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  • Scott (The New York Times) It's not as good as Shrek, the Toy Story movies, or Finding Nemo, but it's better than Ice Age and Shrek 2.

  • 8/10 --Avril Carruthers (Movie-Vault.com) This watered down Nemo still has enough flava to quench your thirst if just given a chance.

  • Snider (EricDSnider.com) Though "Shark Tale" shares a central father-son relationship with last year's "Finding Nemo, " it has none of the emotional tug of that movie, neither does it really go for one.

  • 7/10 --'JoBlo' (JoBlo.com) Enjoyable enough, but Shark Tale is no Nemo, despite several good gags and the best efforts of an impressive vocal cast.

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