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Statistics of the Slip, than passion!!! questionnaire
Until this moment (06/10/2017) I've received 1102 answers.
It's necessary to retrieve that in many questions it was possible give plus
13) With which external garments judge it perfect?
Options N.Answers
Dressed entire 468
Button up dress 4
Pleated skirt 285
Skirt with split 526
Short Skirt 6
Knee Skirt 5
Long Skirt 4
Other (wrap skirt,Blouse and scarfs,tailleur) 44
14) Preferred ones that comes more worn:
Options N.Answers
In house 278
Outside house 225
To bed 267
In special occasions 122
Always 629
15) Your wife (fiancče, former companion or) know your passion?
Options N.Answers
Yes 861
No 171
15a) If she knows it:
Options N.Answers
She shares 447
She tolerate 219
She disapprove 51
She prefers to ignore 39
She pleases you irregularly 170
15b) If she shares it, like do?
Options N.Answers
She is limited to favour my demands 311
She has own tastes and initiatives 351
Other 8
16) Before manifesting your passion your companion has never
       worn the slip?
Options N.Answers
Yes 661
No 361
17) In that moments the use of the slip enriches your life of brace?
Options N.Answers
In the Intimacy 696
In the exhibitionism 393
Other (both=8) 30
18) The slip in the wardrobe
Options N.Answers
Select and buy her 441
Select and buy him 251
It is made together 350
Other 4
This group of questions is turned to the women
19) For you slip is:
Options N.Answers
An erotic garment 326
Pleasant to wear 246
Pleasant Pleasant to see 145
Pleasant to touch 115
Comfortable and feminine 275
Means in order to attract the looks 141
One simple habit 29
Uncomfortable and for old lady 10
Other 17
20) You have worn it for before the time when you had:
Options N.Answers
Less than 19 years 481
Between the 19 and the 30 122
Over the 30 years 47
21) Wear it has been:
Options N.Answers
One my choice 374
One demand of my companion
(husband, fiancče, boyfriend)
An imposition of my mother or my man 44
Other 16
Questions for women who stablily live with a companion     
(husband, fiancče, lover etc)
22) Your companion is interested or approves of the use that you
       make the slip?
Options N.Answers
Yes 495
No 11
Indifferent 26
23) If he approves he pushes more for you wear it?
Options N.Answers
Yes 459
No 54
24) Who of the two takes to the initiative care to its uses?
Options N.Answers
Her 268
Him 294