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This page is born thanks to a Fabio's idea who kindly offers also the first photographic contribution.In this page we want to collect and to introduce what the world of the advertising has created taking advantage of the powerful erotic callback that a woman in slip knows to obtain.Advertising of every kind therefore and not only that inherent one to lingerie's brand. Naturally also this section of the website can enlarge and progress with your contribution therefore that it had news, images, councils can contact us to this email address:


Slip and advertising

Adv of Tiscali 1

Adv of Tiscali 2

Adv of Rex

Adv of Chanel

Adv of Sony

Adv of Dolce & Gabbana
segnalazione novitÓ
Adv of Rocco Barocco
segnalazione novitÓ
Adv of Scervino Street
segnalazione novitÓ
Adv. Verkade

Spot Verkade


Intimissimi - Heart Tango with Monica Bellucci

Spot Intimissimi

download clip
Nestea -  with Luisa Ranieri

Spot Nestea


Vitasnella - Catrinel Menghia

Spot Vitasnella