The Phantom Menace: A Response to Critics

  • . Free trade imposes a discipline on business and a penalty on inefficiency and irrationality that can be avoided once resort is made to protectionism

    Kinoeye: Suspiria
  • . If you have ever talked yourself into a verbal corner trying to put a film, thousands of pictures, into words, you will sympathise with this writer's resort to the old cliché: You've just got to see it! Also of interest About the author Linda Schulte-Sasse is professor of German Studies at Macalester College, St Paul, Minnesota

    Mom at the Movies
  • . Win a Disney Vacation Look for specially-marked packages of Dixie® plates with Disney characters for your chance to WIN a Walt Disney World® Resort Magical Gatherings TM vacation for you and seven other people

    Greenbriar Picture Shows
  • . How could anyone with a face like the one George Hurrell photographed here for Dodge City resort to things like that? Better to let her remain Errol Flynn’s demure consort, even if it would take decades for the critical establishment (if not Olivia herself) to realize how wonderful those Flynn shows were, and how fortunate she was to have been a part of them


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    Celebrity Voice Actors: The New Sound of Animation
  • . For example, if a four-time Emmy winner like Don Knotts appeared in a Scooby Doo cartoon, it was often considered a last resort just to make a living

    WWWF Grudge Match
  • . Ragle begla guk!" "I can't understand a sth-single word you're sth-saying, sth-sir!" "ACK! I said NONONONONONONO!" Within seconds, a soaked Donald and a frustrated Daffy have given up the first resorts in communication and have jumped to the last resort: physical confrontation! So, Brendan, which of these daring ducks will dominate this Dagwoodian duke out! Daffy Duck vs
  • . Subject A, the focus of today's experiments, is prone to aberrant behaviour, which he probably resorts to as compensation for a severe lisp

    Dove Transportation
  • ecializing in Lincoln Towncar shuttle service.
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    B&B Cruises and Vacations
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