Lands of America
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A History of the International Date Line
Extensive information on the circumnavigator's paradox and the history of its

  • A History of the International Date Line Contents: Introduction A hundred leagues from Manilla town, The San Gregorio ’s helm came down; Round she went on her heel, and not A cable’s length from a galliot That rocked on the waters just abreast Of the galleon’s course, which was west-sou’-west

  • Francis Bret Harte, The Lost Galleon (1867) Zigzagging across the waters of the Pacific Ocean near the 180 º meridian, the International Date Line (IDL) is plotted on today’s charts and globes to indicate the boundary line between ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’

  • Despite its name, however, the precise location of the International Date Line is not fixed by any international law, treaty or agreement

  • In order to resolve the circumnavigator’s paradox for future travellers, Oresme concluded his discussion of the imaginary journeys of Plato and Socrates in the Quaestiones supra speram with the observation: “From this it follows that if this [equatorial] zone were everywhere habitable, one ought to assign a definite place where a change of the name of the day would be made, for otherwise Socrates would have two names for the same day and the other [Plato] would have the same name for two days.” The discovery of the date line It was Antonio Pigafetta ( c

    Robyn Van En - Eating for Your Community
    This short article by Robyn Van En, one of the founders of CSA in the US, overviews
    when and why the CSA movement hit the United States and is followed by "CSA ...

    Cat Fancier's Glossary
    Glossary, acronyms, list of titles and breed descriptions.

  • : a : a : : a : : : a : a : : Federation Internationale Feline, a cat registering association based in Europe


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    001 -- Flight of the Valkyrie
    Features XB-70 flight history, images and technical diagrams.

  • Her long, graceful neck over their heads, air intakes a man could stand in (and 80' long -- longer than an SR-71!), and sleek lines left no doubt she was designed for speed

  • White and Cotton then proceeded to line up for landing on the 15, 000 foot runway at Edwards

  • Returning to North American's Palmdale facility at the end of this flight, the XB-70 was scheduled to go through a series of structural tests that would not return her to the flight line until February of 1965

  • Even more alarming, it hadn't rotated completely in line with the direction of travel, although it was close

  • being behind the centerline of the main strut, it was unlikely that the gear would level out, but hopefully the landing would at least cause the gear to finish swinging into the direction of travel, and the wingtip would still clear the ground, although the right side would be much lower than the left

    Fischertechnik North America
    German manufacturer of a flexible construction system and robot kits that can be
    utilized to learn and teach concepts in engineering, robotics, ...

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    Michelle Malkin
    The official web site and commentary archives of syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin.

  • Don't you know Kofi Annan considers terrorist mortar rounds and rocket strikes on its peacekepping bases friendly fire? *** Previous: Jihadis and the Jews By · calls attention to the already forgotten Seattle shooting, the firebombing at Baltimore's Hebrew University, and other worldwide attacks on Jews and Israel that won't get front-page headlines

  • A few passages stuck out: Glocer: 'What we are seeing on-line now is almost a continuous talent show, with media-savvy consumers using digital technology to express themselves and stand out as individuals in their virtual communities..

  • Were those just empty words? Or will Glocer practices what he preaches? How about a blogger review panel to independently examine Adnan Hajj's work? Here are your talented online panelists, Mr

  • The good stuff will float to the on-line surface

  • Which is problematic precisely because when the information from which the people are being asked to form their judgments is being massaged and finessed through a front-ended ideological filter in an effort to help us reach the “correct” conclusion, then democracy becomes nothing more than the righteous mask placed over a sham in order to disguise its ugliness beneath a veneer of moral authority

    Gray Line Yukon - Holland America Line - Westours
    Charter and sightseeing company offering both one day and multi-day tours within
    Yukon and Alaska. Tours choices include river rafting, flight seeing and ...

  • A Division of Holland America Tours Gray Line Yukon sightseeing at Parks Canada National Historical Site - the SS Klondike Gray Line Yukon P.O

  • Box 31429, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Y1A 6K8 Phone: (867) 668-3225 Fax: (867) 667-4494 E-mail: G ray Line Yukon is the Yukon's first and foremost charter and sightseeing company in the Territory

  • Located in downtown Whitehorse on the corner of 2 nd and Steele Street, Gray Line Yukon offers local tours, show tickets, coach/van charter services and Glacier Bay, Skagway and Dawson City adventure packages

  • With Gray Line Yukon, we can take you anywhere you want to go, or we can provide you with any of these sightseeing tours: Grand City Tour Yukon Wildlife Preserve M.V

  • Schwatka River Cruise Frantic Follies Vaudeville Revue Raven's Tale Theatre Midnight Sun Golf Experience Husky Kennel Tours Flight seeing Tours Museum Tours: Beringia Centre, Transportation Museum & The MacBride White Pass and Yukon Route Railway And much, much more! "Bullwinkle" at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve Gray Line Yukon can also put you on the following one-day and multi-day trips outside Whitehorse: Yukon Queen River Cruise (Dawson City to Eagle, Alaska) White Pass & Yukon Route Railway to Skagway Famous Glacier Bay Cruises (kayaking, whale watching & sport fishing also available) Package Tours to Skagway and Dawson City Personalized, individual and group charter tours through the Yukon & Alaska Alaskon Express daily scheduled motorcoach and White Pass Rail service to Skagway, Alaska

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    Metropolis Magazine
    Online version of the print magazine covering architecture, interior design,
    crafts, product and graphic design and urban planning.

    The Samuel Beckett On-Line Resources and Links Pages
    Essays, reviews, analyses and various other material related to the author and
    his works.

  • The Samuel Beckett On-Line Resources and Links Pages The farther he goes the more good it does me

  • Well, I’ll buy his goods, hook, line and sinker, because he leaves no stone unturned and no maggot lonely

  • by Stephen Mitchelmore in on-line magazine: 'Picking the brains of popular culture' 2006: by Stephen Mitchelmore of How It Was: A Memoir of Samuel Beckett by Anne Atik

  • In any case, she has posted, utilizing her own analysis and notes drawn from the books of dozens of Beckett scholars, an awesome, almost line-by-line explanation and interpretation of Godot

    The Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists (BASP)
    BASP publishes a wide variety of articles of relevance to papyrology and related
    disciplines. From text editions to important synthetic articles.

  • General Introduction The Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists has been the official journal of the American Society of Papyrologists since the publication of Volume 1, issue 1 in 1963 and is the only North American journal devoted to papyrology and related disciplines

  • ARTICLES: BASP publishes a wide variety of articles of relevance to papyrology and related disciplines

  • () A cumulative index of articles from past volumes of BASP (through 1998) is available on-line

  • Editorial guidelines are printed on the inside front cover of BASP and are also available electronically

    The 1562 Map of America by Diego Gutiérrez
    Western Hemisphere map; site includes historical information with scrolling and
    zooming map viewer.

  • During the next seventy years, a veritable avalanche of individual and state-supported efforts ensued to discover, explore, and understand the fullness of America, although initially the efforts were concentrated along its extensive coastlines

  • One of the noteworthy omissions in the Gutiérrez map of America is the absence of the famous line of demarcation

  • This hypothetical vertical line in the Atlantic Ocean served as the division between Spanish and Portuguese possessions in America

  • West of the line were Spain's areas of influence

  • In the Gutiérrez map the most prominent line of demarcation is not a vertical line but rather a parallel or horizontal line, representing the Tropic of Cancer at 23° 30' N

  • But the latitudinal line mentioned in the 1559 Treaty of Cateau Cambrésis and prominently shown on the Gutiérrez map was that of the Tropic of Cancer

  • But why was the famous vertical line of demarcation, that line separating Europe from America, not referred to in the treaty of Portugal's coat of arms Cateau Cambrésis and on the map? Diplomatic documents after the 1559 treaty state simply that Spain's sphere of influence is south of the Tropic of Cancer and west of the prime meridian


    The American Mind
    A blog devoted to issues surrounding Wisconsin and the US.

  • Kohl's department stores snag celebrity designer for a clothing, accessory, and bedding line

    IOL: News for South Africa and the World
    Official club site. News, results, match reports, and player profiles.

  • Full story Photo: Gcina Ndwalane, Daily News | Today's New Ideas Online Services Mobile Services Are you happy with Dean Jones's apology for calling Hashim Amla 'terrorist'? Yes No You can join the discussion by IOL readers on this topic

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    Chapter 6: The War of 1812
    An extract from American Military History, a description of the military events
    with maps.

  • Dividing along sectional lines the House had voted for war on June 4, but the Senate approved only on June 18 and then by only six votes

  • In September I8I2, three months after the outbreak of war with the United States, Britain had no more than eleven ships of the line, thirty-four frigates, and about an equal number of smaller naval vessels in the western Atlantic

  • The capture of Montreal would cut the line of communications upon which the British defense of Upper Canada depended, and the fall of that province would then be inevitable

  • Although 1, 300 men were successfully ferried across the river under persistent British fire Prom a fortified battery north of town, less than half of them ever reached the American line on the heights

  • The men who remained lost all sense of discipline, and finally at the end of November the volunteers were ordered home and the Regulars were sent into winter quarters

  • The capture of Kingston, the only tenable site for a naval station on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario, would give the United States control of the lake and, by cutting the British lines of communications, frustrate enemy plans for operations in the west

    Online Music Scores
    Links to scores which may be downloaded free of charge, collected by Howard J.
    Callon, music professor at McGill University in Seattle, Washington.

  • Online Music Scores (to Download) [These links include only sites with scores that may be downloaded free of charge.] To: Additional scores at: General Collections [ | ] Scores Viewable in browser: Adobe Acrobat Reader Free Download: : An Archive of Free Choral Music [Music in PDF format; some music in other formats, including MusiXTex , Finale , PostScript ] ['The Internet center for free sheet music downloads and more' (Music in GIF format.)] [covers in JPEG format, music scores in PDF] : The music archive [Music in GNU LilyPond , PDF; and PostScript formats, and MIDI] [Music in PDF format.] [Commercial site, but many free scores available

  • () [][] [Wayne Cripps, ('The Lute Page')] Collections, Traditional (European/North American) Music [] 'Free scores of popular traditional music, along with a discography and bibliography for each.' [music in notation and tablature] Other Guides to Online Music Scores ['An ever-growing collection of classical and folk music

  • Whitworth)] [, ] [small image ] Nicholas Lanier: Anthony van Dyck, [] M Guillaume de Machaut: : [A page of Machaut's music from the Library of Congress Exhibit, ] ['This copy at the Bibliothèque nationale de France; the description (in French) is item 24 in their on-line exhibit catalogue .'] [, ] [Click on link, : 'From a Miniature, circa 1370-1380' (Miniature from Paris BN fr

    Infobetting Sports Betting Portal - Scommesse Sportive ...
    Il portale dedicato alle scommesse sportive. Comparazione quote, risultati e
    pronostici, chat, forum e link.

    Josselyn Van Tyne Memorial Library
    Online holdings and other information about this collection at the University of
    Michigan, which has become one of the preeminent sources of ornithological ...

  • Most of the material in the WOS library is catalogued by the University of Michigan, and appears in the on-line catalogue

  • Photocopies and pdf files of on-line journals are available

    National Museum of Natural History - Paleobiology
    Information about collections available at the National Museum of Natural History's
    Department of Paleobiology.

  • • • • • • • • • The National Collection of Foraminifera (and other microfossils) The serves as the largest repository in the world of foraminiferal type specimens with over 16, 000 primary type specimens (holotypes and paratypes), searchable on-line, with graphics and over 200, 000 secondary type specimens

  • The Type Register is accessible as a searchable database, and there is a list of the currently available on-line in conjunction with the database

    Virtual and Online Field Trip Guides
    Listing of virtual and on-line geologic field trip guidebooks.

  • | SEARCH: choose an area to search > Virtual and On-line Geologic Field Trip Guides United States and Canada We have listed web pages that contain descriptive local geological or earth science information for the United States or Canada (excluding reports of field trips containing only photos with no explanatory text)

  • 1980 Field Trip Route Map Grayscale tif (IBM Order) 4965 KB 1980 Geologic Map with Field Stops Grayscale tif (IBM order) 27587 KB 1980 Magnetic Contour Lines and Major Structural Elements, Piedmont of SW Virginia Grayscale tif (IBM order) 11107 KB 1980 Folds and Rock Characteristics in the Danville Area Virginia (Plate 1 in Henika article) Grayscale tif (IBM order) 8031 KB 1980 Aeroradiometric Contours, Superimposed on the Geology of the Blairs, Mout Hermon and Danville Quadrangles, Virginia Grayscale tif (IBM order) 9416 KB 1980 Gravity Map of the Charlotte 1 x 2 NTMS Quadrangle Grayscale tif (IBM order) 4572 KB 1983 Geologic Investigations in the Blue Ridge of Northwestern North Carolina Edited by Sharon E

  • 1988 Lineation Map of the Western Sauratown Mountains and Easternmost Inner Piedmont, Tennis Heyn 7, 159 KB tif bitmap in IBM PC byte order


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