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News from the Fashion ( 2000-2001)

W the nightgown!
Pics of gownsThe nightgown returns fashionable. Between the sheet it is again the preferred of the Italian women. After the years of the contest in which it was used to sleep naked or in a pyjama, now returns sexiest and the seducent gown. Only the young still preprefer the pyjama, than the men, in maximum part they dislike. But all the others incline decidedly for the nightgown. And the Fashion notices and supplies. Therefore the gown becomes more and more sexy. And as well as elegant from being able to be also a sophisticated garment to wear like evening dress.

The high heels come back!
Manuela Arcuri It's a triumph of the woman of luxury. And the high heels, until little time it makes supplanted from the low, minimalist heel, protagonists return finally.

Belts for all the tastes.
The belts are not never fashionable passages. But in paraded of the last collections Spring Summer 2001, the belt is transformed: from accessory to must.

The slip again protagonist.
In passerellaUnder the dress nothing it is disappearance. Under the dressed one of all: sexy and searched underwear, but above all the great return of the slip. It is the revenge of the lingerie, for which it is not attended to expenses, the secret apparel that guarantees fascination and mystery, the lethal weapon of a supreme arsenal of the seduction. Not the slip dresses, fashionable from a couple of years, but the garment of true underwear, often much more refined and exclusive one of the dress one that it covers it and (not) it do not hide

Fashion: the revival of the slip
Revaluation from the women and from the Fashion. Simple or precious, it does not have importance. It's the weapon of seduction for every wemen.
Do you remembered Kim Basinger in Nine weeks and means? And strip of Sofia Loren of "Divorzio all'italiana"? Two scenes of the unforgettable movies accumunate from an only particular. The slip, that it remains to cover and to discover the body. Well, the slip come back. With its incredible load of sensuality, the seduction of I see-not I see.. It has made to parade in Paris by Valentino: short, silky, shimmered and lacy polishes of silk and trine.
Paco Raban has imagined it in metallic mesh with inlays of tulle. Of Satin together with knee socks that rise from the boots by Camperos, according to Jean Paul Gautier. And then still, transformed from Alexander McQuenn, in rigid underwear of red tulle, for the Givenchy brand.
Sure, the prices are not always to the capacity of all. A model in silk with straps of platinum, proposed from Silvia Mantegna costs one million Liras(4500 USD). Just for who it is in vein of expenses for the year-end.
But that of the slip is a true revolution of market, even if silent. The Liabel brand has introduced it in the production three years ago and in the last year the slip has seen to double the sales. And the same is happening to the Parah, that it has begun to produce the slips the past year with eight various models to season.
But if there is who discover again, there is also who has not never stopped of their production of slips. Like the historical Imec brand that proposes 34 models, subdivided in three various lines. Nicoletta Colnaghi asserts, managing Imec: "More demanded it's the slip that not is: light, much feminine, impalpable one. To prove useful for not join the skirt to the hose, indispensable under the transparent dressed ones. We are recovering to this garment of underwear the young generations, than they did not know."
And it is just to the teenager that the Argentovivo brand addresses. For this the slip is shortened: La Perla proposes luxurious slisps in three various lengths. And if for Christmas time you have not still decided what wear, here the suggests of Victoria's Secret: the shortest model, studied in order to disappear under the miniskirt, color metalized gold, like chocolate paper. And you, what do you think of the revaluation of the slip? Fashionable requirements or new discover of the suduction? If you have opinions to care you answer today to our poll, or write us an email.