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  • . After a decorated military career, Saber returned to Chicago, worked WCFC-TV as an investigative reporter on the nationally syndicated program Page 2 Solid Rock Videos In 1996, Saber left WCFC-TV and started his own film production company, LS Films Inc

    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
  • . Murrow and Friendly are so committed to the program they even decide to pay for the advertising revenue lost from the show's sponsors that have military contacts
  • . The popularity of the show brought Murrow back to television; the team adapted their program for TV, calling it See It Now
  • . Murrow's program on Milo Radulovich, which ultimately led up to the legendary telecast focusing on Senator Joseph R
  • . He continued with that program for a year after See It Now ended in 1958, the same year Murrow began moderating and producing Small World, another innovative program which featured discussions among international political figures
  • . Murrow only mentioned his employer a few times in his speech, but it was clear that he included CBS in his criticism of the networks and the effect their unchecked competition for ratings had on news programs
  • . Paley established the radio network's first programming department in the late 1940's, and went on promote the development of the news division which gave birth to See It Now in 1951

    Cinescape Corona: Tron 2.0
  • . It postulated a world that existed inside a computer where programs lived and died playing brutal games under the evil reign of the Master Control Program
  • . Until… " THE PLOT IMPETUS: A nefarious Orwellian-esque mega SEARCH ENGINE (this movie’s revived replacement for the MCP) has been developed, which is more powerful than any other search engine, virus, or program yet invented
  • . This all-consuming SEARCH ENGINE threatens to take over the world by sucking up every single speck of info/data in the electronic universe - there is no security measure capable of preventing this program engine from getting and taking whatever it wants
  • . (I list all of those mutually-exclusive concepts together, because the action sequences of this script wisely attempt to harness all of those notions within the cyber-realm.) " Considering the recent real-life controversies over single-pixel web-bugs (which track Net surfers without any means of warning or detection) and NSA/CIA/FBI 'black-box' programs like Echelon (which eliminate any notion of privacy as they can decode all emails, all 'encrypted' phone calls, etc.) this threat of an MCP-style mega-search engine giving omnipotent power to a fascist corporate entity does seem plausible enough to represent a cinematic Ultimate Evil in this age of corporate-conglomerate takeovers and PalmPilots and e-commerce..

    Hollywood Honors Elia Kazan: Filmmaker and Informer
  • . The Communist Party was not simply synonymous with its Stalinist leadership and program
  • . In 1947 President Harry Truman established a loyalty program for federal employees and asked the attorney general to draw up a list of "subversive" organizations
  • . By one estimate 13.5 million Americans came within the scope of federal, state and private loyalty programs
  • . Although some blacklisted writers got jobs in the new industry, under assumed names, as a whole, television programs of the 1950s promoted some of the most repressive conceptions ever advanced about the human condition
  • . But why make a virtue out of those inevitable errors and misdeeds, much less a program? History teaches us that class society occasionally mutilates very gifted people beyond recognition, so that artistic genius and personal vileness coexist within a single human being


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    Art & Science of Cinematography...... . The Director of Photography is the custodian of the heart of film making ... as the writers are of its soul ... his tool is a box with a glass window, lifeless until he breathes into it his creative spirit and injects into its steel veins, the plasma of his imagination .... the product of his camera, and therefore of his magic, means many things to many

    Greenbriar Picture Shows
  • . A teacher’s program scholarship at Mills College was eventually forfeited in favor of two-hundred a week at Warner Bros., where she’d debut in the 1935 film version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    WWWF Grudge Match: Ross Perot vs. Montgomery Burns
  • . With his "Tax & Save" program, the federal debt will be history in less than a year
  • . What about Burns? Well, what happened the only other time he appeared on an evening news program? He threatened the entire city of Springfield on Smartline (tm)! Once Larry brings out Burns' tyrannical side, his support will plummet, since, as we learn from the polls, America likes warm, cuddly, and slick

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  • . Bob Haberkost [Pittsburgh PA] 1971 / [Pittsburgh PA] 1976 / [Erie PA] 1977 [Erie] 1978 / [Indianapolis IN] 1979 [Pittsburgh] 1980 / [Pittsburgh] 1984 / [Providence RI] 1987 / [Charlotte NC] 1987 / [Cleveland OH] 1987-1988 Now: Bob says (8/03), "I'm a database programmer/applications developer for Coventry Health Care; and I own Ravenswood Engineering Associates, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • . Michael Hagerty [Bishop CA] 1971 [San Luis Obispo CA] 1974 [Bishop CA] 1974 [Ukiah CA] 1976 [Reno] 1977 KTVN-TV [Reno] 1981 KTNV-TV [Las Vegas] 1984 KTVK-TV [Phoenix] 1986 [Phoenix] 1997 [Phoenix] 2000-2003 Now: Michael says (10/04), "I am Director of Programming and Promotion at, Phoenix, Arizona
  • . (consultants) [LA] 1990 - President [Dallas] 1993 /KLPQ [Little Rock AR] 1993 - owner SportsFan Radio Network [Las Vegas] 1996 - GM [LA] 1998 - VP/Programming ABC Networks [Dallas] 1999 Now: VP/Programming for ABC Radio Networks, Dallas, Texas
  • . dan@halyburton.com Bob Hamilton [Philadelphia PA] 1965 [Carlisle PA] 1967 [Philadelphia] 1969 - aka John Roberts [Indianapolis IN] 1971 [Philadelphia] 1971 - Bobby Mitchell Shepard Broadcasting [Philadelphia] 1972 - National PD [Philadelphia] 1974 [LA] 1977 [LA] 1983 /KYA [San Francisco] 1985 [San Francisco] 1989 /KYA [San Francisco] 1994 - VP, GM [San Francisco] 1994 /KSAN //KBGG [San Francisco] 1996 [Miami FL] 1999 Now: Program Director at Oldies WMXJ-FM, Miami, Florida

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  • . Additionally, he was accepted into the BFA programs at Carnegie Mellon University, University of Southern California, Ithaca College, Marymount Manhattan College and the BA program at Fordham University's College at Lincoln Center
  • . The budget has increased over 10 fold since I founded the program from $25, 000 to $300, 000

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  • . Students from all academic disciplines are invited to participate in the band program as ensembles are open to all interested and qualified UW-Eau Claire students
  • . Richard Mark Heidel is Director of Bands and Associate Professor of Music in the Department of Music and Theatre Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where he conducts the Wind Symphony, teaches courses in conducting, supervises student teachers, serves as advisor to the National Band Association-Collegiate Chapter, and coordinates the UW-Eau Claire band program
  • . His summer teaching experiences include serving as a faculty member of the Indianhead Arts and Education Center in Shell Lake, Wisconsin, Texas Tech University Band and Orchestra Camp, Illinois Summer Youth Music Program at the University of Illinois, and the International Music Camp
  • . Young has been a member of the music faculty at UW-Eau Claire since 1983 where he teaches tuba, euphonium and courses in music education and in the university honors program

    BW Online: Show Time!
  • . Realizing the mistake, Jobs ordered Apple's developers to create the iTunes program to help customers manage their growing PC music collections


    Wisconsin Advanced Technology Advocates, Inc.

  • . The seed grant program is the first step toward the establishment of that center where researchers from across the UW-Madison campus can work with others from private industry and schools around the world to attack disease and other issues, and advance regenerative medicine using tools such as embryonic stem cells
  • . "The main advantage is that adult stem cells are already programmed to function in adult tissues and organs." Sherley answered
  • . "In addition, they do not form tumors when transplanted from one person to another." By "programmed" Sherley refers to the turning "on" or "off" of genes within cells – how the genetic code is "expressed." Humans keep the same genetic code throughout life, but the way that code is expressed in the embryo differs sharply from the fetus, which in turn differs from adult (postnatal) genetic expression

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    Art & Science of Cinematography...... . The Director of Photography is the custodian of the heart of film making ... as the writers are of its soul ... his tool is a box with a glass window, lifeless until he breathes into it his creative spirit and injects into its steel veins, the plasma of his imagination .... the product of his camera, and therefore of his magic, means many things to many

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