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All About the Benjamins (2002):
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  • | ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS Director : Kevin Bray Cast : Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Roger Guenveur Smith, Carmen Chaplin, Valarie Rae Miller, Eva Mendes, Lil Bow Wow (New Line Cinema, 2002) Rated: R Release date : 8 March 2002 by Cynthia Fuchs PopMatters Film and TV Editor :

  • — Puff Daddy, 'It's All About the Benjamins (Remix)' The genius of hip-hop -- the brilliant wordplay, the rhythmic complexities, the incisive social and political analysis, the humor -- rarely translates to film form

  • All About the Benjamins includes these popular elements -- producer-writer-star Ice Cube surely understands the business he's in -- but it mostly does so with a sense of self-consciousness and wit, so you don't have to feel mad about it

  • And true to form, Benjamins includes a briefly running gag about Reggie biting Bucum's nipple during a fight in a parking lot -- hardy har -- while Gina stands to the side, telling Reggie to stop because, as she says repeatedly, 'Baby, you can't fight!' Gina is slightly more energetic and slightly less incidental than most girls in buddy films (think, maybe: Tea Leoni in Bad Boys )

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  • All About the Benjamins Bucum Jackson (Ice Cube, ) is a volatile bounty hunter with aspirations of starting his own private investigation firm

  • If All About the Benjamins sounds familiar, it is because it is

  • For those not hip to slang, 'benjamins' are $100 bills (they have pictures of Benjamin Franklin on them)

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  • Since then, Eva has starred in films such as Urban Legends: Final Cut , Exit Wounds, Training Day, All About the Benjamins, and 2 Fast 2 Furious

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