Phone and Go
Tour operator telefonico, offre pacchetti viaggi, offerte last-minute, crociere
e voli. Presente una...

United States residential and business listings.

Verizon DSL
Nationwide DSL access.

Canada 411
Offers residential, business, and toll free lookups for Canada.


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Phone numbers and addresses for persons and businesses in the United States.
Includes links to directorie...

Infobel - Telephone Directories on the Web
An index of links to online telephone, fax and business directories from around
the world.

Qwest Communications phone company with Internet, wireless and ...
Local Exchange Carrier (LEC), large wholesale and retail provider of voice and
data services.

Phone Scoop
Technical details and comparisons of cellular phones, plus a phone finder to help
choose a handset.

  • Ironically AWS Wireless, a company born from NextWave's ashes, is the dollar leader because it is currently winning auctions for 3 of those 6 licenses

  • They have announced that parents can control incoming and outgoing calls on the Sanyo 2400, and that parents can control PCS Vision online access on any phone in a family's plan

  • The device, officially called the Pearl, marks RIM's first foray into both photography and music

  • Benefits

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    SBC Communications
    Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) providing local to global voice, data, and Internet.

    Dialpad Communications - the Internet's best phone call
    Offers monthly billing and pre-paid PC-to-Phone VoIP services. Also supports
    broadband telephone adapter...

  • You can use your PC to talk longer (and save more) while making and receiving calls from regular phones

  • Plus enjoy free PC-to-PC calling and share instant messages, photos, music, and more

    Providers of integrated communication solutions, including software to allow
    web-page visitors to...

    DexOnline - Online Phone Book
    Business directory listings.


    White Pages Phone Directory with Free People Search
    Search for people and businesses in the United States by name, address or phone number.

    Phone Spell
    Find out what the letters associated with your phone number spell out.

  • ® What does your phone number spell? New Feature! Now you can automatically ! The PhoneSpell® search engine provides three 4 services in one! You may have heard that now you can take your phone number with you when you move

    Phone Plus
    Covering the world of telecommunications for all industry professionals.

    Numberway - Phone Books Worldwide
    Comprehensive white pages and yellow pages telephone directories for almost all
    countries in the world.

    HowStuffWorks: Telephones
    An article that describes how telephones work.

  • to see the animated version! In this article, we will look at the telephone device that you have in your house as well as the telephone network it connects to so you can make and receive calls

    BT PhoneNetUK
    UK online phone directory covering both businesses and private residences.

    Phone house
    Vente de téléphones mobiles, de packs, avec ou sans abonnement, de forfaits.
    Accessoires et téléphone...

    Voice calls from your PC to any phone.


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