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Robinson, Bruce
Hilarious religious "Far Side" type cartoons. Endorsed by Bil Keane, Johnny Hart
and many others.

  • Search: The Web Tripod « | » GOOD MEDICINE GOOD MEDICINE Cartoons! oo oo oo oo oo oo *We are not responsible for or affiliated with any advertisements above this line* oo GOOD MEDICINE Cartoons! 'Y o u r P r e s c r i p t i o n f o r L A U G H T E R !' The HILARIOU S Cartoon* Book That Is Getting RAVE Reviews! * Cartoon style & humor is similar to that of the FAR SIDE by Gary Larson GOOD MEDICINE is endorsed by: Johnny Hart (creator, 'B.C.', 'The Wizard of Id') Bil Keane (creator, 'The Family Circus') John McPherson (creator, 'Close to Home') Wayne Stayskal (Editorial Cartoonist-'Tampa (FL) Tribune' & creator, 'Ralph') Rob Portlock (author, 'Off The Church Wall') Rob Suggs (author, 'It Came From Beneath The Pew') Ron Wheeler (author, 'The Advenures of Jeremiah') Doug Jones (cartoonist, illustrator) Dr

  • Bob Phillips (author, 'World's Greatest Collection of Clean Jokes') Kelly Gallagher (director-Beacon Hill Press) ...and many others! You've seen Bruce Robinson's cartoons in Focus On The Family's 'Breakaway' magazine, The Saturday Evening Post, The National Enquirer, Woman's World and a host of other national periodicals

    Gary Larson returns with A Worms Story

  • SITES: MORE SERVICES: DISCUSSION: SITE GUIDES: FASTER ACCESS: WEB SERVICES: Gary Larson returns with 'A Worm's Story' Web posted on: Friday, July 10, 1998 12:37:24 PM EDT By CNN Interactive Writer Jamie Allen ATLANTA (CNN) -- Truth be told, Gary Larson never quit cartooning

  • 'Even the lowly worm' When asked to reveal the impetus for his book, the cartoonist tempered his famous sense of humor -- and waxed biological

  • 'I think, and hope, that anyone who enjoyed my cartoons in the past will find the same dementia at work here, ' Larson says

  • 'I always enjoyed cartooning, however, and will continue to be involved with it in one way or another.' The final page of 'A Worm's Tale' says it best

  • A cartoon picture features a tangle of worms smiling at the reader, and if fans look close, they can see a written message from Larson in the curves of slimy worm bodies

    'Far Side' fans snap up comic compendium

  • From the first panel on January 1, 1980 -- a pair of crabs marveling at the odd appearance of human babies -- to the last -- a January 1, 1995, double panel in which the cartoonist wakes up to find it was all a dream -- the 'Far Side' ranks as one of the most popular comics ever

  • 'I had a single-image brain; I drew single-image cartoons, ' Larson wrote in an introduction in the book

  • But summing up those 4, 300 cartoons was not as easy as it might seem because once Larson agreed to do help compile the retrospective, the process took three years


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    Cartoons by Kramer
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  • Over 84, 669 visitors and counting! • Over 350 award-winning cartoons! Like Gary Larson's "The Far Side" only the economy version

  • • Bragging rights! My cartoon Web site won Yahoo GeoCities "Cool Site of the Day" award and was featured on GeoCities radio for a weekend

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  • So, what's a toon? A toon is a cartoon or cartoon character — 'cartoon' referring not just to the animated kind, but also to such 'still cartoons' as comic books, newspaper strips, magazine cartoons, etc

  • The basic idea is to cover the entire spectrum of American cartoonery

    Suite101.com: Comic Strips
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  • Comic Strips Jul 21, 2003 One of my great art teachers said that all artists start out cartoonists

  • The point I think he was trying to make is that cartoons are basic reflections on daily life, little pieces of humanity preserved Jul 16, 2002 Have you ever wanted to try your hand at cartooning? Here's your chance

  • A few months ago I mentioned in an article here that I publish a daily lawyer cartoon ( Stu's Views, )

  • _ As reported in last month's article, the annual National May 8, 2002 Every year the National Cartoonists Society hands out awards for many categories of cartooning

  • The nominees for the year 2001 awards are: Reuben for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year: Pat Apr 7, 2002 Who doesn't love a good lawyer cartoon? I'm a lawyer, and I know I do (as do most lawyers)

  • And I think I can safely say that everyone who hates lawyers loves lawyer cartoons

  • After years of watching from the sidelines of cartooning (see bio below), I've jumped into the cartooning world Mar 12, 2002 Below is all of the syndicated cartoons I could find on the internet

  • Newspaper Enterprise Feb 12, 2002 This article is directed toward the aspiring cartoonists among you

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    They Might Be Giants
    Article from Queer in Your Ear.

  • You are here: > > > > QiYE 40: They Might Be Giants ...or they might not [Originally published 1994 | Updated here 1999.06.20 You know that 'Far Side' cartoon in which, in split panels, people queue up to be handed a certain something by angels and demons, with the captions reading, respectively, 'Welcome to heaven

  • Here's your accordion'? It's actually my fave Gary Lawson cartoon

    Malkin, Michelle
    The official web site and commentary archives of syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin.

    Funny Cartoons , funny flash cartoons
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    such as the "Stick-Man...

  • Funny Cartoons Paul Kinsella's Major Websites: Funny Cartoons, Murder Mystery Games, Funny Flash Cartoons, Cheap Posters, Free Games & Cartoon Games! Paul Kinsella's cartoons have been published in magazines such as 'Boy's Life', 'National Review' and the 'Saturday Evening Post'

  • His cartoon panel, originally called 'The Loose End', also appeared six days a week in the 'Belleville News Democrat' for over a year

  • It is Paul's hope that the power of the internet and quality of his work, will one day gain him the attention of a major cartoon syndicate

  • Below are the top 4 entrance pages to NORMandCompany.com's funny cartoon gallery: Below are listed some of my notable, if somewhat unpopular, website pages: As a way to promote his cartoons, Paul Kinsella created the 'Stickman Murder Mystery Games' (an interactive cartoon murder mystery game where players become homicide detectives in the town of 'Stickville')

  • However, the mysteries soon became so popular that Kinsella decided to take a break from cartooning and began devoting most of his time to expanding the game


    Penguin or Egg: The Linux Dilemma
    Essay regarding the lack of general computer industry support for Linux, and how
    the problem is self-corr...

  • Penguin or Egg: The Linux Dilemma By: | 23May2000 If Gary Larson, creator of Far Side cartoons is any judge, the penguin is an inherently humorous fowl

    Rob Malda's Comics
    A mixed bag of comics drawn by Rob Malda, Slashdot founder, when he was in High School.

  • In High School I passed the time by drawing cartoons

  • some of these cartoons are just plain stupid

  • Ultimately I regard these cartoons very fondly

  • Of course, those gems are tremendously outnumbered by embarassingly stupid and badly drawn cartoons

  • At least I don't have any delusions about my skills as either an artist or a humorist! Technical Notes In 1995 I scanned in a batch of a dozen or so cartoons that I drew in high school

  • I had to splice each 8.5x10' picture back together after scanning it in 2 parts! Originally I planned to scan a few cartoons every week until I got the whole archive online

  • But since it took a half hour or more for each cartoon to be digitized and be properly sewn back together, it just never happened

  • In 2004 I got a shiny new flat bed scanner and scanned in all 136 of my cartoons in a matter of an afternoon

  • A couple cartoons out of the hundred or so are quite offensive

  • Probably 2/3rds of these cartoons are badly drawn

    Blue Thumb Records: Leon Redbone
    Official Blue Thumb Records site. Includes tour dates, soundclips, and label

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  • Visit: Related Humor: | More Featured Sites: | Tuesday August 8, 2006 | Inside Humor Today The Funny Business [ USA Today ] [ USA Today ] [CNN] [ USA Today ] [ComingSoon.net] Updating Humor Resources (Image © Paramount Pictures) Hot Spots Tuesday August 8, 2006 | Famous Cartoon Characters' Skeletal Systems The Funny Site of the Day -- Here's something you don't see every day, the funny bones of cartoon characters

    User Friendly
    User Friendly tells the story of Columbia Internet, "the friendliest, hardest-working,
    and most neurotic...

  • UF has done something that few cartoons have been able to do

  • I have gone out of my way in the wilds of Nevada to *find* and internet connection just to read UF while on Vacation (Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a connection in the mountains? And once you have, try to explain that you just need to 'borrow' it for a few minutes to look at a cartoon...)

  • Illiad rules - the cartoon set in this book with the Star Wars send up had me wetting myself with laughter - and one particular frame now proudly adornes the door of the server room at my {very} pro-WindoZe place of employ

    Henry's Antarctic Adventure
    A description of my year as a Network Administrator at the South Pole research station.

  • I’d known about this place from countless National Geographic articles, and even a bunch of Far Side cartoons, but I had always assumed that getting here would be outrageously expensive

    How long does each phase of the Moon last?
    NASA's Dr. Marc of The Space Place answers questions about Moon phases and the
    lunar month. Includes...

    Feed My Baby
    A breast cancer survivor who had a double mastectomy needs help to purchase milk
    from a Human Breast...

  • We all have them! :) At 29 weeks he was starting to push up on his hands and toes which looked like the downward dog yoga pose! The next day he started doing what I call "the Far Side" which is where is makes an "O" with his mouth much like the cavemen Gary Larson draws in his Far Side cartoons


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