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UK, goes in great style the rock in slip of the Fluffy

(f.bac.) In England it is spoken more and more about the Fluffy, a band formed from four beautiful girls that they adore to play in slip. The band,  waiting for the album of debut (that it will be recorded between April and May), has published today a new single entitled " Husband ".
The single, in red limited version color, contains also two new songs, " Deny Everything " and " Cheap ".
In the meantime it has been known that Pat Smear of the Foo Fighters will be one of the main guestes of the album of debut of the feminine quartet. " He has asked us. However also Dave Grohl (former Nirvana and leader of the Foo Fighters - ndr) is ours fan ", has declared Amanda Rootes, singer of the Fluffy and she has added that the musical heroes of the band are " Sex Pistols, Stooges, Hole and Nirvana ".
The album of the Fluffy would have to be published before of the summer. In GB it will exit for the Parkway label, while in the rest of the world for label  Enclave, the new label founded from Tom Zutaut, the one who that taken under contract the Guns N' Roses.
Currently they have broken, and Amanda, the blond woman with the shorter hair, has put on an other band. Goodness knows if sound still in slip : -)?