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ChessGenius. World Championship Chess Program for the Palm ...
[Commercial -$25, free demo] World chess champion engine, ARM/68K support, color,
PGN, infrared play....

  • Actual Screen Shots Portrait mode Landscape mode Awards: at rated by ZDNet ChessGenius 1.0 was one of just five finalists in the 'Palm OS: Games catagory' in the '2000 ZDNet PDA SoftwareAwards competition' rated by Tucows "If you're looking for the strongest handheld chess program available, buy ChessGenius." Chris Kantack's LCD Chess Information Site

  • Awesome!" "This is not by a long shot the first chess program I used, but it is the most impressive

    Tech Manifesto » What keeps you awake?
    Summary of the caffeine levels and ingredients in popular highly caffeinated
    drinks on the market.

  • We went down to the lab and cooked up a double shot of our killer energy brew

  • Website: Starbucks Doubleshot Average Caffeine Level: 120mgs in each 6.5 ounce can ( 18mgs per oz

  • ) Info: Starbucks DoubleShot is a wonderfully delicious blend of authentic Starbucks expresso, mellowed with just a touch of cream

  • Perfect for morning, noon, or night, Starbucks DoubleShot delivers the boost and inspiration you need when you need it

  • derek August 1, 2005 | Monster has them all beat and Im drinking one know ! Its the best Danny B August 1, 2005 | Starbucks Doubleshot! Tastes WAY better than those lime-green energy drinks

  • August 1, 2005 | penquin mints are far too full of artificial sweetenrs….horrible… and you need loads to get the same amount of caffine as a drink… pud August 2, 2005 | Look, your all wrong, the list shows that doubleshot has got 18mgs of caffine per oz

  • Check it out!!! Matt September 8, 2005 | Upshot is the best engery drink

  • Jim September 30, 2005 | Where does Nelly’s Pimp Juice rank? Gu3st September 30, 2005 | Jolt is better IMO got80s September 30, 2005 | had a great article on what ones were the best a week ago… It’s called booster shot… Kitty September 30, 2005 | Those penquin mints are good; my friend gave me some, I thought I wasn’t ganna work but I was so so wrong

    ME and I.
    Our life with chronic fatigue syndrome: a final essay written by Betty Wilson,
    who suffers from this...

  • I know about the placebo effect, but my doctor thought, and I had to agree, that if it works, it works; so now I have a shot every two Weeks, and every week in more stressful periods

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    Schweinshaupt Walk in & Family Care in Tampa-doctor.
    Steven Schweinshaupt, MD offers primary medical care without appointments.
    Includes contact details...

  • Flu shot is available The flu shot is now available, the cost is $25

  • The flu shot is indicated for anyone over 65, diabetics, and people with chronic heart and lung problems

  • The shot prevents further infection with HPV if you have already been diagnosed with HPV

  • Schweinshaupt featured on Channel 28 News with Linda Hurtado Kicking the Habit...with a shot? - old link - look how unsuccessful the average treatments are for smoking See for further information

  • :: News Updates :: 1/19/2006 Loose weight and feel more energy with diet pills and B12 shots for only ~$100/month

    Bells Palsy - How to recover your facial muscles from bells palsy ...
    A personal story, including what the author is doing to fight to regain his face
    and helpful links.

  • Question: Has anyone had a steroid shot in their face? If so, did it help? Please or touch base using 'jasonscheer' Long-time Bells Sufferers? and let me know how you are doing Celebrity that had Bells and Overcame it - George Clooney - While George was in church one day back in his teenage years, his face got a little numb

    Basarab Nicolescu : The Transdisciplinary Evolution of the University
    Talk at the International Congress " Universities' Responsabilities to Society ",
    International Associati...

  • Disciplinarity, multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity are like four arrows shot from but a single bow: knowledge

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  • Benefits

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    Four Key Principles of Geriatric Care by Robert S. Stall, MD
    Information on AD by Robert S. Stall, MD.

  • Then why doesn't your left knee hurt? Isn't it the same age as your right knee? I shot back, with a smile

    rec.gambling.blackjack FAQ
    Frequently asked questions from the usenet newsgroup.

  • When playing against a 'front loading' dealer, the best seat is whichever seat gives you the best shot at getting a glimpse of the dealer's hole card

    Tien Shan 95 Reconnaissance Notes
    A transcription of notes taken during a reconnaissance field trip to the Tien
    Shan in 1995 by Steve...

  • Group shot after Bishparmak

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    Barkley Plastics|Uk|injection moulding|tools|gas injection|2shot
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    HeartSpring - Alternative and Complimentry Medicine - Articles and ...
    Alternative medicine guide for various diseases.

    An article from Acoustic Guitar Magazine (November 1997), tracing the origins
    and development of the...

  • He startedmaking records, many under pseudonyms like Georgia Bill, Hot Shot Willie, BarrelHouse Sammy, and Pig ‘n’ Whistle Red

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    Zita West
    Offering a book promoting healthy pregnancy, as well as vitamins and relaxation

    EverQuest 2 Maps and Quests - eq2.gamepressure.com
    Site offers maps complete with descriptions, locations, and NPCs, as well as
    quest information.

    The Chess Mind -
    Weblog for chess fans by a chess fan. Author: Dennis Monokroussos. Plenty of
    discussion about...

    My personal battle with autoimmune thyroid disease (Graves Disease ...
    A personal story about fighting Graves' disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis.


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