World Climate: Weather rainfall and temperature data
Weather rainfall and temperature data with long-term monthly averages for over
20000 weather stations worldwide.

  • Popular cities: - - - - - - - - - - - - - contains over 85, 000 records of world climate data (historical weather averages) from a wide range of sources

  • A new version with updated places and countries, plus much more climate and weather data, will be online soon

    Australian Bureau of Meteorology
    Weather, climate and hydrology services; also details educational projects,
    publications, and contacts for the organization.

    Weather and Climate Resources
    From the Institute of Global Environment and Society. Includes links to maps,
    analyses, climate data and satellite images.

  • Weather & Climate Quicklook: U.S

    Research at KNMI
    Research activities on applied meteorology, climate, climate change, atmosphere
    and seismology.


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    WeatherSavvy: Understanding Our Weather, Climate and World
    Question and answer forum to address a variety of weather-related questions also
    with background weather resources.

    Government of British Columbia: Climate Change
    Provides news, detailed environmental reports and related policy documents.
    The report "Indicators of Climate Change in BC" is available in PDF format or to ...

  • Air Water Climate Change Water / Air Monitoring and Reporting Environment Canada Other Governments Ministry of Environment; Government of British Columbia PO Box 9341 Stn Prov Govt Victoria B.C

  • Canada V8W 9M1 phone: (250) 387-3205 fax: (250) 356-7197 e-mail updated: June 2006 Environmental Quality Branch CLIMATE CHANGE Main Topics: Climate Change Website 1

  • British Columbia's Climate Change Plan See: (section 2, below) Weather, Climate and the Future: B.C.'s Plan December 2004 Weather, Climate and the Future: B.C.'s Plan will guide the province's approach as it works with the federal government, industry, local government and individuals to address climate change

  • PDF: 24 KB / 3 pages October 28, 2002 In October 2002, the provinces and territories agreed upon guiding principles for the development of a national climate change plan

  • PDF: 10 KB / 2 pages November 21, 2002 This opinion editorial calls on the federal government to develop a fair and affordable Kyoto plan for addressing climate change, which supports jobs and investments, and sustains Canada's economy

  • Climate Change Economic Impacts Panel (an independent advisory panel) makes recommendations on the development of a B.C

    European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological ...
    Provides overview of the agency and its activities, projects and events.

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    Offers interactive mapping tools that allow users to locate NOS products in any
    area in the United States and its territories through a metadata catalog.

  • Coral reefs, tides, currents, buoys, marine sanctuaries, estuaries, diving, spills Real-time imagery, environmental, geostationary and polar satellites Protecting marine mammals, sea turtles, habitats, statistics, economics, enforcement El Niño & La Niña, global warming, drought, climate prediction, archived weather data, paleoclimatology Environmental labs , air quality, atmospheric processes, climate and human interactions Coastal services, products, Great Lakes, coastal zone management Nautical & navigational charts, mapping, remote sensing, safe navigation Where can I get satellite pictures of hurricanes, storms, floods and similar events? A Web site to help you find NOAA information

  • Benefits

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    University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
    UCAR strives to advance the understanding of weather and climate in order to
    benefit society.

  • Feature Story As more of the world's population moves into already crowded cities, researchers are investigating the ways urban areas affect day-to-day weather and long-term climate

    Coloma Valley Weather, Climate, and Conditions
    Links to local weather information and road conditions.

  • Weather & Roads Weather & Climate Information "Below the Snow and Above the Fog" Any long-time resident of the valley has heard this question from outsiders: "How much snow did you get this year?" and that local resident will give the usual answer: None

  • Coloma-Lotus Weather Info Average Rainfall 10-year average, 1990-2000 37.86 inches Lowest annual precipitation July 1993 - June 1994 19.09 inches Highest annual precipitation July 1994 - June 1995 56.60 inches Highest 2-month period of rain Dec 1996 - Jan 1997 31.17 inches () Temperature Mean High: 76.2 F Mean Low: 41.5 F Record High: 113 F (July 30, 1996) Record Low: 6 F (Dec 22, 1990) The above data courtesy of Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, compiled by Alan Ehrgott of the Climate Information & Weather Forecasts Local forecasts, National Weather Service info, and other climate info sources - National map showing precipitation forecast; also, links to temperature forecasts

    Webcam Web cam Weather Cam Gran Canaria Weather Climate ...
    Actual weather webcam and daily weather forecast from Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria.

    Met Office
    Forecasts and data for UK and the world, weather warnings, UV index, maps, marine
    information and satellite imagery. Describes the commercial weather and ...


    Met Office: Weather and climate - North-west England
    Forecasts and warnings.

    Weather and Climate Data
    A variety of maps provided by the National Weather Service.

  • Weather and Climate Data The state of the atmosphere at the time of model initializiation, generally 00Z

  • This page contains links to the short-term climate outlooks for temperature, precipitation, and soil moisture

    BBC Weather
    Current conditions and forecasts for the UK and the world. Includes background
    material about weather including climate change, glossary, calculators, ...

  • Country Guides Climate information for all countries around the world

    An introduction to climate. Explains the difference between weather and climate.

  • Climate is a powerful tool for dealing with the weather

  • If you know the climate for a place, you have powerful information about what the weather may be like today, tomorrow, or next summer! Find out more about climate when you read through this lesson

  • explains what climate and weather are and how they are related

  • takes a look at seven different climate regions in the United States

  • The is an online quiz that will check your knowledge of climates

  • The section is a page of climate-related activities that you can do with and without this site

  • The is an overview of the Climate lesson for teachers

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    Science, Life and Travel in Earth's Coldest Regions
    USA Today article examines polar regions' impact on global weather.

    Global Warming, Air Quality, Climate Change, Ozone, Weather
    Includes a weather section with detailed accounts on everything from anticyclones
    to wind. Printable and very easy to understand.

    American Meteorological Society Monographs and Books
    Catalog of the professional society's nonperiodical publications, including abstracts.

  • Air Force and Army, 1937-1987 Probing the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Lectures on Air Pollution Modeling Lectures on Air Pollution and Environmental Impact Analyses Proceedings of the First Sino-American Workshop on Mountain Meteorology, Beijing Proceedings of International Symposium on the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau and Mountain Meteorology Books Distributed by AMS: Spacious Skies Cloud Chart The 1938 Hurricane Handbook of Weather, Climate and Water: Dynamics, Climate, Physical Meteorology, Weather Systems, and Measurements Handbook of Weather, Climate and Water: Atmospheric Chemistry, Hydrology, and Societal Impacts Updated: Headquarters: 45 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02108-3693 DC Office: 1120 G Street, NW, Suite 800 Washington DC, 20005-3826 Phone: 617-227-2425 Fax: 617-742-8718 American Meteorological Society

    MetVUW Weather and Climate Service
    Satellite and radar images, upper air data, forecast charts, surface observations,
    and interesting weather events (cyclones).


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