Give me spirit fingers dammit!!
Woman in Hong Kong reviews fashion.

We The People Foundation & We The People Congress
Primary purpose appears to be to "end the illegal operations of the income tax
system." Primary focus is on the state of New York. Offers videos and t-shirts ... - The Professional Footballers' Association
The association is the world's longest established professional sports men's union.

soc.religion.christian FAQ: D&D
Opposing viewpoints from Usenet discussions.


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Rick James
Reviews of albums from 1978 to the present.

  • Side two looks ahead to the next two albums, with the lengthy riff-filled 'Come Into My Life' a precursor to 'Give It To Me Baby' and the endless ballad 'When Love Is Gone, ' which would have fit right in on Garden Of Love

  • (DBW) Street Songs (1981) James rocketed to his commercial and artistic peak here, with his two biggest and most memorable hits: 'Give It To Me Baby' and 'Super Freak, ' both raunchy midtempo funk with killer bass lines and catchy vocal mannerisms

    "Baduizm" - Erykah Badu - Listening Party
    Transcript of an online listening party - fans listen to the album simultaneously
    and discuss it on the web.

  • Slprywnwet1: walked SistaKenya3: do I really want my baby SistaKenya3: brotha tell me what to do Slprywnwet1: 'BROTHERS' iRoNWoRmS: LoL A4LeefClover: i feel her dilemma Slprywnwet1: love them or lead them SistaKenya3: I know you got to get your hustle I pray Slprywnwet1: Iron, baby, you gettin on my nerves SewSaysSo: 'complex occupation' nightrain: BADUIZM” - Erykah Badu - Listening Party ...Is Our Topic SistaKenya3: me and baby got this situation SistaKenya3: brotha got this complex occupation nightrain: hmmmmmm.....a SITUATION ??? Slprywnwet1: and she goes on to tell that the brother has an education A4LeefClover: i love her phrasing!!! SewSaysSo: yeah he does SistaKenya3: but she loves him strong....awww Slprywnwet1: macho Slprywnwet1: lol Slprywnwet1: you gotta go SistaKenya3: but could this be make believe SewSaysSo: take your time SistaKenya3: work ain't honest but it pays the bills....gave me the life that I came to live...

  • SistaKenya3: host....keep going? iRoNWoRmS: la la la la la SewSaysSo: we do too SistaKenya3: I'm on #5 SewSaysSo: ok Kenya SistaKenya3: get out nightrain: What was the main point ?? SistaKenya3: A brotha probably into drug dealin....hustlin Slprywnwet1: This is a favorite of mine SewSaysSo: the main point was that she loves him and the lifestyle but she knows it be over in an instant SistaKenya3: But she's bee with him so long she'll stick by him no matter what Slprywnwet1: but the lifestyle is not good for her and the baby on the way SewSaysSo: yeah bit it's hard to walk away from..

    Hit and Run
    Continuous news, reviews, and abuse by the staff of Reason magazine.

  • We at Reason have covered and blogged the twists and turns of Gilmore's fight so often and for so long I can only guide you to this (make sure you click through to all four pages!) and my first, and most thorough, about Gilmore's case back in 2003, when it was just a little baby crawling its way through District Court

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    Patrick Henry
    Biography with a Behind the Scenes interview by Richard Schumann in audio, and
    the speech in audio.

    AZ Lyrics Universe
    Lyrics collection organized by artists alphabetically. Search engine included.

    I Can't Pay My Whole Bill. Should My Doctor Give Me A Break?
    Dr. Dean Edell gives advice to people who cannot pay their medical bills.

    American Red Cross - Preparing Communities for an Emergency and ...
    Community services through blood drives and collections.


    Eminem — ( 239 Lyrics + 76 Albums )
    Alphabetical listing of lyrics from the Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers LPs.

    Apple - iPod + iTunes
    Free MP3/AAC player/organizer for Mac and Windows that tags, rips, burns and
    converts audio files and integrates with the iPod portable music player and iTunes ...

    Yardbirds singles lyrics
    Lyrics of the singles released when Eric Clapton was with the band.

  • You know I like it like that, With your baby-talk, Oh and the way that you walk

  • BABY WHAT'S WRONG by Jimmy Reed Oh baby, honey what's wrong with you? Well now baby, honey what's wrong with you? Well, you don't treat me, baby, like you used to do

  • I can't help it, baby, if I'm acting strange

  • I'm just hoping, baby, I'm not going insane

  • Well baby, honey what's wrong with you? Well now, you don't treat me, baby, like you used to do

  • Second Verse First Verse I WISH YOU WOULD by Billy Boy Arnold Early in the morning, 'bout the break of day, That's when my baby went away

  • Come back, baby, I wish you would, Try and love me, you won't do no good

  • Walking and a-kissing late at night; I tell you now baby, I feel just right

  • Come now baby, whatcha trying to do? Trying to love me and some other man, too

  • Come now baby, give me one more chance

  • First Verse You know baby that I love you so

  • You know, pretty baby, it hurts me to see you go

  • Can I go home with you? Won't you let me go home with you, So I can hug, hug, squeeze, squeeze? If you let me I can tease you baby - Free artist promotion program!
    Artist promotion site, features MP3 files from independent Finnish and international
    artists. - Technology - Give me Liberty: GameBoy emulator runs on ...

    Drew Curtis'
    Interesting, bizarre and amusing news stories, along with regular photo manipulation

    hy does my medication give me side effects?
    This article, written by Glenn Brynes, MD, explains why medications can cause
    both beneficial and unwanted effects.


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