Hidden Mickeys in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Hidden Mickeys in the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) In the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, when she is scrubbing the stairs before the prince comes, she throws water over the area she scrubbed.

  • CONFIRMED: Shawn 05 APR 06 In the beginning when Snow White meets the Prince and they are singing to each other, the pigeon flies down and lands on the prince's finger.

  • REPORTED: 26 MAR 97 CONFIRMED: 08 APR 99 In the movie Snow White, when she is picking flowers, you can see a hidden Mickey in the stream at your bottom right.

  • Look at the chair with a totem-like face carved on it (at the moment when a little deer dusts it with its tail): this face's lips, cheeks, nose and eyes, altogether form two Hidden Mickeys at the same time! REPORTED: 16 DEC 01 When the Seven Dwarfs smell the soup Snow White is tasting, they all run to the dinner table and go nuts.

  • There's a tri-circle Mickey carved in the back of the chair with a frown on it's face ! REPORTED: 30 JUL 99 When Snow White walks up to the wishing well, you can see a tri-circle Mickey vase to the upper left hand side of the screen.

  • REPORTED: 30 JUL 99 When Snow White walks up to the front of the cottage of the Seven Dwarfs and says "I like it here!", you can see a tri-circle Mickey carved into the window shutter of the window to the left hand side of the screen.

  • Hart12 JUN 00 On the back of the digitally re-mastered "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " bottom left picture in the circle has Snow White and The Prince about to kiss.

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  • search: title, actor, etc || || || || || || SNOW WHITE REVIEWED BY CHARITY BISHOP Our rating : 4 out of 5 Because of : language, violence, mild sensuality Rated: Hallmark may not have a monopoly on dark fairy tales but they certainly film them in style.

  • They call the child "Snow White." But something has gone wrong and Josephine falls under the everlasting spell of death.

  • But change is swift in coming and from foreign shores comes Prince Alfred (Tyron Leitso), hoping to seek Snow White's hand in marriage.

  • Then there is the snow globe into which is placed a living creature, and Snow White's coffin of ice.

  • There is some implied violence, non-sensual kissing (Snow White's reflection bounds from the mirror and mockingly kisses her stepmother in one scene) and mild dialogue.

  • Viewers may not find the idea of Elspeth consuming what she believes to be Snow White's heart overly appealing.

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  • aka Snow White: The Fairest of Them All (USA) - (????) TV Episode (voice) ....

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  • TT: I agree! I was wondering which attractions at Disney you had done? MKB: At Disney World I'm the voice of Snow White in the Snow White attraction.

  • I do a couple of teenage voices in one of those attractions and that's kind of fun and for any of the parades, like the traditional Christmas parade when you hear Snow White singing, that's me.

  • There was a huge Snow White ice show that we did a few years ago, and I've done some of parts for the movies, there's one based on Hercules, I did Hera for that and the Earthquake lady.

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  • EMuck--Richard White (Broadway Actor and Voice of "Gaston") Invited Talk Transcript This is a transcript of a special invited talk with Mr.

  • Richard White, Gaston in Disney's award-winning animated motion picture Beauty and the Beast .

  • White (RichardWhite), comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments.

  • * * * Keeping Disney Lawyers Happy Mode: ON * * * While Richard White has affiliations with The Walt Disney Company he is not visiting this chat as an Official Representative of TWDC.

  • White and does not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC or any other corporate entity.

  • Current Topic: Disney voice artist Richard White Current Moderator: Mickey Current Guest Speaker: RichardWhite(Gaston in Beauty & the Beast) Chat on Saturday, Nov.

  • Richard "Gaston" White.

  • RichardWhite comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.

  • Double_D exclaims, "Hello there!" Mickey says, "Make room for Richard White, folks!" Ferrat exclaims, "Haha! I gotcher seat Roofy! ;)" Mickey says, "We're heading up on stage." Mickey grins Double_D waves his "Gaston 3:16" sign.

  • RichardWhite bows, grins and summersaults Dr.Hutchinson smiles RichardWhite says, "Dr.

  • Hutchinson, you must introduce me to Ferrat." Mickey giggles Phil asks, "Wow, hey, can I train you to be a hero?" Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "He already is a hero to some, Phil!" RichardWhite says, "What's this? Belle's here? Mickey!! You didn't tell me Belle would be here!!" Mickey says, "Richard, enter PODIUM now" MuSE wows..

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