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Valentino has resolved the problem of the transparencies, of the light woven ones and of the slips with a delicate and beautiful collection in which a sure sexiness is caught a glimpse in the attitude of the girls, in the soft movement, the trick polishes, in the sudato and ansimante body vaguely. Scene to part, the models introduced today to Paris, are delicate and fascinating, thin, eterei. From day, tailleur white men or blue with the pants white men with blusette for half in peak and halves in mesh, dressed light to double skirt between chiffon and trina. The delicate colors, the streamlined line much feminine one gives one grace and refinement impression.

The sottoveste is caught a glimpse under the cracked skirts, it is short and it polishes of silks and trine. To times slip ago the part of the dressed one, is looked at, long, under the garment of chiffon, intuisce between is cracked to it. Continuous and seducente E' under-over. Camicine of green trina, on the skirt of chiffon to flowers, tailleur pants in peak rose, dressed of chiffon red from the asymmetric cut and one small tail. For the evening dressed long of chiffon to clear, sottovesti flowers of trina and sottovesti of chiffon they come near and they are overlapped, finally the dressed rose of cadý with three cliffs of frange. But also elegant and precious embroidered dresses, from sirena that they remember the old times, small reasons, great brightness.


All the pastel, some red Valentino and much white man. The blue differs between the colors because it is used for the constructed models more. Rare the black one. The preference goes to the delicate colors of the roses and the mallow, the white man of the mughetti, the rose.


From Valentino they dominate the chiffon printed and the silks to read, the crespo of silk of all the weights, the silk polishes, the mesh for the complete white men from morning. The embroiderys, delicate and vintage for the evening, evoke the old reasons, of years ' 30.

Paola Berti