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  • Contactmusic.com | Monday Jun 26 Rapper ICE CUBE has a good sense of humour when fans mistakenly call him by another famous rapper's name - ICE-T.

  • Ice Cube, real name O'SHEA JACKSON, claims people regularly get him confused with ...

    Real Stories of the Minor Leagues
    A compendium of stories from around minor league hockey.


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    Ice Age (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Open content encyclopedia article covering characters and plot.

    Open content encyclopedia article detailing biography and filmography.

    Microsoft vs. Disney
    Parody news story of a trademark violation.

    Metacritic.com: Ice Age
    Provides quotes from and links to a variety of film reviews, plus cast information
    and an overall score.

  • MPAA RATING: PG for mild peril Starring Ray Romano , John Leguizamo , Denis Leary , Goran Visnjic , Jack Black , Tara Strong , Cedric the Entertainer , and Jane Krakowski A quartet of misfits (including a fast talking but dim sloth named Sid; a moody woolly mammoth named Manny; a devilish saber-toothed tiger named Diego; and an acorn-crazy saber-toothed squirrel known as Scrat) unexpectedly, and reluctantly, comes together in a quest to return a human infant to his father.

  • Benefits

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    Orlando Centroplex
    Complex of sports and entertainment venues including the Waterhouse Centre, Bob
    Carr Performing Arts...

    Ice Princess
    Review by Jackie K. Cooper.

  • If for some reason you don't want to use MK:DEFSYSTEM or asdf, you can just LOAD the file load.lisp or you can also get away with something like this: (loop for name in '("packages" "specials" "util" "unicode" "read") do (compile-file (make-pathname :name name :type "lisp")) (load name)) Note that on CL implementations which use the Python compiler (i.e.

  • Some examples with : [28]> (char #?"x20" 0) #Space [29]> (char-code (char #?"x" 0)) 0 [30]> (char-code (char #?"x{}" 0)) 0 [31]> (char-name (char #?"x{2323}" 0)) "SMILE" [32]> #?"Onlyx202 digits!" "Only 2 digits!" a backslash is followed by a c (lowercase) then the ASCII control code of the following character is inserted into the string.

  • * (char-name (char #?"cH" 0)) "Backspace" * (char= (char #?"cj" 0) #Newline) T a backslash is followed by an N (uppercase) the following character must be a { (left curly bracket).

  • The characters following the bracket are read until a } (right curly bracket) is seen and comprise the Unicode name of the character to be inserted into the string.

  • This name is interpreted as follows: If is true , then the name is interpreted as the full of the character.

  • If is true , then the name must contain a colon.

  • The part before the colon is assumed to be the name of a Unicode scrippt and the part after the colon should be the full name except for the script name and the word "letter".

    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

    CBS News: Pluto: Planet Or Junk Snowball?
    Outlines the history of the debate.

  • CBS News Text Videos The Web | WHAT'S IN A NAME? Pluto is also the name of the Roman god of the underworld.

  • Rejected names included: Minerva, the goddess of knowledge, because it was already in use, and Constance, proposed by Constance Lowell — the widow of Percival Lowell, who first hypothesized Planet X.

  • Mickey Mouse's dog, though yet unnamed, made his debut in "The Chain Gang" in 1930 — the same year the planet made its debut to earthlings.

  • Pluto, the Disney character, was named the following year, which leads Disney archivists to assume the dog took the name of the planet dominating the news at the time, said Disney archives director Dave Smith.

  • Tyson speculates that the name — the same as the Disney character which also debuted in 1930 — and its position as the littlest planet make it a favorite with schoolchildren.


    Nestlé Disney Products
    Features collecting information on products including Smarties Toppers, Nestlé
    Magic Balls, and Chocolates.

    SoYou Wanna Learn the Basics of Figure Skating?
    Article explain sall of the different jumps and spins and how they are scored as
    well as describing...

    Hickory Hill Figure Skating Club Synchronized Teams
    Synchronized teams based in Hickory Hill, New York.

    San Francisco Cow Palace
    History of the Cow Palace from 1915.

  • A local newspaper asked, "Why, when people are starving, should money be spent on a "palace for cows?" A headline writer turned the phrase around, hence the origin of the world famous name.

    Metro Radio Arena
    Concerts, exhibitions and conferences plus Super League Ice Hockey and Premier
    League Basketball....

    Gallery of ''Misused'' Quotation Marks
    They're quotation marks, and they turn up in the strangest of places.

  • True email, all I changed was the name of the department to protect the "innocent." I'm sure some of the more fastidious Gallery visitors were getting ready to e-mail me to point out that quoting "The Winner" and "Honoring Workplaces That Work for Women" is acceptable.

  • Melissa Stone " WILL " reveal all! Let's see, so her name's not really Melissa Stone and she can't predict the future.

  • Do you think it's because of me? This is the first " entire " day he's missed, since I started working here FOUR MONTHS AGO! :( Previously "what's-his-name" had only missed "half" a day.

  • " What do they think my real name is? And who are the cards really from? Somehow I doubt that this serial misuse of quotation marks by well-meaning older relatives will be eliminated in my lifetime.

  • [Insert your own favorite lawyer joke here.] exhibit 9901.05 We have received this generous " Donation " from a recent visitor Hockey great Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion signs his name thusly: Boom " Boom " Geoffrion It's true, I guess he's getting on in years and losing some of his "boom." exhibit 9901.04 We have received this generous " Donation " from a recent visitor From the Editor's letter in the January 1999 issue of NTexplorer magazine: We had a massive response to last months [sic] prize offering of Windows NT Terminal Server - the " lucky " readers who will each receive a copy are...

    Disney's Toontown Online Review - PC
    Review, with screen shots. "They managed to make a solid and enjoyable game that
    has all of the elements...

    Ice Skating - Paramount Iceland - recreational skating, figure ...
    Paramount, California. 3/19 Wurlitzer playing regularly in ice rink that is home
    of the Zamboni. History...

  • Since 1940, Iceland has been a practice facility for many well-known skaters including Sonja Henie, Richard Dwyer, Peggy Fleming and Robbie Robertson, just to name a few.

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