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Eva Herzigova: " I buy all, it is the best arm of seduction "


ROME - Under the dress nothing? No, under the dress one of all and more. Eva Herzigova, the Queen of Sanremo 98', famous for the kilometric legs and the rich one decollete beyond that for a flirt with Leonardo Di Caprio, he declares herself most affectionate to the lingerie, that she considers " a fundamental arm of seduction ". And he does not embezzle herself at all to a meticulous details of its preferences in matter so detailed to put nearly in embarrassment.
Which piece preprefer?
" Mainly two: one a white guÍpiŤre, gift from my first great love and the slip, best if made of silk or transparent".
She has been the first and most famous one testimonial than a bra push up. She still uses?
" I confess to put it from part. Today I prefer lingerie sexy and malicious, above all for the evening ".
Preferences also in the colors?
" Black and gray over all ".
This is for seduction. But in one normal day, an afternoon of job?
" Of day, when it works, I wear for comfort bra and panty in microfiber or cotton, of color glicine, blue or champagne ".
And in house?
" I turn often for house with guÍpiŤre and one shirt of my man. But also  here I preprefer all that is transparent, because it is seduction and feminine ".
Other preferences?
" They are also most affectionate to the slips of silk or lurex. For the special evenings but I buy only lingerie coordinated to the dress that I wear, therefore habitually body of satin or Tactel, possibly of clear color, to the black maximum ".
Always things other that simple.
" It may be. I change idea in vacation. Abandonment the lingerie sexy  and I choose undies in cotton. Without renouncing for the evening to one fresh slip in silk white or peak ".

Geri Halliwell

Very various the tastes of Geri Halliwell, the " ginger " Spice that it has remarkablly changed just look after to have left the group.
As Spice was not sure a pudore model.
" True, then I preferred string and bra push-up to fantasy, only in synthetic or velvet material or also in skin. During the concerts I always wore a maculate string or coulotte of microfiber, then outside always  skin panty of the same color of the miniskirt ".
And now?
" Musically and as person I feel myself of all an other kind ".
" In order to favour the tastes of the men who interest to me I wear only lingerie refined of peak and rigorously black autoreggenti stockings ".
One beautiful carried out.
" I have changed tastes, I have learned what is the elegance ".