Virginia Courts
Information about each Circuit, General, and Juvenile and Domestic Relations
courts by locality.

  • Contains information about each court including judges, clerks, hours, addresses and phone numbers for , and more..

    US Banlkruptcy Court - Northern District of West Virginia
    Offering general guides and information, local rules, and web calendar.

  • Sturm - Clerk | Court Info General Information Manuals Misc - Virginia Beach Courts
    View all information related to all courts in the City of Virginia Beach.

  • Our goal for the web site is to provide information on, and expand the citizens¬í access to, the judicial system

    Courts Home Page - The City of Norfolk, VA.
    Provides general information and is not intended as legal advice in serving the
    Norfolk citizens.

  • This web page contains general information and is not intended as legal advice

  • Federal, state and local laws and/or rules, regulations and policies of the Supreme Court of Virginia and/or the Norfolk General District Courts take precedence in the event this Web site’s information is any way inconsistent

  • Information will be updated as soon as possible after changes in laws, rules, regulations and policies

  • The cases can be looked up under the "General District Court Case Information" or by clicking on the below hyperlink and scrolling down to and clicking on "General District Court Case Information"


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    Welcome Page - The City of Norfolk, VA.
    City website provides online information for citizens, business and visitors.

  • 2007 Tax Relief Information • • • Norfolk Emergency Operations: • , an innovative solution for improving communications between government agencies, citizens, volunteer organizations and the general public

  • The City of Norfolk has activated a subscription service as a way to make information available to citizens conveniently through an e-mail format

    Mainstream Loudoun District Court case
    Summary, court opinions, and other material concerning the first legal challenge
    to the use of censorware in public libraries.

  • A pro filtering software information website

    0n-Line Public Court and Land Records Wise County and Norton Clerk ...
    Includes court information, docket, live courtroom camera, and contact information.

  • DEVELOP university scholars frequently intern in the Clerk of Court office doing applied learning projects while pursuing selected academic work in fields ranging from geographic information science, remote sensing, mathematics, business, criminal justice, astronomy and other courses of interest

  • - Assists with information about probating Wills of the deceased

  • The Geographic Information Science Department is now managed by Jessica Swinney

    Federal Legal Information Through Electronics (FLITE) - Supreme ...
    More than 7000 Supreme Court opinions dating from 1937 through 1975, from volumes
    300 through 422 of US Reports. Search by case or by keyword.

  • You may currently use two different methods to search and retrieve decisions: Enter one to three words to search for: View Decisions: Limit To: Decisions Returned Enter Case Information in this Fashion...

  • If your search does not work, please try reversing the party names! | Springfield, Virginia 22161 Voice: 703-605-6000 TTY: 703-487-4639 This site is owned and managed by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) For assistance or alternate formats please send an email to: Site Last Updated: November 22, 2005

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    EFF Media Advisory: EFF Wins Partial Victory in Ford Case (Jan. 10 ...
    Press release on dismissal of trademark claims against,,, and others, and denying "in rem" ...

    Civil Rights: Brown v. Board of Education I (1954)
    An unofficial text of the Supreme Court's landmark civil rights case.

    WASHLAW WEB -- Washburn University School of Law
    Links to Federal Government internet resources and other government related
    material, from Washlaw (Washburn University School of Law).

    Stafford, Virginia - Official Site for the County of Stafford
    Official government web site.

  • PLEASE NOTE : Any e-mail sent to a member of the Board of Supervisors, or any other public official and/or employee of Stafford County, becomes a public document and is subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act


    The Virginia Coalition for Open Government - Web Links
    Resource page for open records and open meetings in state and local government.

  • Current and past versions of Virginia¬ís Freedom of Information Act; FAQs; how to make a FOIA request; FOIA opinions from state courts, the Attorney General and the FOI Advisory Council; legislation All the latest news and commentary on FOIA, access and the First Amendment — local, state and national; Subscribe to related listservs and e-mail alerts; check out archives of past hot topics Stay informed with this extensive collection of government and advocacy group links and resources

  • Public bodies should not collect from citizens information that will become part of a public record unless such collection is required or necessary to the mission of the public body

  • (June 13, 2006) Current Headlines : Access to information has no artificial bounds like a state's borders (August 19, 2006) : Virginia's FOIA has a similar state-resident provision, not yet tested in the court

  • (August 16, 2006) : If Virginia's system is going to work, the General Assembly should give the secretary of the commonwealth's office the authority and means to audit lobbyists' reports, and it should prescribe tough penalties for providing incomplete or inaccurate information

    Virginia DUI DWI Reckless Driving Lawyers Attorneys | Virginia ...
    Information on Virginia drunk driving and traffic laws.

  • If you are seeking information on other Virginia Criminal Law issues, please click here

  • _ Bose Law Firm, PLLC Dulles Town Center Offices: 21580 Atlantic Boulevard, Suite 150 Sterling (Dulles), Virginia 20166 Springfield Offices: 6354 Rolling Mill Place, Suite 102 Springfield (Fairfax County), Virginia 22152 Telephone: 703.926.3900 Outside VA Toll Free: 877.372.2827 Facsimile: 800.927.6038 _ Legal Notices & Disclaimers Required by Law and Ethical Rules: This site exists for informational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as legal advice

  • The information on this website is for informational and educational purposes, and to give you general information and a general understanding of the traffic/criminal laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • Although care has been taken to provide accurate and current information, the general principles and information presented at this website may differ depending on local rules, regulations, and court cases

  • Virginia DUI Defense Center nor its staff warrant the validity of the information, nor does it guarantee the quality of the work product of any of the attorneys listed on this website

    Geostat Center: Collections: National Court Compliance with ECJ ...
    Data on compliance with decisions in EU Preliminary Reference Cases, 1958-2000.
    by Stacy A. Nyikos.

  • Nyikos Overview The information contained in this data set were compiled with the help of the European Court of Justice's Research and Documentation Division and funded in part by the U.S

  • With the aid of the Research and Documentation division at the ECJ, as well as numerous law clerks at the Court, it has been possible to obtain and file in this database all cases for which the ECJ has information on the steps and decisions taken by national courts following the ECJ's ruling in a preliminary reference case

  • The submission of information on national court, litigant, or government actions following an ECJ decision is purely on a voluntary basis on the part of the national court

  • Unfortunately, national courts do not send the ECJ such information in every case

  • I have found for the areas that I have investigated that the submission of information covers approximately 50% of the cases within a legal area

  • Overall, for the preliminary reference cases from 1958-2000, there are 1312 cases for which the Court's database contains information

  • Naturally, a data set that contains information on all cases would be most useful, yet compiling such a database brings with it numerous complications

    Recent Cases
    Larry Becraft's list includes three tax law cases from the year 2000.

  • 2001), a federal law mandating confidentiality of federally required gathering of traffic information was held unconstitutional because it presumed to control state activity

  • 2000), the court found that the IRS engaged in a wrongful disclosure of 'return information.' In Lawson v

    City of Martinsville Circuit Court Clerk's Office
    Search on information regarding Clerk's Office and Circuit Court Operations.
    View our court docket, and access our Court Records Management System.

  • City of Martinsville Circuit Court Clerks Office 55 West Church Street Martinsville, Virginia 24112 276-403-5105 Calculate fees and taxes for deeds and contracts for selected courts Online access to cases filed in selected Circuit Courts Last updated on 09/11/2006 You can find the following information in CRMS: Chancery, Civil, Criminal & Misc

    Project Vote Smart - American Government, Elections, Candidates ...
    Extensive nonpartisan information on elected officials' voting records and
    candidates' positions. Covers federal and state offices nationwide in the United ...

    The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
    Nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free legal help to reporters and
    news organizations.

  • Sign up for from the Reporters Committee WHITE PAPER How the War on Terrorism Affects Access to Information and the Public's Right to Know

  • ABOUT US -- information about our history, our mission, and our Steering Committee

  • We also have, and information on working with us as an

  • This site is designed to provide information to journalists and media lawyers at any time, and to let you know of the services and support we offer

  • ARIZONA · 8/15/2006 · FREEDOM OF INFORMATION An appellate court opinion allowing government employees to shroud e-mail messages created on government computers by declaring them 'personal' will be appealed by the newspaper seeking the records

  • VIRGINIA · 8/10/2006 · PRIOR RESTRAINTS Using the Espionage Act to prosecute two former lobbyists who allegedly gave secret information to reporters does not violate the First Amendment, a federal judge ruled Thursday

  • Navy for keeping hearings and information secret in an espionage case

  • · 7/28/2006 · FREEDOM OF INFORMATION Senators and federal workers joined FOIA advocates Wednesday to push for the passage of federal legislation to supplement an executive order President Bush signed in December

    Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) - Virginia Department of Social ...
    Offers information about state programs and services, how to apply, and who to contact.

  • How Can We Help You? DCSE strives to provide you with everything you need to know about child support: (Web page) (PDF) Case Information and Recent Payments (Web Page) Twelve Month Case Payment History (Web Page) Calculate (estimate) a child support obligation (Web Page) Guidelines for Determining Child Support Obligations (Web Page) Pay Child Support by Mail (Web Page) Pay Child Support Electronically (Web Page) (Web page) If you are one of our employer partners, please take advantage of these valuable resources: (PDF) (PDF) (Web Page) ( for group health plan sponsors and administrators enforcing medical support orders for children ) Report New Hires (Web Page) Submit Child Support Payments Electronically (Web Page) If you cannot find what you're looking for on this Web site, please with your comments or questions


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