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Java SE - Overview - at a Glance
Sun's official page for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (also known as JDK
1.2), with free downloads for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Solaris and Linux.

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    The Java Virtual Machine Specification
    Documentation for Java "bytecode" class file format.

    Java Virtual Machine - All about JVMs
    Introduction to the Java Virtual Machine, links to JVMs for different platforms,
    and collection of related articles.

  • A developer's paradise, this page provides links to every item mentioned, as well as providing links to relevant articles! Java Virtual Machine Download Links Instructions and for downloading the JVM and Microsoft VM, organized by OS


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    BEA Systems - BEA JRockit, Java Virtual Machine, Java Virtual ...
    Highly scalable virtual machine with dynamic code optimization, available for
    WinNT/2000 and Linux. [Commercial]

    Apple - Mac OS X - Java
    Apple's Java implementation. Currently supports JDK1.3 and native "Aqua" look
    and feel on MacOS X.
    Java Virtual Machine. Works on many platforms and includes Just-In-Time (JIT)
    support for most of them. PersonalJava 1.1 compliant (but does not fully support ...

  • Latest Release Download the source code here: Latest Development Release (March 27, 2006) Kaffe is already distributed in package form with many Linux and *BSD distributions, including , PLD, and many others

    Excelsior JET - Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Native Code Compiler
    Converts Java applications to optimized conventional Windows EXE and DLL files.

  • > > Excelsior JET Release the Power of Java™ Excelsior JET is a certified Java SE 5.0 implementation powered by ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation technology, which helps you: Speed up your Java applications without any source code changes or hardware upgrades Protect your Java code from decompilation without compromising its performance Reduce the download size of your Java applications, create professional installers, and distribute them without the need to use the JRE Curious? In a hurry? (4-page PDF) Want to give it a try? Excelsior JET has passed the Java Compatibility Kit test suite (JCK) published by Sun Microsystems and is on a number of platforms

  • Need help? Search the, download the latest, ask questions in the, or read the

  • Benefits

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    kissme - A free Java Virtual Machine
    Java VM for Unix, more so Linux. Native threads and JIT compiling. Uses GNU
    Classpath. [Open Source, GPL]

  • Downloading Kissme You can download Kissme in the following ways: From CVS To check out the Kissme source from the SourceForge CVS repository, run the following commands: cvs login cvs -z3 co kissme Please refer to for more details

  • As a Kissme source tarball or binary debian package Kissme release source tarballs and binary (debian) packages can be downloaded from

  • For Kissme 0.0.31, you need to download, build and install GNU Classpath 0.06

  • For Kissme 0.0.32, you need to download, build and install GNU Classpath from CVS (what will become 0.07) You can obtain GNU Classpath from

    Ghost Machine
    An implementation of Java for the PalmPilot. In order to effectively run Java on
    this limited device, much of the VM's activity is off-loaded to a server.

  • Download This is a very preliminary (0.1.3) release! These are tar and gunzip files, WinZip will understand them, but you must always save them to file instead of opening them directly (weird WinZip bug)

  • The following components are available for download: - Contains the necessary prc and pdb files necessary to run the Ghost client

  • 7.20.98 Release 0.1.3 made, the release adds pre-built server classes to the binary distribution, I think this is a better release strategy in the long run even though it creates a larger download

    Hot Potatoes Home Page
    Free lesson construction software to build a teaching website; includes crosswords,
    gap-fills, cloze tests, matching, multiple choice and jumbled exercises.

  • To download, go to the

  • Downloads Download Hot Potatoes for Windows from these links: (Hot Potatoes for Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP, version 6.0.4, self-extracting, auto-installing zip file) (Hot Potatoes for Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP, version 6.0.4, plain zip file) (version 6.0.4; this is a zip file containing the folder structure of the Windows version of Hot Potatoes

  • You can extract this to create the HotPot program folder without running the setup program if you prefer.)) Download Java Hot Potatoes: Java Hot Potatoes on the (for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux or any computer running a Java Virtual Machine) Download Older Mac version: (version 5.3.6, self-extracting StuffIt file) Future plans for Hot Potatoes These are some issues we're thinking about: A built-in stylesheet editor XML/XSLT output formats based on the data files Export to XML formats compliant with IMS e-learning specifications (if and when these become stable and practical) Support for uploads to local network installations of, in line with the development programme for a local/intranet version

  • The demonstration version (limited number of nodes and links) of Quandary is available for free download, and you can try out example exercises

    developerWorks : Java™ technology
    Provides free developer kits for creating and testing Java applets and applications
    on a number of platforms, including AIX and Linux. Also other Java tools.


    OOPic Home Page
    How to use the OOPIC microcontroller. OOPic is an acronym for Object-Oriented
    Programmable Integrated Circuit.

    The JPVM Home Page
    A message-passing library for Java similar to PVM. Source code and papers.

  • JPVM The Java Parallel Virtual Machine NOTE: If you are currently using JPVM, please download the latest version below (v0.2.1, released Feb.2, 1999)

  • More Information? A brief report about the interface, design, implementation, and performance of JPVM is available in postscript form: Click here to download (~479 KB)

  • Click here to download (~74 KB)

  • Click here to download (~1.1 MB)

  • A smaller version of this report appeared at the poster session: Click here to download (~340 KB)

  • Click here to download (~44 KB)

  • Alabama Huntsville) describing performance measurements of JPVM (also appeared at ) is available: Click here to download (~229 KB)

  • Click here to download (~107 KB)

  • Click here to download in tar/compress format (~221 KB)

  • Click here to download in zip format (~175 KB)

    Open JVM Integration (OJI)
    Extending the Mozilla plug-in architecture to allow Java virtual machines to be
    plugged into Mozilla-based browser releases. [Open Source, MPL]

  • Please visit to download Netscape 6.01 with the Java Plugin Java version 1.3.0_01 for Windows and Linux platforms

    Home Page of Jad - the fast Java decompiler
    The fast Java decompiler. Separate versions for Win32, OS/2, most Unixen.
    Large choice of command-line and GUI front-ends available. [Free for non-commercial]

  • Jun 18, 2001: alternative download locations removed because providing them violates the Yahoo Geocities Terms of Service

  • May 12, 2001: provided alternative download locations since many people reported difficulties with downloading Jad from Geocities (bogus authentication dialogs or 'file not found' errors)

  • Download Jad Jad has a 'beta' status (see )

  • To download Jad click on links below

  • These files are ZIP archives, save them with the extension .zip and verify file sizes after download

  • Click to download the latest version of FrontEnd Plus (v.1.04)

  • Download it from

  • Either the file was broken (for example, during download) or the package this class belongs to contains a custom Java class loader that modifies (or decrypts) Java classes after reading them into the memory

    BGA Software Library Catalogue
    Listing of go software available in the British Go Association archive.

  • AmiGo Amiga, OS 1.3 93K (download file amigo5_4.lha) A Go board and player by & Todd Johnson

  • The free version available for download only plays on a 13×13 board

  • Free for download, but not re-distributable

    eTeks : PJA Toolkit
    For generating images on servers, without the need for an X server. [Open Source, GPL]

  • Download PJA Toolkit PJA Toolkit library is free under

  • Survey : Are you interested by PJA Toolkit ? Yes No Don't know Click on one of the following links to download PJA Toolkit : Windows (576 Ko) MacOS 9 (678 Ko) MacOS X (510 Ko) Other platforms (507 Ko) PJA Toolkit version 2.5 Last update : 05/25/2004 Your will be greatly appreciated..

    Alternative Java Implementations
    Article by David K. Friedman and David A. Wheeler. It briefly introduces Java,
    provides a bit of Java history, and describes various Java implementations.

  • Why not Sun? Of course, you can always download the current Java Development Kit (JDK) from Sun's and if you are just learning Java that may be the simplest thing to do

  • However, there may be several reasons why you would want software from someone else: You want to use / technology: When you download from Sun you must agree to a which states that you are not allowed to modify or redistribute the software except under special conditions

  • Sun doesn't have a Java Development Kit (JDK) for your platform Clearly you can't just download from Sun if you are in this boat

  • Free/ (if you don't modify then you can use it in proprietary projects ; see or download for more details) Compiles to Java bytecode

  • The executable (class files) can be freely downloaded, but the downloaded files I obtained do not contain the source code for the compiler itself

  • No public releases yet, but the interim version can be downloaded

  • You can also download Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine separately

    SPEC JVM98
    Measures performance of Java Virtual Machines. [Commercial]

  • Current licensees may obtain this version via web download at no charge

  • Current licensees may obtain this version via web download at no charge, or may order a new CD-ROM for shipping and handling charges


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