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Risk management trading system software for long term investors generating
strategic buy and sell signals on stocks.

  • I may soon begin managing my 401K mutual funds and precious metals holdings with this strategy

  • The new version has many new features such as the 'Split Adjust', Current Hold Range, and Historical Prices, to mention a few

  • The Position Cost Averaging stock investing software, or PCA for short, is a trading system for long term, buy and hold type investors

  • I know it sounds kind of weird to hear a "trading system" for long term investors, but the PCA methodology allows long term investors to buy and sell around their core holding, and compound the portfolio value immensely

  • Well, all I can say is, if you were a buy and hold investor, you were on an emotional roller coaster for sure

  • Investor A 500 Shares "PCA User" PCA User has 5K in cash, and 5K in stock Investor B 1000 Shares Buy & Hold (Bought 10K in stock and is 100% at risk) Price Value Price Value $10 $10, 000 $10 $10, 000 $5 $7, 275 $5 $5, 000 $4 $6, 273 $4 $4, 000 $8 $12, 240 $8 $8, 000 $10 $14, 376 $10 $10, 000 PCA 44% PCA Profit $4, 376 Stock Price 0% B & H Profit $0 Now both these guys bought and held the same stock for the same period of time, but the PCA user deployed his cash strategically and reaped huge benefits over the buy and holder

    Teaches the turtle trading techniques, a system of risk control and money management.

  • Holy Grails, Buy and Hold & Other Market Inconsistencies : Is buy and hold right for you? Even work? : Washington Post stock picker

  • : Have you considered technical trading? : Do you buy and hold the Euro? : Slams Trend Following

    5 pani & 2 pesci - BUY & SELL strategy for personal finance portfolios
    Personal finance portfolio strategy. The first italian internet site talking
    about mutual funds and managed investments.
    Mechanical stock market timing system that uses technical analysis to trade
    Exchange Traded Funds.

  • Since its inception , our trading returns have outperformed the market by : +137.5% DIA, +130.4% SPY, and +241.1% QQQQ to become an elite member to one of the fastest growing market timing systems and stock picking services used by investors on Wall Street ! Our system combines mathematical models of technical analysis and our proprietary methodology to produce consistent results that beat the buy-and-hold strategy of investing

  • On a yearly basis, about 20 to 25 signals (i.e., buy long, sell short, or hold cash) are generated for each ETF (DIA, SPY, and QQQQ)

  • Hold — 'Hold Cash' — means maintain a 100% cash position

  • We issue clear signals when to either buy long, hold cash, or sell short for each ETF ( for a );'s Weekly Newsletter — sent each Friday via e-mail and shown on the Members Only page, with sections covering: Market Overview with next week's forecast, Technical Analysis of the ETFs (DIA, SPY, and QQQQ), including risk-to-reward probabilities and short-term forecast, Stock Pick of the Week with chart analysis ( for a few ), and Monthly Chart Updates of published articles and other interesting charts; Proof of our Outstanding Track Record — for each ETF, as shown in the performance tables and charts (left-hand menu); and First-Class Member Support — with full protection of your privacy, and absolutely no spam or advertisements

  • info: BUY AND HOLD

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    Instant Analyst provides real time technical and fundamental analysis, quotes,
    charts and investing opinions for over 10000 stocks.

    Trading Glossary
    Financial glossary and directory.

  • Misunderstanding these terms can sometimes lead to the wrong conclusion, and that can cost you money! 07/03/06 - 06/30/06 - 06/25/06 - Patented and Revolutionary Technologies in FUTURES DAY-TRADING Get 2 Monthly Market Trend Newsletters for FREE Nasdaq in a week? Up more than 2% Stay the Same Down more than 2% I don`t know Nasdaq in a month? Up more than 5% Stay the Same Down more than 5% I don`t know YTD Returns 94 % -11% Uncovered Options QQQQ Buy & Hold as of 8/11/2006 Last 2-Month QQQQ Return (last 30 days) +-64.61% -4.37% Our Summary Returns Buy & Hold Returns As of 8/11/2006 Great Sites: Financial Press Review Latest Articles 8/11/2006 Oil market analysts called yesterday’s assumption that the thwarted attacks on commercial aircraft flying between London and the US would likely lead to a drop-off in air traffic volume (and thus reduce jet fuel usage) an overreaction

    Offers a number of trading systems for different levels of risk.

  • -**** Hold the Best Mutual Funds at the Right Time ! (Yes, you can do that

  • It has never made sense to me why you should hold a mix of growth funds, bonds, gold, real estate, etc

  • They want you to buy and hold

  • Consider this: You buy fund abc, intending to hold it for five years until you retire

  • How long are you going to hold? How many years will it take to recover? That's exactly what happened to zillions of people during the tech 'bubble'

  • I want to get off that sucker quick, before he falls over and kills me! Buy and hold, sometimes

  • In a zooming market you should be a buy and holder

  • In between when the direction is not clear, cash is probably the smartest holding

  • Sorry, I'm not going to be a buy and holder and watch 70% of my money evaporate as happened to a lot of tech funds investors a couple of years ago

  • We can hedge funds, which means we essentially buy and hold them

  • The short hedge hopefully protects our capital, allows us to hold the core fund and avoid the possibility of being black-balled from future trading in the core fund

    The Bull Market Report
    Seven financial newsletters delivered via email, offer proprietary analysis of
    the stock and bond markets.

  • In 2005, The Bull Market Report exited 17 longtime holdings, booking an average gain of 51%

  • The Recommended List Change Log: View Bull Market’s running record of all Recommended List stock ratings changes (buy, sell, hold)

  • Bull Market News Flashes: Emailed to all subscribers whenever there is a ratings change (buy, sell, hold) or “must-have” news, News Flashes keep subscribers up-to-date and armed with information

  • Raging Capital Management, LLC, Indie Research, LLC, and each of their respective managers, clients, officers, directors, partners, contributors or employees/consultants may on occasion hold positions in the securities mentioned in The Bull Market Report and in its newsletters; in all instances, relevant positions are appropriately disclosed at

  • Benefits

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    Market Signal Systems LLC
    Market timing signals for QQQ and Index Mutual Funds.

  • Make more money than a buy and hold strategy

    Learn the language and basic concepts of options. A weekly column introduces new

  • This strategy has two major advantags over a traditional buy and hold strategy: A greater percentage of your investments are profitable Losses occur less often and are always smaller We can show you how to use adopt this conservative options strategy to Make your portfolio safer and less volatile Increase your percentage of profitable trades Reduce the frequeny of losses For information on private consultation or group lessons, send Create Your Own Hedge Fund: Increase Profits and Reduce Risk With ETFs & Options

  • The Short Book on Options: A Conservative Strategy for the Buy and Hold Investor

  • Current, dated June 2005 ( our article on how to modify the buy and hold investment strategy in today's uncertain stock market.) This options strategy involves the use of call options

  • There is a section , information about our first, The Short Book on Options : A Conservative Strategy for the Buy and Hold Investor , our, and a short
    Free mutual fund articles, expert Q&A, market timing signals, calculators and
    no-load information.

    Efficient Market Canada
    Independent investment magazine for Canadian mutual fund, exchange traded
    fund (ETF), and self-directed RRSP investing.

  • The overall maximally efficient portfolio would be to hold a global portfolio of equities roughly in proportion to global market capitalization

  • In particular, mutual fund managers are encouraged to make risky investments that are not in the interests of unit holders, and to over-concentrate their holdings

  • How much foreign content should you hold in a self-directed RRSP? Form T1213: Reduce Tax Deducted From Your Pay When You Contribute to an RRSP Did your RRSP contributions win you a nice tax refund this year? If so you goofed

  • Your RRSP and your Mortgage: Is it a good idea? Many of you are interested in using your RRSP savings to finance the purchase of your home, either through the Home Buyer's Plan, or by holding the mortgage of your home in your RRSP

  • There areseveral gross errors in this analysis that investors ought to be aware of.This article suggests that investors who "buy and hold forever" aresomehow fools--which may just be an attempt to fool you into churningyour money, earning transaction fees for companies that advertisein the Globe & Mail

    Advice for the investor in Canadian companies. Portfolios, advice, stocks,
    research, publications and mutual funds.

  • You get earnings estimates, target prices and buy-sell-hold recommendations from analysts across Canada

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    Merriman Capital Management
    Offers both market timing and buy-and-hold investment strategies investing
    primarily in mutual funds using a disciplined mechanical approach to investing.

    Vertical Hold
    Patrick Berry covers all subjects from movies and music to politics.

    QQQ Options Trading
    Signals to trade QQQ options. The basic technology behind this trading system is
    volume technical analysis.

  • Last Month QQQQ Return (last 30 days) +97.90% +4.98% Our Summary Returns Buy & Hold Returns As of 8/27/2006 Last Month SPY Return (last 30 days) +64.28% +2.54% Our Summary Returns Buy & Hold Returns As of 8/27/2006 Please note that the percent growth figure in the table above represents a summary return, not a compounded rate of return

    Yahoo! Financial Glossary
    Extensive, cross-referenced glossary of financial and related terms.

  • (If a bondholder receives $40 in coupon payments per bond semiannually and sells the bond one-quarter of the way into the coupon period, the buyer pays the seller $10 as the latter's proportion of interest earned.) Accrued market discount The rise in the market value of a discount bond as it approaches maturity (when it is redeemable at par ) and not because of falling market interest rates

  • Active portfolio strategy A strategy that uses available information and forecasting techniques to seek better performance than a buy and hold portfolio

  • Agency problem Conflicts of interest among stockholders , bondholders , and managers

  • Allied member A partner or stockholder of a firm that is a member of the NYSE , the partner or stockholder is not personally a member of the NYSE

    Hot Stix
    Weekly newsletter based on technical analysis for both individual and institutional
    clients. Candlestick charts of the Nasdaq 100 Trust (QQQ).

    AIC Limited - Buy. Hold. And Prosper. Mutual Funds, Long-Term ...
    Buy. Hold. And Prosper. AIC's goal is to create long term wealth for investors
    through capital preservation, capital growth and tax minimization.


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