Alien - La versione inedita -
Recensione della versione inedita del film di Ridley Scott. A cura di Fabrizio

  • E in quel caso, al di là degli imprescindibili risvolti commerciali insiti in simili operazioni, si era trattato comunque di un atto quasi dovuto da parte dell'autore nei riguardi di un'opera che, rivisitata mediante l'innesto di quel finale che egli avrebbe preferito in luogo di quello - più "vendibile" - imposto poi dai produttori nel montaggio definitivo, ha assunto una valenza filmica superiore a quella che l' ending originale le aveva consentito di guadagnare - Review
    Review by Mark H. Walker. "that the entire piece of work is nowhere near as good
    as the game that spawned it" rating 58/100.

    The Atari Times - Jaguar
    Offers cheat codes.

  • Shortcut to Alien Ending: Enter the "Banana Stops" cheat

  • As the screen fades dark & the cocoon is hatching, press Option+A/B (for level up/down) and the screen will fade to the Alien Ending

  • 2 Extra Ships: Debrief with a score ending with "99" 99, 958 Bonus Points: Debrief with a score ending with "42" Go to the Setup Menus then to Gameplay options

  • Super Bonus (during Defender 2000): Catch a falling human as the wave is ending

    The Blog | The Stop Button | Andrew Wickliffe
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    foreign films.

  • I couldn’t tell what was going on, the characters kept referring to events the comic didn’t recount, and the ending is a complete failure, switching the focus off the main character and to Iron Man

  • The collection stops instead of ending (since the issues are, more or less, one issue stories) and it left me wanting more


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    Atari Jaguar Game Cheats and Codes
    Cheat codes for many games including Aliens vs. Predator, Baldies, Blue Lightning,
    Breakout 2000, and Cybermorph.

  • View Alien Ending: Enable the 'Banana Stops' cheat

  • Huge Bonus: In Defender 2000, catch a falling humanoid as the wave is ending

  • Stage 1 Pause, 1+9+C+Pause Stage 2 Pause, 2+9+C+Pause Stage 3 Pause, 3+9+C+Pause Ending Pause, 4+9+C+Pause MYST (MST) ---- Atari Headquarters: Set the machine in the planetarium to May 22, 1970 6:30am (birthday of programmer who did the Jag Myst conversion) of the AbsoluteGamerzNetwork!
    Stories covering all types of games. Includes voting scripts for readers and
    writers, read counters, "comment-on-book" features, and private messages.

  • That was his last mistake, Highway wrapped his arm around the young guy’s neck and immediate twisted, sending the hoodlums body flying over Highways and smacking down on the hard ship deck

  • A snippet: Ariana pushed up one sleeve and began to twist her arm out of shape, bending bones and flesh as though they were just putty

  • Sunday, 22 May 2005 @ 04:49:15 New Slof Stuff! Approved by AbsoluteHunter: Quite a lot of stuff from me today, including Aliens: First up: - the concluding chapter of Sue's story is now up, thanks to Rod the Worm sending me it yesterday

  • This chapter comes with quite an unusual ending

    Tron 2.0 (2003) (VG)
    List of credits for the game, quotations, list of related films, and links.
    A reference library for collectors of toys, models, books, props, and other Alien
    related items.

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    Anime Mojo
    Daily anime and manga news.

  • 9, published by Viz Media LLC., reached #29 on the USA Today's list of the 150 best-selling books for the week ending February 26

    PlayStation 2 Cheats - PlayStation 2 Codes - PlayStation 2 Cheat ...
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    MovieJuice!: Abandon - Dawson's Creep
    Review by Mark Ramsey.

  • When will you give her a leading shot, Hollywood?! You can see the inevitable twist ending telegraphed long before the closing scenes of this movie

    A Guide to Current DVD
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    Alphabetical listing of science fiction, action, and horror films, in ZIP archive

  • JAMES CAMERON space space Rough Draft FROM THE BRILLIANT MIND OF KEVIN SMITH bigspace MEN IN BLACK bigspace MONTY PYTHON space QUENTIN TARANTINO space space THE SCREAM SAGA space space STAR TREK bigfuckinspace MISCELLANEOUS STAR WARS Rough Story Synopsis RETURN OF THE JEDI NOTE: Revenge of the Jedi is a very rare unrevised second draft featuring a dark alternate ending and several cut scenes

    Alien Trilogy Strategy Guide for Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn, and PC
    Walkthrough and strategy guide.

  • There are also some pretty cool death animations--make sure you die them all! (The way-cool death animations could only have been better if there had been more of them: dying by a chestburster or facehugger gives the same ending, as does dying by falling, acid burns, steam vents, exploding barrels, fire jets, or hot grates.) In the end, the other merits of Alien Trilogy help compensate for the graphics, making this a game that is still very definitely worth a look

  • Enemies may (or may not) take roughly 25% fewer shots to kill, depending on the level

  • However, unless you fail to complete your MISSION and must automatically replay the level, the MISSION ASSESSMENT scores do not affect the game or game ending in any way.] 1

  • An additional factor will be whether pulse rifle grenades or the smartgun were also used in addition to seismic charges for opening secret areas.) The perfect ending to a great game! Your task is finally completed, and the tightness in your chest eases

    Titulky v českém znění, recenze a obaly kazet.

    Silicon Hell - Main page - Red Dwarf, Farscape, Babylon 5 and DVD's
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  • Weather everywhere, well a bit here and there but back home they even had decent sized snowdrifts, when I went home but it had all gone Money Its currently $1.8 to the pound (Graph of £/$ rates ) so it would be silly not to take advantage of it, American DVD's come out so much earlier than ours :) Spending spree time again Anime Noir - Vol

  • 'Allo 'Allo - Series 1 And 2 - (Amazon, ) - Possibly the best reason to have UK Gold on SKY, But as I can't get UK Gold anymore I have to resort to the DVD's :) (BBCi Guide to Allo' Allo) 'Allo 'Allo - Series 3 And 4 - (Amazon, ) - More fun with Rene, the Resistance and the 'Fallen Madonna ' Thursday 30th October Spending spree time again Pay day again, although after looking at last months bank statement I really should stop buying stuff

  • Spending spree time again First on the list is HomeWorld 2 which if first two games are anything to go by should be quite wonderful

  • Bits and Bobs I'm still busy trying to write my Final Year project/Dissertation for my uni course and trying not to think about all the impending course work and exams hence the updating my site rather than doing what i should be (I have got 'Word' open in the background so I am trying, just finishing off chapter 5 and 6 then onto the appendices)

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    Movie Review List: Filmfodder
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    Resident Evil: Apocalypse
    Review and pictures.

  • The violence is nearly never-ending, and Apocalypse resembles a video game even more than typical


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