Surfing the Net with Kids
Fabulous archive of web site reviews on subjects such as butterflies, Houdini,
online encylopedias,...

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    Surfing the Net with Kids: Father's Day
    Highlights some of the best sites for parents and kids to visit together.

    Stelle & Strisce
    Laboratorio fotografico per sviluppo e stampa. Servizi fotografici e lavorazioni
    digitali. Descrizione...

    Enchanted Learning
    Site for K-3rd grade students includes both online and printable activities for
    all subject areas.


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    Review: Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure for GameCube on Gamepro.com.
    Review, by DJ Dinobot: "Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure is a novel experience
    that quickly loses...

    2006 Calendar of Events helping disadvantaged children - Area 7 at ...
    Listing and descriptions of marathons which benefit the National Blind Childrens

    TheBoxSet.com :: DVD release news, information, DVD calendar ...
    News, reviews, editorials, newsletter, and top ten lists.

    LA Weekly
    Los Angeles, its inhabitants, and local and international happenings. Be sure to
    visit our online...


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    Sci-Fi Wire
    The News Service of the Sci-Fi Channel.

    Downtown Disney
    Official site including dining, shopping, and entertainment information.

    Disney's Magic Kingdom Park
    Official site including attraction and dining information, map, and frequently
    asked questions.

    GASC - commercial, package printing and converting industry trade ...
    Trade show for graphic design, digital prepress, printing, publishing, and
    converting technology....


    Disney Stops Miramax From Releasing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"
    Alleges that political pressure was applied to block distribution of the film.
    Also includes a letter...

    Illustrator Collectors News
    Price guides, classified ads and other material for buyers and sellers of
    collectable illustrations.

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  • In the area of magazine covers alone it is not unusual for a cover from the teens or the 1920s done by a popular Illustrator to fetch $100.00 or more each! Why such high values? Because of the fine lithographic printing quality of those times; which make many of these works miniature, jewel-like posters of stunning color and form and rarity, as each passing year this old paper becomes scarcer and scarcer.

  • Also, most of these editions were limited printings of only 500 copies.

  • This 4th edition is BRAND NEW , JUST FINISHED! Chapters with publisher information, dates, values and descriptions: Introduction to Collecting Marilyn Monroe - General Circulation Magazines - Magazines about Marilyn - Men's Magazine - Movie & Entertainment Magazines - Magazines Digests - Scandal & Gossip Magazines - Ladies' Magazines - Life Magazines - Magazines Printed Oversea's - Hardbound Books Videos - Paperbacks & Softbound Books - Documentaries & Outtakes - Interviews - Lobby Cards Newspapers Calendars - Records 45 RPM & LPs - Sheet Music - Miscellaneous.....

    Calendars.com - More than 5000 2007 and 4500 2006 Calendar Titles ...
    Over 3000 calendars and related gift items.

    Denver Business Journal
    Local business headlines and articles, with industry page, marketplace, business
    resources, networking,...

    Carl Barks: The "Good" Duck Artist
    Lengthy article focusing on artist's oil paintings; also, links to other resources.
    Part of Jim Lowe's...

    The Mouse That Ate The Public Domain
    "Disney, The Copyright Term Extension Act, and Eldred v. Ashcroft." By Chris
    Sprigman. [FindLaw's Writ]

    Kool Print
    Stationery, business and post cards, CDs, forms, promotional items and presentation

    Independent Media Center, Los Angeles
    A collective of organizations and journalists offering a grassroots, non-corporate
    perspective. About...

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