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Fabulous archive of web site reviews on subjects such as butterflies, Houdini,
online encylopedias,...

  • Or, if you are interested in a behind-the-scenes look at my online publishing efforts, .

  • - comprehensive online game collection with no signup process or complicated steps to get started...just a simple way to play games online for free! Baseball is Back! Kids Sports Inc for and .

  • - baby supermall, the preferred online retailer of crib bedding and nursery accessories.

    Kidzworld - Kid & Teen Site | Teen Chat | Free Online Games | Free ...
    Includes online games, message boards, sports, fashion, music, reviews, news,
    and homework help. Requires...


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    Gamequarium: A portal to hundreds of free, online learning games ...
    Game links for K-6 students arranged in more than 30 categories.

    AllKids - Online Parenting Magazine, Kids Shopping Site ...
    Information, products, games, activities, and articles for parents and children,
    by age group from 1 to 4.

    Kids Domain PC Freeware by Age
    Free software and screensavers organised by age group.

  • (Win95/98) by Little Bits Multimedia (Win3) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Flix Productions (Dos) by PBS Online (Win3, Win95/98) Age 2 to 5 by Penguin Putnam Inc.

  • (Win95/98) by many publishers by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by PBS Online (Win3, Win95/98) by Nestle (Win3) by The Willie Wonka Candy Factory (Win3, Win95/98) Age 4 to 8 by Consumer Product Safety Commision by Lego (Win3) by Penguin Putnam Inc.

  • (Win95/98) by Alawar Entertainment (Win95/98) by PBS Online (Win3, Win95/98) by Harper Collins Children (Win3, Win95/98) by The Jim Henson Company (Win3, Win95/98) by NJDOT's Bike Safety Page by BBC Online (Win95/98) by National Severe Storms Laboratory (Win3, Win95/98) by Billy Bear's Playground (Dos) by Billy Bear's Playground (Dos) by Billy Bear's Playground (Dos) by Billy Bear c/o Loraine Wauer (Dos) by Billy Bear's Playground (Dos) by BillyBear4Kids.com (Win95/98) by Billy Bear c/o Loraine Wauer (Win3, Win95/98) by Loraine Wauer Ferus (Win3) by National Severe Storms Laboratory (Win3, Win95/98) by Billy Bear's Playground (Dos) by Ashanti Technologies Inc.

  • (Win95/98) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Random House Children's Books (Win3, Win95/98) by Net Exectutive (Win95/98) by Random House (Win3, Win95/98) by Mark Overmars (Win95/98) by Mark Overmars (Win95/98) by BBC Online (Win95/98) by Bruno Berenguer (Win95/98) by Sega (Win95/98) by Random House Children's Books (Win3, Win95/98) by Kittyhawk Software (Win95/98) by The Nerd Gerl (Dos, Win3, Win95/98) by The Learning Web (Win3, Win95/98) by Canadian Half Pints (Win3, Win95/98) by Paramount Pictures (Win3) by The Space Place by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Loz (Win3, Win95/98) by U.S.

    A comprehensive list of resources to give you something to do when bored.

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    Random House Children's Books
    Literature for pre-school aged children through young adult readers in all formats
    from board books...

    Candlelight Stories - Children's Stories, Audiobooks, eBooks ...
    Offers downloadable illustrated stories, online writing, and pen pals. You can
    also review your favorite...

    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
    Features news, information, entertainment, radio networks, and specialty cable tv.

    Top20Kids.com - A Guide to Kids Games.
    Links to fun stuff, games, books, stories, homework help and crafts.


    News, reviews, interviews, events, and regular daily columns.

    MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries
    Solve fun and challenging mysteries, learn a magic trick, and enter a mystery
    writing contest.

    Children's Software Revue
    Magazine and website featuring reviews of educational software.

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    Disney's Toontown Online Review - PC
    Review, with screen shots. "They managed to make a solid and enjoyable game that
    has all of the elements...

    Online Safety For Kids and Teens: WiredKidz Community
    Learn about online safety from Sophia and her feathered friends.

    Hobbs Public Library Kids Page
    Lots of great links to kid's resources on the Web.

    Disney World Trivia - Secrets, history, and fun facts behind the ...
    Disney trivia, games, rumors, news, forums, puzzles, and photo galleries, associated
    with a book on...

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