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Playbill News: Barefoot in the Park, a Slice of '60s Newlywed Life ...
Photographic article offers details on the cast, creative team and background of
Neil Simon.

  • September 15, 2006 RELATED ARTICLES: 21 May 2006 -- 11 Apr 2006 -- 17 Feb 2006 -- 03 Feb 2006 -- 03 Feb 2006 -- Barefoot in the Park , a Slice of '60s Newlywed Life, Opens By 16 Feb 2006 Patrick Wilson and Amanda Peet in Barefoot in the Park

  • photo by Carol Rosegg The first Broadway revival of Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park, the 1963 comedy inspired by the playwright's first marriage, opens Feb

  • Such a moment would fit perfectly in Barefoot, a comedy about newlyweds who, true to the times, don't really know each other yet — and argue about their differences

  • Doers and Watchers or The Stuffed Shirt and the Free Spirit could be alternate titles to Barefoot in the Park, but why mess with a classic marquee name? That's not to say this production attempts to be an exact match of the original, or the film version

  • * How did Elliott get paired with Simon? Producer Robyn Goodman ( Avenue Q, Altar Boyz ) told, 'I'm kind of director-motivated and I've had a relationship with Scott and The New Group for a while, and I went to him one day and said...'What do you wanna do?' Honestly, his first answer was Barefoot in the Park

    Robert Redford @ Filmbug
    Biography, movies, facts, and links.

  • He landed his first Broadway starring role in Sunday in New York, followed by Little Man of Alban and Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park, directed by

  • He reprised the role of newlywed Paul Bratter in the film version of Barefoot in the Park, opposite, for which he received praise from critics and audiences

  • DeMille Award 1981 : Best Director (for Ordinary People ) 1981 : Best Director - Motion Picture (for Ordinary People ) Selected Filmography The Legend of Bagger Vance (2000)Sneakers (1992) Out of Africa (1985)The Natural (1984)Three Days of the Condor (1975)The Sting (1973)The Way We Were (1973)Jeremiah Johnson (1972)Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)Barefoot in the Park (1967) | More ..

    Photo Coverage: Barefoot in the Park's Opening Night ...
    Features photos of Patrick Wilson, Amanda Peet, Jill Clayburgh and Tony Roberts
    as well as other opening night attendees.

  • email: password: save CONTENT updated: 8/27 new: 9/1 1:05 PM MESSAGE BOARDS FEATURES SHOWS SITE Sponsored Links: ABOUT US Sponsored Links: Photo Coverage: Barefoot in the Park's Opening Night Enter Your E-Mail Address: Saturday, February 18, 2006; Posted: 12:18 AM - by Related Links Purchase Tickets The first-ever revival of 's Barefoot in the Park opened at the Cort Theatre on February 16th after beginning previews on January 24th

  • --actress and daughter of Fashion designer with wife --the original Corie in Barefoot in the Park "Desperate Housewives" actor Ricardo Chavira and Charlie McKittrickBarefoot in the Park costume designer and The Pillowman playwright New York Times columnist Frank Rich and and , and --the stars of Barefoot in the Park ! Past Articles by This Author: us


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    Be Wary of Multiple Sclerosis "Cures"
    Debunks some alleged 'cures' and 'treatments' for MS.

  • Their principal promoter, Robert Barefoot, has claimed in widely aired infomercials that he has witnessed people with multiple sclerosis "get out of wheelchairs just by getting on the coral." He doesn't say how he determined that patients with multiple sclerosis were actually helped by coral calcium

  • The Federal Trade Commission charged Barefoot with false advertising and obtained an injunction against furtheradvertising claims of this type

    Barefoot in the Park
    Review by David Sheward.

    Antarctic Explorers: Robert F. Scott
    Biography, photographs, bibliography and recommended reading.

    Robert Redford News
    News about Robert Redford continually updated from around the net.

  • Benefits

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    Will Ackerman- Studio projects
    Producer and musician Will Ackerman of Windham Hill comments on working with the
    composer-pianist on his debut CD.

  • Guitarists David Cullen, Taylor Barefoot and T Bone Wolk and Will Ackerman contributed tracks

  • Engineers on the project are Danny Bernini, Bryan Carrigan, Taylor Barefoot, Corin Nelsen and Bill Esses

  • The session was engineered by Taylor Barefoot

  • Corin Nelsen engineered the project and was assisted by Taylor “Nightshift” Barefoot in the mixing phase of the project

    Robert Redford
    Biography and filmography.

  • The actor reprised his stage role in 'Barefoot in the Park' (1967)

    Victorian Ghost Stories: Robert Louis Stevenson, "The Body-Snatcher"
    Novelette. In HTML.

  • But the back bedroom, with its two queerly-placed melancholy windows, staring vacantly at the foot of the bed, and with the shadowy recess to be found in most old houses in Dublin, like a large ghostly closet, which, from congeniality of temperament, had amalgamated with the bedchamber, and dissolved the partition

  • Well, while in this clairvoyant condition, which seemed but the lighting up of the theatre in which was to be exhibited the monotonous tableau of horror, which made my nights insupportable, my attention invariably became, I know not why, fixed upon the windows opposite the foot of my bed; and, uniformly with the same effect, a sense of dreadful anticipation always took slow but sure possession of me

  • When the step reached the foot of the stairs outside my room, it seemed to stop; and I expected every moment to see my door open spontaneously, and give admission to the original of my detested portrait

  • Next night brought no return of my barefooted fellow-lodger; but the night following, being in my bed, and in the dark - somewhere, I suppose, about the same hour as before, I distinctly heard the old fellow again descending from the garrets

    Queens Film Theatre, Belfast cultural cinema Northern Ireland
    Information on Belfast's alternative cinema, including an online and downloadable
    programme which generally includes several weeks' screenings.


    NYO - Heilpern: Theater
    Critic John Heilpern offers a comprehensive review of Neil Simon's play, "Barefoot
    in the Park".

  • | Politics: | Finance: | Media: | The City: | Property: | Love: | Opinions: | Our Crowd: | The Daily Observer: | Elliott Gets Lost in the Park — Simon’s Barefoot Stuck in ’63 By John Heilpern The revival of Neil Simon’s 1963 Barefoot in the Park with Amanda Peet and Patrick Wilson at the Cort on Broadway has not been greeted with ecstasy

  • But I’m afraid that Scott Elliott’s production of Barefoot in the Park has upped the ante on Broadway revivals

  • But it’s difficult to see how the original Barefoot in the Park has become such a classic in the intervening 43 years that it merits a major Broadway revival

  • Whenever we talk by phone, she always says to me, “Seen any good theater lately—dare I ask?” When I said I was about to see Barefoot in the Park , she sounded very surprised

  • “It’s so old-fashioned.” Now, if my English aunt at 90 years of age knows it’s old-fashioned, what do the seven big-shot producers of Barefoot in the Park know that she doesn’t know? What do they know, and when did they know it? What does Scott Elliott know? And what does the show’s stylish costume designer Isaac Mizrahi know? Mr

    Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (1969)
    Detailed review, synopsis and discussion of the film by Tim Dirks.

  • The good-natured film from director George Roy Hill, one of the most popular (and highest-grossing) westerns ever made, revived the careers of two 'golden-boy' Hollywood actors: superstar Paul Newman (in most of his previous films, he had been a rebellious loner -, and ) newcomer Robert Redford - who had previously appeared in stage plays and only a few films (i.e., Barefoot in the Park (1967) ) [Warren Beatty was originally slated for the Butch role, and Steve McQueen for the Sundance Kid role.] The two male leads would again co-star (only once more) as big-screen buddies in George Roy Hill's Best Picture winner The Sting (1973), with ten Oscar nominations and seven wins

    First Aid Preparedness Exam
    A 1st Aid preparedness examination for Scouts eager to increase their personal
    knowledge and skills.

    The Unofficial Warner Bros. Club Home Page
    Collection of fan fiction by various authors.

  • He might even wait on you hand and foot 'til your dying day! We'll see

    OA Guide to Hypothermia & Cold Weather Injuries
    Traveling in cold weather conditions can be life threatening. When going into
    cold conditions it is your responsibility to learn the latest information.

  • hypothermia in the elderly in cold houses) or peripheral circulation problems such as trench foot and frostbite

  • Use sobriety test, if unable to walk a 30 foot straight line, the person is hypothermic

  • Cold-induced Vasodilation - When a hand or foot is cooled to 59 degrees F, maximal vasoconstriction and minimal blood flow occur

  • Trench Foot - Immersion Foot Trench foot is a process similar to chillblains

  • The mechanism of injury is as follows: wet feet lose heat 25x faster than dry, therefore the body uses vasoconstriction to shut down peripheral circulation in the foot to prevent heat loss

  • In severe cases trench foot can involve the toes, heels, or the entire foot

  • If circulation is impaired for > 24 hours the victim may lose the entire foot

  • Trench Foot cuases permanent damage to the circulatory system making the person more prone to cold related injuries in that area

    HOLOPHILE, INC., The History and Development of Holography ...
    Illustrated history of the invention and development of holographic imaging.

  • Barefoot) This barrier was overcome in 1960 with the invention of the laser, whose pure, intense light was ideal for making holograms

  • Barefoot, 1977) Cross and his associates started the San Francisco School of Holography in 1971 , the first such place for artists and scientists to learn the new medium

  • Sequential frames of 2-D motion-picture footage of a rotating subject are recorded on holographic film

  • The hologram -- which was made from approximately 360 frames of motion picture footage -- was typically mounted in a semi-circular, wall-mounted display and illuminated by a single light bulb below

  • Barefoot, 2003) While limited exhibition and productive work by scattered individuals proceeded slowly in the Western countries (mainly the United States, Germany, and Sweden), the Soviet Union rapidly pushed ahead research and production

  • Barefoot, 1977) Lead by founder Rosemary H

  • Barefoot, 1977) One year later, the museum opened its Portrait Gallery of Famous New Yorkers (Hol-o-fame) with Martin E

  • Barefoot, 1977) In 1983 MasterCard International, Inc

  • Barefoot, 1999) In November 1985 another cover hologram illustrated the feature article, 'The Search for Early Man.' The December 1988 National Geographic magazine featured the most ambitious hologram ever published in a large-circulation magazine

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  • The following is just one example: The following facts are the results of extensive scientific research over many years and are excerpts from the pages of the book DEATH BY DIET by the renowned Bio-Chemist, Robert Barefoot, 4th revised printing, January 2002, published by Deonna Enterprises, Inc

    The Bitless Bridle by Dr. Robert Cook, FRCVS, Ph.D.
    Informative site on a new type of bitless bridle which is more humane and effective
    than a hackamore or bosal. Includes scientific articles on the ...

  • Strasser, of barefoot fame, Dr


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