Filmtracks: Peter Pan

  • . if you enjoy James Newton Howard's standard of strong, orchestral and choral music for children's films
  • . Pooling their resources and presenting a cast without any big name stars, Columbia and Universal are counting on the special effects magic and a return to the authenticity of original story to propel the film during a late 2003 season that is largely devoid of any other spectacular children's films

    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . Hollywood churns out an endless series of films aimed at the teenybopper audience with cute little actors and actresses trying to follow Drew Barrymore's footsteps, but ultimately they fail because the kids don't act like kids, they act like stars, and normal children can't relate to them

    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
  • . The best journalists will have a chance for their work to be broadcast to millions via our media partners! Enter your email address below for more information and check back here on October 7, 2005 when the campaign officially launches! Warner Independent Pictures 2929 Entertainment Participant Productions In Association with Davis Films Redbus Pictures and Tohokushinsha Present A Section Eight Production GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK
  • . Grant and I (after making the improvised HBO series "Unscripted") really fell in love with multiple cameras and people talking on top of each other and all the things that I liked from the films of the ‘70s
  • . Actor, Daniels, who plays Sig Mickelson, says, "After 40 films, you want to do stuff that matters and this is a good project with good people
  • . In 2003, Clarkson worked on two indie films that earned her unparalleled recognition
  • . This year, she finished production on three films: "All the King's Men, " and two independent films, "The Dying Gaul, " which will be released in November 2005, and "The Woods." She also co-starred in Disney's box office hit "Miracle" and returned to the stage in Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire." JEFF DANIELS (Sigfried "Sig" Mickelson) After attending Central Michigan University, Jeff Daniels later joined the Circle Repertory Company in New York and, soon after, performed in Corinne Jacker's "My Life" with the late Christopher Reeve and William Hurt

    The Guardian: 'I Capture the Castle' comes to the screen
  • . 'The difficult thing was to stop it being a soppy film about a young girl growing up and give it some edge and danger, ' says executive producer Mark Shivas, who started the development of the project when he was running BBC Films


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    ReelViews: Jack Frost
  • . The intent of Jack Frost is to manufacture feelings similar to those generated by classic films like and Jungle 2 Jungle
  • . What on the surface may sound like just another "fish out of water" comedy is actually much more, and one of the most enjoyable family films Disney has put out in years

    Allwatchers Spotlight - Mary Poppins
  • tailed analysis of the film, and a list of films similar to this one.
    Movie Reviews Enter a movie review or reviews online and make $5! Movies - Reviews - Mary Poppins Resident Scholar Profiles TOP SCHOLAR: SCHOLARS: Would you like to be a scholar? to submit a review! Mary Poppins Starring: Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke Review Summary "Before Julie Andrews starred in The Sound of Music, she played the title character in this film, who happens to be the greatest nanny in the world

    WWWF Grudge Match: Mad Max vs. Snake Plissken
  • . So either winner still gets screwed! - Claymore ROTW Bronze Medal Grudgie TM Because these films are written in such a manner that the Bad Guy(tm) always looses, this battle is simple: The most important issue in this scenario is "Who is the Bad Guy?" Mad Max Kidnaps the President
  • . Now, although Mel Gibson was born in America, by being in the Max Max films he has knowledge of Australia he can use against Snake in many ways

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    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . So John left Disney and in 1987 founded Pixar Animations, producing short CGI films, until returning to Disney in 1992

    Film Rotation
  • . So far we have had films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre , Dawn of the Dead (both of which I have to admit I enjoyed quite a lot), The Fog & The Omen (neither of which I am really bothered about), to name but a few
  • . | June 26, 2006 | ATB = Amber Tamblyn Speaks On THE GRUDGE 2 FilmStalker posted a story on the sequel to, in my mind, one of the best horror films to come out in the past 5 years, The Grudge

    100 Greatest Foreign Films
  • published in Movieline Magazine, Lars Von Trier makes the list.
    100 G REATEST F OREIGN F ILMS selected The 100 Greatest Foreign Films - 100 of the all-time greatest non English-language films
  • . "Take a video vacation of the spirit and rent or buy these films of rare greatness
  • . However, the list does contain a substantial number of cinematic masterpieces that serve as a solid introduction to the best non-English language films
  • . Movieline Magazine's 100 Greatest Foreign Films (part 1, in alphabetical order) 1
  • . Their films together are a meeting of old-fashioned romance and modern skepticism
  • . The Kingdom (1994), aka Riget , Denmark, directed by Lars von Trier Lars von Trier's gruesome, poetic four-and-a-half hour movie (it was a miniseries in Denmark) about a haunted Danish hospital is a stinging rejoinder to anyone who says long foreign films are no fun

    Films of Stephen Arthur
  • ort films of transformation, animation, photo-based art, surrealism, meta-morphing from Vancouver BC Canada.
    : Stephen Arthur] Stephen X
  • . Arthur: My Films - : Presto Agitato , 1995, 25 seconds with sound (AVI file, 670 KB) - simple forms dancing to music by Beethoven from animated films
  • . from live-action films
  • . The transformations of context and visual/spatial relationships seen in (1998) and (1999) are characteristic of my work, from my early animated films and experimental live-action films of the 1970s to my digital experimental bitmap animation of the 1990s
  • . (See below for selected animated films) A related fascination is metamorphosis
  • . For a complete list of films see 2003 8 minutes DVD Widescreen 16:9 (1.78:1) Anamorphic Enhanced An experiential trip never before captured on camera
  • . Distributors: (Toronto), (Vancouver), (San Francisco), and on home-video compilations "100% Independent" , and on 90 mins., 16 films from Resfest 1997-2000


    NationMaster: Encyclopedia

  • . Categories: Movie stubs | 1993 films | Palme dOr winners | Best Picture Oscar Nominee | Best Actress Oscar (film) | Best Supporting Actress Oscar (film) ..
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  • . Ngila Dickson is a New Zealander costume designer for films
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  • . Ngila Dickson is a New Zealander costume designer for films
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  • . Ngila Dickson is a New Zealander costume designer for films
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  • . Films are produced by actual people and objects with, or by creating them using techniques and/or
  • . Film is considered by many to be an important form; films entertain, educate, enlighten and inspire audiences
  • . Films are also artifacts created by specific cultures, which reflect those cultures, and, in turn, affect them
  • . When films began to tell stories, instead of just record brief events, exhibitors sometimes provided a commentator to narrate the action, but this became unnecessary with the development of printed containing the ' dialogue and other written, descriptive material as part of the visual experience
  • . By the early 1920s, most films came with a prepared list of sheet music for this purposes, with complete being composed for major productions
  • . By the end of the 1960s, color had become the norm for film makers, and by the 1980s, an expectation of the younger generations by then comprising the majority of the audience for commercial films
  • . The company manufactured the as a rival to the Kinetoscope and, like Edison, produced films for its invention

    The Internet Movie Database
  • . : Also in Theaters: Today's IMDb Poll Question Is: or ? (Suggested by Natalie C.) IMDb Snapshot: New on the Site WireImage Photos :, , Stills: , , New Trailers: , , : , , More Tops: - IMDb Movie of the Day As Disney's animation group began to find itself faltering with flops like and , the legendary Mouse House started to enjoy a surprising surge in its live action films, those square-yet-fun family flicks that used to be the studio's stock-in-trade in the 60s and early 70s

    African Americans in Motion Pictures
  • . As far back as the silent films era, African-Americans have been featured in motion pictures playing roles depicting some aspect of acting and being purveyors of a black image
  • . Unfortunately, many of those films showed black characters in negative stereotypical roles which the average African-Americans would never truly identify as being like themselves
  • . They sought out their own financing in order to produce films with more positive images of Blacks
  • . They wanted to produce movies which presented Blacks "in his everyday life, a human being with human inclination and one of talent and intellect." By 1916, they completed and distributed two films, The Realization of the Negro's Ambition (1916) and A Trooper of Troop K (1916)
  • . Two years before these films, Bert (Egbert Austin) Williams (1873-1922) , the famed actor, singer and vaudevillian, became the first African-American to appear as a star in a motion picture
  • . A successive series of 35mm silent films were later produced by Oscar Micheaux

    The Digital Bits
  • . 98 (2) * ( ) *Number of additional films announced or believed in development for DVD release
  • . Following on 8/6 from Geneon is the classic animated Barefoot Gen (both films - SRP $29.98 for both), complete with a photo gallery and Japanese Dolby Digital audio (with English subs)

    Web DVD Guide
  • . Membership club features animated cartoons and live-action Disney films on DVD and VHS; $1.99 movies and free shipping when you join "DVD-of-the-Month" club with sci-fi, horror and fantasy movies personally selected by Star Trek's Capatin Kirk
  • . Retail giant that sells more discount DVDs than any other USA store has now brought their low DVD prices online Amazon site serving Great Britain, the United Kingdom and parts of Europe Amazon site serving Canada DVD buying club for exclusive art house and independent films released on DVD while still playing in theaters Classic TV shows and recent hits available on DVD and VHS from Columbia House; free trial membership Auction site where you can buy and sell new and used DVDs; offers purchase protection and online tutorials for successful buying and selling Owned by eBay, is a site where members can buy and sell new and used DVDs, videos, books, CDs, computers, electronics and video games at half list price (or in many cases, much lower) Canadian version of eBay auction site unites buyers and sellers of DVDs; bargains on electronics and home theater components Leader in on-line DVD rental; subscription plans with the largest network of for fast delivery; members rent unlimiited DVDs for one monthly fee; free trial Rent DVDs online (including "mature" titles), plus XBOX, PS2 and PSX games; shipping center located in Maryland The Blockbuster retail chain now offers online DVD rental: $9.99 first month, then $14.99 each month thereafter, free shipping both ways and coupons for two free in-store rentals per month Unlimited DVD rmovie and video game rental plans as low as $8.25 per month; also offers ability to pay per rental; free shipping, no late fees and a free month for and members who cancel their subscriptions within 24 hours after joining

    OnVideo Guide to Home Video Releases: DVDs
  • . (Koch Lorber Films)
  • . Extras: Two films for the first time on DVD: original, never-released "The Equinox: Journey into the Supernatural" and the 1970 Jack H
  • . The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection All 14 original Basil Rathbone films, restored by the UCLA Film & Television Archive in 35mm and digitally remastered; $129.98
  • . Quinn telefilms: "Dr
  • . Docurama Film Festival I Ten-disc set of documentary films billed as a mini film festival; a dedicated Web site has been set up for festival "attendees" to intereact with the films and filmmakers via blogs, Q&A's, podcats and more
  • . The films: "Aging Out, " "Broken Rainbow, " "Doing Time: Life in the Big House, " "Full Frame 4, " "Legac, " "Sister Rose's Passion, " "The Fire Next Time, " "Omar Pete, " "The Police Tapes" and "The Wobblies" are available for $26.95 each or as a complete set for $229.95 in an exclusive Platinum package containing an informative "Docurama Film Festival I" catalog

    Alexander's Favorite Disney Movies
  • . Here we'll give a brief description of 14 Disney films that Alex has enjoyed to one degree or another, offering the perspectives of both a child and a parent who have enjoyed, and endured, repeated viewings of these classic films
  • . While Sesame Street, for example, is certainly more educational than any Disney movie, the films are beneficial in another important way
  • . There's more to learning than knowing numbers and letters, and Disney's films provide a sense of wonder that Sesame Street can only hint at
  • . The Disney Films According to Disney, every movie they make is a "classic." However, some are better than others
  • . As we'll see, other films have scary dogs , and Alex enjoys them every time
  • . According to Alex's mother, Beauty and the Beast is the best of the recent Disney films
  • . Aladdin probably won't age as well as most of the other Disney films, since it's full of topical references that people just won't "get" twenty or forty years from now @CallCenter