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  • to establishing, and specifically in both Afghanistan and Iraq in the short term

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  • Yes- people have written to me- students, servicepeople in Iraq, and people over twice my age, lauding my commentary (yeah, in this case, for lack of a better, scatological term, I’ll use “commentary’...) I won’t lie and say it didn’t give me an ego-boo from time to time- but I want Bushflash to be better than just that

  • That the grand neocon experiment in the Iraq and Afghanistan continues to spiral down the toilet

  • As, One might wonder if the situation would be a tad different there, had Bush sent in enough troops to fully stabilize the country, before pissing all over Iraq? But hey- things are just peachy over there, as well..

  • The speaker of Iraq's parliament has compared the actions of the United states in Iraq to "", as insurgent attacks

  • Think about it- the only place where you can see images of what's going on in Iraq is the internet

  • Take for example the war in Iraq- if you used solely the words and deeds of the Bush Bowl as a barometer of the American people's attitude towards the war, you'd never think that fully two-thirds of US citizens want troops out of Iraq now, and think it was a damned stupid idea to invade, in the first place

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  • Prime Sponsor Visit Our Sponsors! Visit Our Sponsors! GOP Bloggers Subscribe To B4Bcast! Site Credits Powered by: Design by: August 08, 2006 Standing Firm With IsraelBy Mark Noonan at There has been a lot of worry-wortism on the right these days about whether or not President Bush will stand tough with Israel...this is rather surprising considering the fact that President Bush is standing firm in Iraq which has cost him far more politically than any stand with Israel would ever cost him

  • | Rumsfeld is RightBy Mark Noonan at While our liberal bedwetters wrung their hands over the resolute and realistic statements of General Abizaid last week, they missed some rather important things regarding the campaign in Iraq, as Cal Thomas : Rumsfeld elaborated on the difference between the two sides: 'One side does all it can to avoid civilian casualties, while the other side uses civilians as shields, and then skillfully orchestrates a public outcry when the other side accidentally kills civilians in their midst

  • One side is held to exacting standards of near perfection; the other side is held to no standards and no accountability at all.' Rumsfeld noted how the enemy uses our media to undermine American resolve, 'planning attacks to gain the maximum media coverage and the maximum public outcry.' And then, most importantly, he said: 'If we left Iraq prematurely - as the terrorists demand - the enemy would tell us to leave Afghanistan and then withdraw from the Middle East


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  • (the audience booed) 'I didn't -- I swear I didn't -- get into politics to feather my nest or feather my friends' nests.' -- Bush Jr., in the Houston Chronicle On July 14, 2003, columnist Robert Novak -- a staunchly partisan Republican and ally of the Bush administration -- , a former ambassador who had investigated the allegations that Iraq tried to buy uranium in Niger (and concluded they were false)

  • Vice President Cheney and his chief of staff, Lewis ''Scooter'' Libby, met with officials at the Non-Proliferation Center before the invasion of Iraq to discuss reports that Iraq was seeking to buy uranium in Africa

  • intelligence official said she was involved in preparing materials for those meetings.' So neither story SAYS that Lewis Libby was one of the leakers, but boy didn't his name appear out of the blue right when folks were discussing whodunnit? Cheney and his staff have been the most hawkish of the hawks seeking to attack Iraq and damn the torpedoes

  • He is a vocal critic of the way Bush has pursued war in Iraq, but it's not as simple as him being a partisan activist

  • Wilson was appointed to his post in Iraq by George Bush's father, the ex-president, who praised his work there, where Wilson went toe to toe with Saddam Hussein, and was a war hawk

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  • These education cuts will especially affect school-age children of troops serving in Iraq who reside on military bases

  • According to The Washington Post, the House version of the Bush Administration plan 'wouldn't help many of those serving in Iraq.' One solider who will not benefit is Army Specialist Shoshana Johnson, the soldier and single mother who was wounded twice in the same convoy as Jessica Lynch

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  • Impeach Bush Editorials and Information on How to Impeach Bush & Cheney "because we love America" -- A to Z -- George Bush and Dick Cheney and the American public about Iraq in order to justify an illegal war

  • American troops and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died as a result

  • How: Laws:, Bush Crimes:, - 10 page booklet Why: and Events 7/19/06 - What's New? 7/11/06 - against Bush/Cheney by Craig Leslie for Iraq veterans


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