Wholesale catalog for karaoke retailers, includes a downloadable database of song
titles for merchant use.

Graco Children's Products Inc.
Manufacturer of Graco and Century brand items such as swings, highchairs, playards,
strollers, and...

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    Microsoft vs. Disney
    Parody news story of a trademark violation.

    RideMax - Spend Less Time in Line at Disney's Theme Parks
    Software to create an itinerary that saves time waiting in line at Disneyland
    and California Adventure.


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    Babies Travel Lite
    Delivers baby supplies, diapers, and food to any hotel, resort or travel destination
    in the United...

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  • In addition to the products used by your baby on a daily basis, we carefully select specialty products you might need while on vacation.

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  • For the answer to any question you may have regarding our services or products, or to share any comments, you can contact a customer service representative by calling us toll free at (888) 450-LITE Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m.

  • Babies Travel Lite delivers over 800 name brand baby products including diapers, formula, food and more to travel destinations in the United States and worldwide.

  • Babies Travel Lite carries a full line of organic products including baby food and formula; diapering, bathing and sun care items; and Earth friendly diapers.

  • Baby Bundles SM Make Baby Travel Easy! In addition to our full product line, we've put together special Baby Bundles to make your time away from home less hectic.

    Disney Store Online
    Shop online for Disney-themed merchandise.

    Treasure Kingdom
    A wide range of Disney collectibles and merchandise available to purchase.

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    Why Apple is So Tempting
    Article from Wired describing the allure of the Macintosh.

  • Benefits

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    Hollywood Loves Hollings' Bill
    "Entertainment industry lobbyists say programmers and open-source activists should
    not be alarmed...

    Toy Hazard Recalls
    Toy recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission back to 1975.

    VideoGameReview.com - Disney Interactive Who Wants to be a ...
    Selection of user reviews about the game, including ratings.

  • Sort Reviews by:¬† Latest Review ¬†|¬† Reviews 1 - 5 (7 Reviews Total) | Review Date November 25, 2000 Overall Rating ¬†2 of 5 Gameplay ¬†1 of 5 Graphics ¬†2 of 5 Sound ¬†2 of 5 Visitors rate this review 5.00 of 5, 1 votes Rate this review? Reviewed by: ¬†Bret(Unregistered User) , ¬†from¬†Kansas City, MO Price Paid: ¬†$19.00 at game store Product Model Year: ¬†2000 CPU: ¬†Pentium 3 800 MHz RAM: ¬†128 VideoCard: ¬†none General/Summary: you open the game up and it won't even let you skip the intro making you sit through it every single time! then if you don't type your name in fast enough regis will kick you out! Then you see the hot seat where you get the first question and regiswon't read you the question but he'll make fun of you if you get it wrong.

  • Sound: regis is a smart aleck!!!! Review Date October 15, 2000 Overall Rating ¬†2 of 5 Gameplay ¬†4 of 5 Graphics ¬†5 of 5 Sound ¬†5 of 5 Rate this review? Reviewed by: ¬†GohanDZ(Unregistered User) , ¬†from¬†New Hampshire Price Paid: ¬†$20.00 at EB Product Model Year: ¬†2000 CPU: ¬†Cyrix II 300 RAM: ¬†64 MB VideoCard: ¬†None General/Summary: I'll start off by admitting I am a HUGE fan of the TV show.

  • Review Date September 6, 2000 Overall Rating ¬†3 of 5 Gameplay ¬†3 of 5 Graphics ¬†5 of 5 Sound ¬†4 of 5 Rate this review? Reviewed by: ¬†Danny L.(Unregistered User) Product Model Year: ¬†2000 General/Summary: This game is fun and great party game.

  • Review Date July 10, 2000 Overall Rating ¬†4 of 5 Gameplay ¬†4 of 5 Graphics ¬†5 of 5 Sound ¬†4 of 5 Rate this review? Reviewed by: ¬†Whitey(Unregistered User) , ¬†from¬†Verdun Product Model Year: ¬†2000 CPU: ¬†CyrixInstead 300 RAM: ¬†96 Mb VideoCard: ¬†ATI Rage Pro General/Summary: The game at first glance was a "thumbs up" then after noticing the repetetiveness and the time limit to answering questions really didn't affect my liking to the game, just gave it somewhat of a down fault.

    Arne Anka - Duck With Many Lives
    A biography of Charlie Christensen, creator of the series.

  • Galago decided to drop the cartoon altogether, while Metallarbetaren first had their legal advisers evaluate the copyright situation and then opted on eliminating the similarities with the Disney product.

  • Parts two and three are subtitled, "The Alexander Barks & Charlie Christensen Productions proudly presents".


    Croppin' Paradise - Newest Scrapbooking Products, Great Prices!
    Offers a wide selection of supplies. Includes tools and accessories for punches,
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    Robin Hood (1973)
    Cast list and production information courtesy of the Internet Movie Database.

    The Museum of Boradcast Communications' description and treatment of the history
    and development of...

  • The most popular and recognizable TV version of Zorro was the Disney Studios production for ABC.

  • The two organizations had entered into a joint production agreement in 1954, an agreement which bore immediate fruit with Disneyland and The Mickey Mouse Club .

  • Walt Disney had purchased the rights to the Zorro stories in the early 1950s but pilot production stalled while Walt focused on construction of his Disneyland theme park.

  • Zorro went into production in 1957 and enjoyed immense popularity on ABC for two years, from October 1957 to September 1959.

  • Roles and role models for Hispanic-Americans were absent from the television productions of the era and this acknowledgement of the Hispanic culture and the heroism of many of its constituents was considered a forward step.

  • Good was decisive and (in the words of another Disney Studios product), "brave, truthful, and unselfish." Even as the prime-time western genre was approaching the end of its cycle by reinventing itself as "adult, " the western genre for children remained a comfortable and predictable haven of values championed by Walt Disney and, in turn, the middle class.

  • To make matter worse, ABC forbade the Disney Studios from selling its product to a competing network, and while legal wrestling changed that restriction, it was clear that The Disney Studios had become a casualty of the fledgling network's success.

  • Because it was a Disney Studios product, Zorro had the benefit of the studio's massive merchandising machinery.

    San-X, Korean anime, Sanrio products and great gift cuties from ...
    Retailer organizing products by series name, including Afro Ken, Digimon, Final
    Fantasy, Sanrio, and...

    Armchair Empire
    "All in all, Kingdom Hearts is an excellent game that will appeal to younger
    gamers and the young...

  • Enter E-Mail Address Below: Subscribe | Unsubscribe Kingdom Hearts Score: 8.7 / 10 Pros : - Excellent 3-D engine - Strong backgrounds (worlds) - Excellent soundtrack to the game - Great game for pre-adolescents Cons : - Shouldnít have given voices to some SquareSoft characters - Not a typical SquareSoft RPG game - Story a tad too thin for some gamers Related Links : "Kingdom Hearts is an excellent game that will appeal to younger gamers and the young at heart." When the master of the popular role-playing game works with the largest American animation company, Kingdom Hearts is the product.

  • Cute and simplistic? Sure is! Thankfully so (What were you expecting from a Disney product? Overt anarchy?).

  • The majority of the voices for characters have been reprised or at least expertly duplicated (and those absolutely rock!), but the few missing ones a really counter-productive.

    Juvenile Product Recalls
    From the Canadian agency, Health Canada.

  • > > > Juvenile Product Recalls Help on accessing alternative formats, such as PDF, MP3 and WAV files, can be obtained in the .

  • The mandate of the Product Safety Program is to regulate and monitor compliance of the advertisement, sale and importation of hazardous or potentially hazardous products that are not covered by other legislation and to provide clients with safety information.

  • This legal mandate is derived from the , for those products scheduled in the Act, and in the case of cosmetics, is derived from the , and also implies a duty of care for unregulated products.

  • A company should initiate a recall if a consumer product does not comply with legislation in Canada, or poses an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of consumers or users of the product.

  • Note: If a company wishes to recall a food or drug product, please refer to the .

  • The following list of juvenile product recalls is not all inclusive, nor does it include all categories of consumer products.

  • Recalls are initiated by an importer or a manufacturer after becoming aware that the product is or may have a safety concern.

  • Health Canada works cooperatively with companies to ensure the effective and efficient removal of hazardous products from the marketplace.

  • Consumers are advised to contact their nearest if they have health or safety concerns about a particular product.

  • Further information on purchasing juvenile products, and safe use of products, can be found on this website.

    Calling Cards Unlimited
    Invitations for all kinds, including wedding and party, wedding accessories,
    calligraphy services.

    Alsons Corporation
    Shower heads.

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