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Danny Lane's Cardio Kickbox Fitness
Teaching a combination of boxing, martial arts and aerobics. Lists background,
class schedule, instructor profiles and sample training routines.

  • The Hottest, Fitness Workout! NO UNIFORM, NO RULES, JUST FUN! DANNY LANE'S Cardio Kickboxing is the innovation of 8 th Degree Black Belt Danny Lane

  • Danny has more than 36 years experience in the field of Martial Arts and is an 8 time National KarateChampion and former World Kickboxing Champion

  • Danny Lane's Cardio Kickboxing workouts can burn up to 1000 calories per hour, the high end of the fat-burning scale, as opposed to 300 to 400 calories in an average one-hour traditional aerobic class

  • What is Cardio Kickbox Fitness? A high energy, explosive, exciting and motivating workout: it's the non-contact kickboxing workout with the kicks of martial arts & the punches from boxing! This intense cardio workout was rated the #1 fat burning workout by "Muscle and Fitness" magazine! In today's FAST paced world, Men and Women alike feel the pressures of work and family and that means STRESS! Exercise is the key to stress relief and incorporated into your lifestyle will help you feel revitalized, feel and look better and give you the energy and motivation that you need to get through busy and tough days! Is Cardio Kickbox Fitness for me? Absolutely! Cardio Kickbox Fitness is for everyone

    Koo Self Defense, Martial Arts, Yoga, Kick Boxing Aerobics, Boards ...
    Information on street self defense martial art training system developed by Master
    Roger Koo.

    Karate, martial arts and kick boxing from Zen Shin in Sutton ...
    Midlands based organisation run by John Richards. Dojo locations, history, shop
    and related information.

  • Karate, martial arts and kick boxing from Zen Shin in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, west midlands, UK karate birmingham, martial arts birmingham, kick boxing birmingham, cardio kick boxing birmingham, cardio fitness birmingham, childrens kick boxing birmingham, childrens karate birmingham, self defense training birmingham, zen-shin birmingham zen shin birmingham, zenshin birmingham, shotokan birmingham, kids karate birmingham, kids kick boxing birmingham, karate west midlands, kick boxing west midlands, shotokan west midlands Recommended browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+ Javascript


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    Harry Otto - Extreme Personal Fitness Trainer Cardio Kickboxing ...
    Site of personal trainer which provides information on his schedule of classes.

  • Personal Trainer, Strength Training & Action Packed Cardio Box & Kickboxing Classes throughout the Westchester Area

  • Kickboxing, Boxing, Personal Training & Good Ole' Fashioned Sweating!

    Awaken Kung-fu Kick Boxing
    Chinese kickboxing instruction offered on a private and semi-private basis in
    Los Angeles, California.

  • Kickboxing - Self Defense - Martial Art Instruction USA Business Listing for Kickboxing - Self Defense - Martial Art Instruction online Web Site listings

  • Kickboxing 4 Fun Kickboxing - Self Defense - Martial Art Instruction Copyright © 2003-2005 los angeles California Kickboxing - Self Defense - Martial Art Instruction USA Business Listing for Kickboxing - Self Defense - Martial Art Instruction Awaken Kung-Fu Kick Boxing is a Chinese Gung Fu KickBoxing Club where they inject humor in the class because "The highest healing Vibration is laughter" Helping you to relax making it easier for you to learn the natural kick box fighting techniques.Training in their private or semi--private Kick Boxing and self defense class program is not only a great work-out but because they're specializing in drills that build speed and faster reactions, we know you'll feel satisfy with the results, in becomming a better Martial Artist and an effective Kickboxer

  • Visit their website or call Michael Mon low at Awaken Kung-Fu Kick Boxing at 310-822-1277

  • History, Philosophy & Purpose At Awaken Ballistic Kick Boxing Chinese Kung-Fu Club , You'll develop explosive speed behind all of your fighting techniques, in a unique way

    Amsler's taekwondo, black belt training, kick boxing, martial arts ...
    Instruction in Tae kwon-do, black belt training, sparring, kickboxing, Tai Chi,
    Pilates and weight-loss programs. Class schedules, directions, message board and ...

    Offers large selection of fitness and exercise equipment like bikes, steppers
    and complete home fitness systems for example.

  • Home exercise equipment such as abdominal exercise machines fitness home gyms treadmill yoga boxing cardio kickboxing gear supplies and equipment

  • We carry home fitness equipment like elliptical machines, Spirit treadmills, exercise bikes, Yukon fitness equipment, BodyCraft home gyms, Powertec home gyms, inversion, leg machines upper body, lower body, yoga products, boxing, cardio kickboxing gear, supplies and equipment

  • Look at our , all types of home exercise equipment, and workout machines such as abdominal machines, abdominal exercise equipment, elliptical machine and leg press machines, find your home treadmill or folding treadmill from , workout equipment from TKO boxing equipment, BodyCraft home gyms, Stamina fitness equipment, children's fitness equipment, lower body, boxing, cardio kickboxing gear, kick boxing, heavy bag stands, boxing punching bags, mats, dumbbells, heart rate monitors, exercise balls, exercise bands, yoga mats, yoga products and so much more

  • Benefits

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    The kombat eagles
    Centro specializzato esclusivamente nello studio di arti marziali e sport da

  • Home The Kombat Eagles - Wellness of body and mind - Il centro The Kombat Eagles è orientato a svolgere attività nel settore Fitness, kick boxing, arti marziali, Relax

  • Vengono svolte una gran vastità di attività fitness, corsi di arti marziali per bambini e adulti, corsi di difesa personale, corsi di kick boxing, aerobica, step, corpo libero, yoga e massaggi, corsi di ginnastica per la terza età

    Shaolin Chow Ka Kung Fu School of WA
    Includes animal, drunken, monk styles. Internal and external training. Sifu Patrick
    Luong teaches in Perth, Western Australia.

    Parker Linekin's Academy of the Martial Arts Association
    Studio in San Diego, that teaches a variety of eclectic martial art styles
    including Kenpo Karate, White Tiger Tai Chi, kickboxing and Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu.

    The Dojo American Karate Center
    Features school locations, programs, events, tournaments, and related school
    information. Several school through out Georgia, USA.


    Blackwell Academy
    Instruction in Kickboxing, Karate and Jujitsu in Suffolk, England. Contains contact
    information and details of the types of martial arts taught.

  • Martial Arts - Karate Kickboxing and Jujitsu lessons - Martial Arts in Ipswich - Professional Martial Arts training at the Blackwell Academy Ipswich - all ages - all grades - kickboxing training - karate tuition - jujitsu teaching

  • Martial Arts Supply - Kick boxing classes

  • Kickboxing class

  • Cardio kick boxing

  • Cardio kickboxing

    Metroplex Martial Arts
    Directory of Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do and self-defense instruction schools.

    CardioKarate Kickboxing for Fun and Fitness
    An aerobic kickboxing studio with information on benefits, schedule of classes
    and location of studio.

  • Aerobic Kickboxing for Fun & Fitness If you've ever wanted to learn a martial art, but were turned off by uniforms and traditions, CardioKARATE is for you! You'll burn up to 800 calories an hour while learning life saving self-defense techniques

  • The most fun way to get in shape ever! We've taken the excitement, music, and energy of an aerobics program, but added punching, blocking, and kicking in an action-packed workout! You will burn up to 800 calories an hour, more than any other exercise, doing aerobic kickboxing to music

  • Is this like other Aerobic Kickboxing Workouts The answer is yes and no

  • So, Kick Back With Your Friends! The only thing more fun than taking Cardio-Karate™ is taking it with a friend

  • Cardio Karate (1 hour): The standard Cardio Karate class provides a mixture of aerobic exercise and heavy bag work utilizing combinations of kicking and punching techniques

    kick boxing, kickboxing, sheffield kick boxing, cardio kick boxing
    Friendly kickboxing tuition in Sheffield, England by Claude Evans available to
    all levels including complete novices. Site features a store, class schedule and ...

  • Try kickboxing for fitness, competition or just for fun

  • We have entry level classes that are safe and enjoyable, and will teach you the skills you need to progress into one of our more challenging advanced kickboxing classes

  • The Black Dragon Freestyle Kickboxing Club offers quality training in Freestyle Kickboxing and Muay Thai

    Recreational Sports and Wellness
    Southeastern Louisiana University's website outlining a variety of programs and
    activities for students, staff and alumni.

    Rawai Muaythai Camp - Muay Thai Boxing & Fitness Gym @ Phuket Thailand
    Boxing and fitness camp at Rawai Beach. Contains resources on the training
    available and local conditions.

  • Most or our foreign students @ Rawai Muaythai Camp come to Thailand solo (one their own), Everyone @ the gym is very sociable & new friends are made quickly @ Rawai Muay Thai Camp You don't have to be a martial arts specialist or a Kick Ass fighting junkie to come to Rawai Muaythai Camp

  • Afternoon Training: 5 pm to 8 pm (Advanced Students & Pro Fighters ) This training session is for those people that want a fast paced work out, High Cardio, kicking & punching pads, Sparing, Grappling, Pre fight training

  • The use of knees, elbows, kicks, punches and even head butts were all used as weapons of Muaythai Boxing

  • Kung Fu, Judo, Aikido, Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, MMA, Jiu-Jitsu & Wrestling, Kickboxing, etc..

  • The DVD is currently only available in Thailand but will be released world wide in 2007 Little was known about the style of Muay Thai boxing until Jean Claude Van Dame made the movie Kick Boxer

  • Two time World Champion & Muaythai Super Star John Wayne Parr from Australia was first drawn to the ancient art of Muay Thai Boxing after watching Jean Claude Van Dame in the classic Muay Thai movie Kick Boxer

    Kickboxing News Daily
    Updated and upcoming events, news and general information.

  • " Bring It On " is A Fight Sport Trademark of IKF & ISCF Fight Sports! "The Largest Kickboxing Sanctioning Body In The World!" Sanctioning Full Contact - International - Muay Thai - San Shou Rules For MMA - Mixed Martial Arts Sanctioning - Go To World Headquarters: Newcastle, California, USA IKF Advisory Board - - CURRENT NEWS - - - - Mixed Martial Arts Message Board - .....

  • Ready for Former IKF Kickboxing Champ Regan! Please Find Below Events Currently Scheduled

  • Keep In Mind That NEW Events Are Added "WEEKLY" August 24th, 2006, Jackson, Tennessee, USA IKF Amateur Kickboxing - August 25th, 2006, Kansas City, Missouri, USA IKF Amateur Kickboxing & Amateur - August 31st, 2006, Jackson, Tennessee, USA IKF Amateur Kickboxing - _ September 1st, 2006, Jacksonville, Florida, USA IKF Amateur Kickboxing - September 7th, 2006, Jackson, Tennessee, USA IKF Amateur Kickboxing - September 15th, 2006, Jacksonville, Florida, USA IKF Amateur Kickboxing - September 16th, 2006, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA IKF Amateur Kickboxing & Amateur MMA - September 16th, 2006, St

  • Gabriel, Louisiana, USA IKF Amateur Kickboxing & Amateur MMA - August, 18th, 2006, Atlanta, Georgia, USA IKF Pro & Amateur Kickboxing & Pro & Amateur - September 23rd, 2006, St

    Keene Family YMCA
    Hours, programs, membership information, and schedules.


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