DVD Movie Guide: Pete's Dragon

  • . This collectible DVD contains two delightful animated shorts -- "Lighthouse Keeping" starring Donald Duck, and "Man, Monsters, And Mysteries, " a fun look at monster myths, as well as many other wonderful special features
  • . We find a minor variety of video features
  • . A little of the piece is animated, but most of it features live action footage
  • . The movie is largely a dud; it offers a dull and predictable tale that features virtually no spark or energy

    eFilmCritic: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
    Detailed review with viewer comments and ratings.
    More in-depth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL Release Date: 11-Sep-2003 HBS User Ratings Directed By: Written By: Cast: 9 reviews, 450 ratings Gore Verbinski Terry Rossio Johnny Depp Ted Elliott Orlando Bloom Awesome 72.22% Geoffrey Rush Worth A Look 17.06% Our Reviewer Says: Keira Knightley Average 6.55% "Adventure Films Haven't Been THIS Much Fun In A While" - Erik Childress Jonathan Pryce Pretty Bad 2.18% Trevor

    Hollywood Jesus - ET The Extra-Terrestrial
  • . In this case, it is an exodus for the frogs! INSIDE INFORMATION: -One of the deleted scenes that will most likely be put back into the film features Harrison Ford as Elliott?s school principal

    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
  • . Murrow) David Strathairn attended Williams College before launching a successful acting career and has appeared in many of his Williams College classmate John Sayles' features, including "Matewan, " "Eight Men Out" and "Passion Fish." He has also worked with some of Hollywood's top directors including Mike Nichols' "Silkwood, " Stephen Gyllenhaal's "Losing Isaiah, " Sydney Pollack's "The Firm, " Tim Robbins' "Bob Roberts, " Penny Marshall's "A League of Their Own, " Taylor Hackford's "Dolores Claiborne, " Curtis Hanson's "LA Confidential" and Philip Kaufman's "Twisted" to name just a few
  • . Television credits include the HBO features "In the Gloaming" and "The James Brady Story" and "The American Clock" for TNT
  • . has numerous film credits to his name and early features include "The Last Party, " "Soapdish, " "Air America, " "Chances Are, " "True Believer, " "Johnny Be Good, " "1969, " "Less Than Zero, " "The Pick-Up Artist, " "Back to School, " "Tuff Turf, " "Weird Science, " "Firstborn" and "Pound, " in which he made his feature film debut and which was directed by Robert Downey, Sr


    Photo by The Other Side of Heaven
  • . Eye of the Storm - Movie on Tongan Experience Source: i' - Tonga's Online Magazine URL: By: Taina S
  • . Full-Page Ad in "BYU Magazine" 24 October 2001 - The latest issue of BYU Magazine , which we received today, contains a full-page advertisement for "The Other Side of Heaven." The ad features a single photo or still from the film, showing actor Christopher Gorham, as a young John H

    Filmtracks: The Rocketeer
  • . It's too serious of a score to be classified along with Horner's great works for animated features, but it also has an undeniable touch of magic which reminds us that this is a Disney fantasy film

    Krazy Kevin's Kino Korner - A Thousand Arabs
  • view by Kevin McElwee (negative).
    Issue #03/58, February 10 - 24, 1999 In This Issue Attentive readers of the Kino Korner know just how seriously I take my duty to inspect the cinematic garbage that Hollywood seems fit to export to our little neck of the global community, but there are some movies (animated features from Disney and/or Don Bluth, for example) that I simply cannot commune with if I am to maintain any semblance of sanity

    Entertainment Insiders: Snow White - The Fairest of Them All
  • . Disc Details Special Features: Full-screen format
  • . Extra Features: 7/10 The cast and crew bios are indepth

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    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . Features include: All-new extensive "The Making of Tron" documentary Deleted scenes with all-new introductions by Bruce Boxleitner Production photo gallery including archival photos not presented in the laser disc edition Commentary with writer/director Steven Lisberger, producer Donald Kushner and visual effects supervisors Harrison Ellenshaw and Richard Taylor Storyboard-to-film Comparisons Extensive still frame galleries Pre-production animation tests Deleted original soundtrack music ...And much more! You can order it NOW at a great price by using our search device

    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . [Thanks to Michael and Mike Martin] The film features the title theme song, "Xanadu, " which is the only song in history beginning with the letter 'X' to break into Billboard's Top 40
  • . [Thanks to Gary] While ELO did the bulk of the non-Olivia music in the film, the "Dancin'" scene where the two male leads consider the type of club they want features 80's rock band, The Tubes, in a duet with Olivia

    Vampyres Film List
    Comprehensive alphabetized listing of vampire movies, that includes years of release, directors and accompanying links.
    the VAMPYRES Film list. MOVIES (about Vampyres, containing Vampyres, etc.) From the archives of VAMPYRES@GUVM.BITNET - the VAMPYRES Film list. VAMPFILM DATA A LAST UPDATE: 09/15/92 The Vampfilm is a compilation of vampire movie titles of members of the VAMPYRES discussion list. Corrections and Updates to all material may be sent to: (Count Duckula) (USA 1948, Dir.Charles Barton)

    Screen Memories
  • . Most people, however, will assume that if a film features UFOs/flying saucers and aliens it must be science fiction
  • . Quatermass and the Pit (1957) is interesting in that it features many of the elements that would later arise in discussions about aliens' involvement in man's evolution22, as well as several aspects of the crashed UFO tale, exemplified by the Roswell incident
  • . Other less conspicuous influences may include The Manchurian Candidate (1962) which features many of the elements of the CAS, but here the abductors are the Korean military rather than alien beings


    100 Greatest Foreign Films

  • . Matthew (1964), aka Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo or L'Evangile Selon Saint-Matthieu , France/Italy, directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini Pier Paolo Pasolini's cinema verite-style life of Christ features a cranky Jesus, the ferocious beauty of Southern Italy and a freaked-out, eclectic musical score with a little Prokofiev, a little Bach
  • . The 1920s would be largely dominated by silent features, often musically accompanied by an in-house organist, pianist or orchestra
  • . (Whether the ten thousand plus features a year produced by the industry should qualify for this title is the source of some debate.) Though the expense involved in making movies has led cinema production to concentrate under the auspices of, recent advances in affordable film making equipment have allowed independent film productions to flourish
  • . There were "double features"; typically, a high quality "A picture" rented by an independent theater for a lump sum, and a "B picture" of lower quality rented for a percentage of the gross receipts
  • . Civilization develops and changes, at least in surface features, and so calls for a constant renewal of artistic means to channel these desires

  • . DVD Collectibles: "The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection" includes all 14 original Sherlock Holmes features starring Basil Rathbone as the legendary Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as the venerable Dr
  • . Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movies" features two Dr
  • . "Puppets Who Kill: The Complete Second Season" features thirteen episodes, $19.95 from Eclectic DVD ..
  • . And More Stories About Counting" features three animated musical stories about numbers and counting, based on the award-winning book by Bill martin Jr
  • . Other documentaries available this week: "The Montreux Dream: The Story of the Montreux Jazz Festival" (2005) features some of the best moments and performances from the many years of the jazz fest, featuring Bette Midler, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, B.B
  • . (Posted June 20) For the Kids: "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure" (2001) is a well-done sequel to the 1955 animated classic, featuring the voices of Scott Wolf, Alyssa Milano, Chazz Palminteri, Jeff Bennett, Jodi Benson, Bill Fagerbakke, Mickey Rooney, Bronson Pinchot and Cathy Moriarty; $29.99; this edition features commentary by the filmmakers, Disney song selection sing-alongs, "Junkyard Games, " a "Hide & Seek Game, " "The Making of Lady & the Tramp II: From Tramp to Scamp, " and three classic Disney bonus shorts; from Disney ..

    DVD Movie Central
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    Web DVD Guide
  • . Membership club features animated cartoons and live-action Disney films on DVD and VHS; $1.99 movies and free shipping when you join "DVD-of-the-Month" club with sci-fi, horror and fantasy movies personally selected by Star Trek's Capatin Kirk
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    OnVideo Guide to Home Video Releases: DVDs
  • . Two-disc set features new high-definition digital transfer
  • . Extras: Two special features from each Super Bowl focus on key players, coaches and story lines from that era; collectible booklet featuring 10 program covers, Super Bowl rings, rosters and final scores
  • . Extras: Disc 2 is devoted to special features, including candid interviews with 14 of the featured artists and four mini-documentaries: Bradley Beesley's "Ambulance LTD ACLMF 2005, " "Voices From Within" (featuring Blues Traveler, directed by Dan Shaw), "214 Circle Drive" (featuring Ruthie Foster; directed by Margaret Brown), and "Roky Erickson", Kyle Ellison's portrait of Austin's own father of psychedelia

    Jeem's CinePad
  • . This site is optimized for 800 x 600 resolution and IE 4.0, not because I like Microsoft (I really don't) but because because IE offers more features I dig (like those groovy page transitions that you can't see with Netscape)
  • . somebody oughta make a movie about this -- but nobody would believe it! " is the most astonishing and brilliant site on the wwweb, and may be the single greatest achievement in the history of humankind." -- Jeeem's CinePad WARNING what's inside: now open! enter for highlights and new features like: n ew section! (it's sinatra's world...) (a film noir place) an ever-growing collection of reviews, highlighting movies that inspire strong reactions:, , or ..

    Alexander's Favorite Disney Movies
  • . The film features a lot of colorful, musical fish, and what kid doesn't like musical fish? The song "Under the Sea" is a show stopper @CallCenter