IGN: Disney's Tarzan Untamed Review
Reviewed by: Fran Mirabella III, score 6.3/10. "Surf tree branches, swing from
vines and chuck spears...

  • | Search IGN Weekly packs NHL 2K7, Comic-Con and the CGI, and there's of course plenty SECTIONS CHANNELS · GET GAMES PARTNERS · · · » » » (GCN) Guide FAQs Tarzan Untamed Surf tree branches, swing from vines and chuck spears at jungle outsiders -- Tarzan has arrived.

  • by November 20, 2001 - Gamers have always wanted to go half-naked into the jungles and mingle happily with apes and monkeys.

  • Features Inspired by the surfing elements found in the recent animated classic Featuring the return of characters Tarzan, Jane, Terk and many others Experience the rush of jungle-based extreme sports ranging from bungee jumping to tree surfing Lush 3D environments that mock the movie visuals Collect rare items as you explore the vast 3D worlds Perform frontside rodeos, backflips, spins and more extreme tricks Features quicker load times over PS2 version Runs at improved fluidity -- 60 frames per second Features enhanced textures Gameplay The story of Tarzan Untamed picks up shortly after the film left off.

  • The primate hero has somehow convinced his girlfriend Jane and her father Professor Porter to stay with him in the jungle so that he can remain the protector to the gorillas that raised him.

  • It's up to players to free the character's monkey buddies and restore order to the jungle.

  • Tarzan makes his way through immense, detailed jungle and cave-like areas, does battle with the occasional enemy, swings across vines, surfs tree branches, slides through the insides of trees, bounces off of spring-plants, chucks spears and more.

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  • In the Lost Expedition, Harry finds himself on a plane bound -- through ferocious thunderstorm -- for the Peruvian jungle.

  • Unfortunately for the team, the plane is pounded by the storm until it can fly no more, and so it doesn't, leaving all of its passengers to parachute down into the jungle below -- except that there aren't enough parachutes.

  • It's up to him -- or you -- to travel through the lush jungles, the icy terrain, the lava-filled caves, beneath water passages and directly into the enemy's lair, all the while fighting off henchman and spinjas.

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  • Helen infiltrates the base while the kids fight the guards in the jungle.

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  • Huh? "It's a Jungle out There" -- Concord Condor escapes from the zoo while Arnold watches 'Dialing for Poodles'.

  • 34 : THE WIDE WORLD OF ELMYRA [#149 -- Tokyo Movie Shinsa] SHORTS -- 11/8/90 Babs and Buster trek through the jungle to show us that most dangerous of creatures...

  • "Jungle Bungle" -- Babs and Buster battle the greenhouse effect, as promoted by the ruthless Ronald Grump.

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  • Deep Jungle Blue: In Jane's Camp; On a high platform in Climbing Trees.

  • Jungle King: Clear Deep Jungle.

  • Here's the complete listing of tournaments and competitors (and since we're using the proper names for the monsters here, refer to the Monsters section to figure out what's what -- for example, a "Powerwild" is one of the Monkey Heartless from Deep Jungle).

  • Deep Jungle 25, 26, 27: On the far end of the Hippo Lagoon, easy to reach.

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  • Some excerpts:Bob Jeswald Bob Jeswald always had the zest and tenacity to perform on stage and on-camera, and in person.Stage Disney on Ice: Three Jungle Adventures, a high-energy, gravity-defying ice spectacular including scenes from “The Jungle Book, ” “Tarzan” and “The Lion King.” Wachovia Arena, Highland Park Boulevard, Wilkes-Barre Township.Stage A Moon for the Misbegotten, Eugene O’Neill’s sequel to “A Long Day’s Journey into Night, ” about a battle of wits between a tough farm girl and her cynical landlord.

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