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    Vietnam Traditional Music
    Descriptions and photos of over ninety instruments from various Vietnamese ethnic
    an folk traditions.

  • Musical instruments Traditional Musical Instruments of Vietnam Vietnam has been proud of its diversified and rich treasure of traditional musical instruments that has been being formed throughout the life journey and developed over the long history of founding and defending of the nation

  • There also have seen other instruments that were brought into Vietnam through different ways but later were indigenized in line with musical languages and aesthetics of the nation

  • For the time being, hundreds of various instruments of such precious cultural resources are systematically and scientifically displayed at Vietnam Musical Instruments Showroom of Vietnamese Institute for Musicology

  • The website is developed under the cooperation between Vietnam Datacommunication Company (VDC) and Vietnamese Institute for Musicology (V.I.M)

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  • Music is slightly different according to three regions: Bắc or North, Trung or Central, and Nam or South

  • Northern classical music is Vietnam's oldest and is traditionally more formal

  • Vietnamese classical music can be traced to the Mongol invasions, when the Vietnamese captured a Chinese troupe

  • Central classical music shows the influences of Champa culture with its melancholic melodies

  • Southern music exudes a lively attitude

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    Vietnamese landscapes, pageants, new CD releases, Vietnamese singers' biographies.

  • Vietnam Landscapes Vietnamese Tet Pageant , Music Asia Ent

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    Vietnamese singers biographies
    Includes photos of many Vietnamese singers living around the world.

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    Voices Of Vietnam
    American musician Philip Blackburn went to Vietnam to exchange musical ideas.
    His story includes photos and audio clips.

  • The first time American experimental music was introduced to the professional and student musicians of Hanoi, Hue, and Saigon, it created a similar stir; no contingency plans had been laid for that either

  • Riley's In C and Reich's Come Out left them aghast, waiting for some music to emerge from the repetitions

  • ("But that's too easy, ' exclaimed one when I tried to explain minimalism to him.) Computer music set them in fits of derisive laughter as did Varese's Ionization until they realized the caterwaulings were actually air raid sirens

  • music organization to establish connections with its Vietnamese counterparts

  • Through the Musicians' Association, an arm of the Ministry of Culture, I was given unprecedented access to their more than four hundred composer, performer, and musicologist members, allowed to travel freely, and had privileged access to the extensive (but decaying) musical research archives

  • Before speaking engagements I would be introduced to suppressed amazement as an American "of the people, who gets around by bicycle, stays in a cheap hotel, and eats vegetarian food from the street stalls.' Recurrent questions included: Is it really so easy to make a living in America as a musician? What is the American tradition? What is a non-profit organization? How do we stop the Michael Jackson invasion? Once at the end of a long afternoon in Hue I received a carefully scrawled question out of the blue: "Please tell about LaMonte Young, John Adams, and Post Modernism.' And I thought my thesis defense was over

    RootsWorld on Asian Music
    Musician interviews and recording reviews of many kinds of Asian and Middle
    Eastern musics.

  • You will find much more by searching the site: Reviews of recordings from or influenced by Asia: (India, Pakistan, Nepal, etc) (Viet Nam, Thailand, Burma, Laos, etc...) (cross-national fusions and what we haven't sorted out yet.) More regional pages are coming soon Feature Articles ; An introduction to some popular musical styles by John Cho by Brian Grosjean ; An introduction to the throat singers, by John Cho ; Adrienne Redd speaks with jazz musicians about the influences Indian music has had on their work

  • , an introduction to the music of Pakistan by John Cho : Musician Philip Blackburn takes us on a journey to Vietnam to hear the music and meet the people who make it

  • : Eric Iverson looks at Latin music...

  • in Japan! Brian Grosjean looks at the music of in these reviews of 1996 recordings

  • The Music of Okinawa's Other Things and are also featured on RootsWorld from Asia and the middle-east

    Country Joe McDonald
    Official home on the web of this singer, songwriter and performer at the Woodstock
    Festival, summer of '69. A biography and discography plus extensive list of ...

  • For press, media, and public relations information e-mail For licensing and permissions requests, please contact Download high-resolution I'm looking for: Listen to some background music while you surf

  • Politics, Music, Whales O N L I N E M A G A Z I N E I will gladly sign anything you send for $20 US but you are responsible for the packaging and the postage, both to me and the return packaging and posting

  • --> With Pete Olson on Telegraph Avenue at the Berkeley World Music Festival, June 4

    SARGE LINTECUM'S JUNGLE - Vietnam Blues - Combat Tested Blues ...
    Singer and harmonica player from Arizona. Biography, sound files, events, pictures,
    and CD information. Also includes poetry and Vietnam stories.

  • POW MIA [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] (Sarge's Jungle is best viewed at 800X600 pixels screen area or higher.) Sarge performing his Vietnam Blues Show Latest Updates: Look for Sarge on CMT! (Country Music Television) The show is: "Small Town Secrets, " the episode with Sarge is: "Cowgirls, Combines and Commandos." Sarge performs his song, "Buried In The Bone Yard Blues that he wrote for this show." Sarge's segment was filmed at the airplane bone yard in Tucson, Arizona

  • He performs his Vietnam Blues Show which consists of music from Sarge's 'Vietnam Blues Combat Tested Blues For Peace' recording, (on CD and cassette), powerful Vietnam War poetry, and war stories


  • For Peace CD digitally from MPERIA Music


    Welcome To Saigon Strings, Traditional Vietnamese Music ...
    Offers traditional Vietnamese stringed instruments including the Dan Tranh, Dan
    Bau, Dan Doan, Dan Sen, and Ty Ba. Features descriptions, history, photos, ...

    AFVN - American Forces Vietnam Network Home Page
    AFVN - The American Forces Vietnam Network provided radio and television music,
    news, and entertainment to American troops during the Vietnam War.

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    Viet Nam News
    National English language daily with news and columns on politics, the economy
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    Reflections, memories, images and tributes to Vietnam veterans.

  • By Jim DeLuco Jim served in Vietnam during 1966-1967 Great music from the war years

  • This gallery contains music files (.mid) of popular songs from the Vietnam era

    Nhac tre Viet Nam
    Tin tuc ve tinh hinh nhac Viet o hai ngoai va trong nuoc. Cho phep download nhieu
    bai hat.

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