Greatest Films - The Exorcist
Detailed review, synopsis and discussion of the film
The Exorcist (1973) Greatest Films ( and ) With descriptive review commentaries and background history on many classic, landmark films in cinematic history, especially American/Hollywood films. Including posters, Academy Awards history, film genres, film terms, film history by decade, trivia, and lots of lists of 'best' films, stars, scenes, quotes, resources, etc. The Exorcist (1973) is the sensational, shocking horror story about devil possession

The Guardian: 'I Capture the Castle' comes to the screen
Disney made her Dalmatians famous and now Dodie Smith's I Capture the Castle, a favourite of JK Rowling, is finally appearing on the big screen. The story behind the film, by Sue Summers.
Go to: · Search: Guardian Unlimited Web Search Books Tools In this section Her castle was her home Disney made her Dalmatians famous and now Dodie Smith's I Capture the Castle, a favourite of JK Rowling, is finally appearing on the big screen Sue Summers Sunday April 6, 2003 Some books you read when you're

Filmtracks: The Notebook
Soundtrack review, track list, audio clips, reader comments, and ratings.
at $10.98 • Newest Major Reviews: . • This Week's Most Popular Reviews: • Best-Selling Albums: . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. . . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. . . 1. Varèse Sarabande 25th 2. Nightmare Before Christmas 3. Angels in America 4. Schindler's List 5. Master and Commander The Notebook Composed, Orchestrated, and Produced by: Aaron Zigman Conducted by: Jerry Hey Performed by: The Hollywood

TV Guide Online: Oliver Twist
Review and credits.
NEW! Search for TV Listings, Movies, Celebrities, Photos and Video OLIVER TWIST Tony Bill, 1998 Our rating: Shot in Ireland, this revisionist version of the Dickens classic was produced for television by the Disney organization. The film was released on home video in 1998. In 1825 a nameless vagrant woman dies after giving birth to a baby whom the county orphanage arbitrarily names Oliver Twist. Oliver grows up in the workhouse, fixated on a locket his mother possessed. When


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Only The Lonely reviewed by Rita Kempley.
[an error occurred while processing this directive] ‘Only the Lonely’ (PG-13) By Rita Kempley Washington Post Staff Writer May 24, 1991 "Only the Lonely" is a wistful romance so determined to sweep us off our feet it fairly grunts with exertion. Of course, that isn't so easy when "Gremlins" and "Goonies" guy Chris Columbus is holding the broom. Nor does it help that the immovable love object is John Candy and the irresistible force Ally Sheedy's jawline.

IMDb: Snow White
Features complete cast and crew listings, reviews, and a trailer for the movie.
| to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 20 main details newsgroup reviews awards & nominations summary trivia goofs soundtrack listing crazy credits alternate versions movie connections box office & business technical specs laserdisc details literature listings news articles taglines posters photo gallery on tv, schedule links showtimes photographs sound clip(s) video clip(s) You need to be

Cold Spot
Contains fan written reviews of films and books in the horror and supernatural genres.
Search the site powered by Welcome--we've been expecting you. Welcome to The Cold Spot, still the site for reviews and information about works in the horror and the supernatural genres. To get started, pick a new review from the left or a section from the menu at the top of the page. COLD SHOTS the power of three will set you free November 29, 2006 · More Slither pictures! Check out more coverage from

Basketball Movies
List of recommended titles on this theme, giving the stars, brief plot summary and release date for each title.
Basketball Movies * Recommended Titles Campus Confessions (1938)… William Henry, Betty Grable, Thurston Hall, Fritz Feld, John Arledge, Lane Chandler, Roy Gordon, Matty Kemp. Silly Hollywood college film noted for the appearance of Hank Luisetti, generally credited as the inventor of the one-handed shot in basketball. Luisetti appeared after graduation from Stanford University. He also


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Screen Memories
An exploration of the relationship between science fiction film and the UFO mythology.
SCREEN MEMORIES An Exploration of the Relationship Between Science Fiction Film and the UFO Mythology By Mark Pilkington Contents 1.0 Introduction. 2.1 UFOs 2.2 Science Fiction Films. 3.1 The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951). 3.2 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977). 3.3 The Abduction Syndrome (1966-). 4.0 Conclusions. 5.0 Bibliography. "...few people have ever learned to look up." Professor George Adamski

NationMaster: Encyclopedia
Since the 1948 inaugural of the Academy Award for Costume Design with an award presented to one color and one black and white film, a complete list of winners and nominees that includes links to certain film synopses, cast biographies, and crew credits.
This was first given for made in when separate awards were given for black-and-white and color movies. Although he never won an Oscar for any of his movie performances, the comedian Bob Hope received two honorary Oscars for his contributions's Newsletter
E-mail newsletter about movies, television shows, and videos with a focus on freedom or "libertarian" themes.
Film Awards: August 28, 2004 Dear Friends of Liberty: -- I previously reported that the acquisition of Crusader Entertainment--which earlier acquired the film rights to Atlas Shrugged--may affect whether Atlas is ultimately produced. Good news: former Crusader Entertainment principals Howard and Karen Baldwin have set up Baldwin Entertainment Group, a new film and entertainment

African Americans in Motion Pictures
The history and depiction of African Americans in cinema.
Actors and Actresses: Behind the Scenes: Special Features: I NTRODUCTION The subject of African-Americans in Motion Pictures provides some of the most interesting studies along with the many controversial interpretations of the roles as actors they played on the silver screen. As far back as the silent films era, African-Americans have been featured in motion pictures playing roles depicting some aspect of acting and being purveyors of


The Film Tribune
Full reviews of films ranging from the silent era to present releases.
| The Film Tribune "The trouble with this business is the dearth of bad pictures." -Samuel Goldwyn (attributed). Last Update: February 13, 2005. A website of film reviews by Alexandre Paquin. CONTENTS The Film Tribune's CURRENT CONTENTS Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon -- The Case Against Celebrity By Andrew Breitbart and Mark Ebner By Bob Kohn Satire: Editorials: NEW ONGOING SERIES Critical "Expertise": The

American Movies Worth Seeing
A listing of films produced in the United States, with short synopses and commentary. Includes two separate lists of films suitable for teenagers and children.
Movies Worth Seeing Works of art: Before 1946 1946-1965 1966-1985 Since 1986 The best cheesy movies: Before 1946 Most of my friends and relatives agree that you can’t discuss movies with me because I am so picky and my taste is kind of high-brow. My favorite film directors are Krzysztof Kieslowski and Peter Greenaway. When I first

Filmtracks Modern Soundtrack Reviews
Reviews of recent motion picture soundtracks, tributes to modern composers, and information about film music CD collectibles.
Recent Releases: (2005-2006) Search by score title or composer Current number of CDs reviewed at Filmtracks: 1, 317 . . . / / Week of June 30th, 2006 Search : Customer Favorites: (at 1. Varèse Sarabande 25th Ann. 2. Nightmare Before Christmas 3. Angels in America 4. Schindler's List 5. Master and Commander 6. The Punisher 7. King Arthur 8. Gladiator

LJC's Disney's Gargoyles Primer
Series synopsis, character profiles, images and links.
Three races once lived in harmony in this world: Humans, Gargoyles, and Oberon's Children. Humans built their stone fortresses above gargoyle rookeries and lived side by side with their winged protectors, in turn keeping watch over the unhatched eggs during the day when the gargoyles were stone. The Children lived on the isle of Avalon, and visited mischief upon the younger races as it pleased them. One thousand and nine years ago, everything

TV Party
Photos and detailed description of the classic "Winchell & Mahoney" television show.
One of the very first hit Saturday morning kid shows " I remember a version of the Paul Winchell show when I was a kid. I'm guessing it was between 1963-1968. All I can picture in my mind are 3 things: "One is the inside of a barn or something, with a big desk like thing that Jerry Mahoney & Knucklehead Smiff are sitting on/behind. There was also a slide that Jerry slid down into . . . maybe

Stan Freberg Discography
Compiled by Warren Debenham.
STAN FREBERG discography ver. 8/03 Warren Debenham and Norm Katuna (with help from Ted Hering and Matthew K. Sharp) [New entries are bold type ] Corrections and comments are welcome: Warren Debenham e-mail: NOTE: put the word "comedy" in the subject line or the e-mail will be deleted unread. (sorry I have to make this requirement; this is the only way to find correspondence in the deluge of spam.) 78 RPM Acetate Commercial announcements and character impersonations

Voice of Bart Simpson authors autobiography
[Collecting Simpsons] Collection of official press materials from Hyperion Books: interview, news release, and bio.
Click on the photo to learn how you can order this title from 'My Life as a 10-year-old Boy' By Nancy Cartwright Voice of Bart Simpson authors autobiography The Oct. 31 release of Nancy Cartwright's autobiography, "My Life as a 10-year-old Boy" ($19.95, Hyperion) gives fans of "The Simpsons" an inside peek into the work involved in producing the TV series, as well as

Save Our Sailors (SOS) Campaign Headquarters
Campaign to keep the series on the air in North America. Includes information on the latest licensing issues and images on new merchandise available in the US.
Chronicling the Sailor Moon Anime in the English Speaking World! 1996 - 2004 Thanks To Everyone Who Helped Make This Campaign Possible! Special thanks to the following companies (and the many individuals who wish to remain anonymous within) who have helped us and the fans at one time or another: ADV Films, Bandai, Bandai America, The Cartoon @CallCenter