicali
    Offre un catalogo di produzioni di artisti indipendenti. Spedizioni in Italia ed
    estero, pagamento...

    Akira Kurosawa
    Extensive career-spanning retrospective from the British Film Institute.

    Game Boomers Walkthrough
    Detailed walkthrough page with screenshots of puzzle solutions.

  • Use the lighter to light it and then click the lighter icon on the dark passage

  • Click the computer icon on the left headstone

  • Go outside the cave and click the hand icon just above the ferns to get sand

  • Orient (East-right of modern man) Nature Occident (West -left of primitive Giant) T echnology Mother - First the ones whence we come Lighthouse - Finally those who guide us Wheat - Then the one that feeds us Bird in flight - A nd of famed energy Mountain - Followed by the one we mine Chemistry icons - Comes the time of transformation Cloth and spinning tool - Comes the time of transformation Gears - Followed by the one we mine Lightning - A nd of famed energy Sickle and Wheat - Then the one that feeds us Theatrical Masks - Finally those who guide us Sea - First the ones whence we come Underground Wild Places Mushroom Forest - Go forward to next screen

    The cT Programming Language and Environment
    An algorithmic language like C, Pascal, Fortran, and Basic, but greatly enhanced
    by multimedia capabiliti...

  • showicon -- A program that displays the icons in an icon file

  • This can be useful in selecting icon numbers for use in a plot, move, cursor, or pattern command

  • icon -- A program for designing icons, cursors, and patterns, except on the Macintosh, for which the program Icon Maker is supplied

  • japan -- This program displays Japanese 'Kanji' characters, using a set of icons 'KANJI18.FCT'

  • xyplot -- Plot a function of two variables, f(x, y), using a set of icons of differing dot densities (icon file random)

  • The program uses the icons file SHIPicn

    Blue's News
    Includes news, resources, and forums.


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