Disney Stops Miramax From Releasing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"

  • . Also includes a letter from Disney CEO Eisner defending his decision.
    Biz > > online From the "Biz" Archives: Disney Stops Miramax From Releasing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911" by Eugene Hernandez Michael Moore is stopped by the Secret Service outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, D.C., in a scene from his new film, "Fahrenheit 911"
  • . Michael Eisner's responce to the NY Times
  • . EISNER To the Editor: You accuse the Walt Disney Company of cowardice and censorship because of its decision a year ago not to distribute Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11" (editorial, May 6)
  • . EISNER Chief Exec., Walt Disney Company Burbank, Calif., May 7, 2004 More evidence that Mr
  • . Using his vaunted powers of mind-control and telepathy, Michael Moore mentally influenced both Mel Gibson and Michael Eisner to withdraw their support
  • . Eisner is just protecting his Company from a Stockholders revolt for putting out a one-sided and bias film just before the election! Da! Must Stockholders are middle of the road and conservative politically

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  • . He complained to the world when Disney CEO Michael Eisner refused to release the film citing political content in an election year
  • . He just happened to complain right before the Cannes film festival (where it won the Palme D'Or), even though Eisner had made these statements over a year ago

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  • . Your scandalous and blasphemous remarks about DisneyCorp (may Eisner reign in heaven for ever, xitlan) will not be tolerated
  • . Turner despises both Billionaire Tyrant Rupert Murdoch and Mick "The IceMan" Eisner and will enter the battle with Time Warner

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  • . In fact, I just got a fax from Mister Michael Eisner himself, which was a copy of that article, and a quick note that said "Kevin - I thought that scene was funny!" One of my friends said he saw Dogma before the official release date on November 12, 1999


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  • . Financed and developed by Bob and Harvey Weinstein at Miramax, a Disney subsidiary, it was sold to Lion's Gate after William Donohue's Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights filed protests with Disney CEO Michael Eisner

    WWWF Ground Zero: Mary Poppins vs. Maria von Trapp
  • . Your scandalous and blasphemous remarks about DisneyCorp (may Eisner reign in heaven for ever, xitlan) will not be tolerated
  • . Turner despises both Billionaire Tyrant Rupert Murdoch and Mick "The IceMan" Eisner and will enter the battle with Time Warner

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  • . :: Feature :: (apparently offline) Although not related to Danger Mouse, ClubDM is fully supporting Roy Disney and Stanley Gold's campain to save the failing Disney Company by removing chairman Michael Eisner from power

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  • . 03-16-04 Time to step it up, we are running out of time! 03-11-04 Email Michael Eisner with little to no effort! Just click the link, fill in your name, add anything you want to the existing message and click send - It will only take a few seconds, but will make a huge difference
  • . Eisner Recieved a 43% no vote, which was over 50% of all shares voted
  • . In response, the board striped Eisner of his Chairman title, although he will remain CEO
  • . Roy Disney has vowed to continue the fight until Eisner is completly removed from the company
  • . Eisner talking about Disney at this link

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  • . We're very lucky that way." >< WayneAllwine says, "Yeah, they're like family." >< Mickey says, "Alice has just initiated a group hug for all the audience and podium folks!!! Thanks, Alice." >< RussiTaylor says, "That felt good." >< Mickey smiles >< WayneAllwine says, "Hey! Where's my wallet?" >< Mickey giggles >< WayneAllwine giggles not >< Mickey says, "Hey! Where's my Michael Eisner watch?" >< Next question: >< (Double_D) Please tell us the story on how you two "lovemice" met
  • . Mickey says, "I'll work it out with them when is good for them, and they will be back for more fun!" Angela exclaims, "Cool!" Sunni applauds Rufus says, "They seem like our kind of people." Mickey still wonders who took his Michael Eisner watch during that group hug! Angela's eyelids are drooping Mickey says, "Even though Alice had to leave, I'd like to publicly thank both her and Baloo for working on technical things there at Disney that helped get Wayne & Russi connected tonight." Rufus smiles and says, "Say goodnight, Angela." Sunni puts toothpick to hold up Angela's eyelids Rufus says, "Me too, Mickey." Mickey says, "I'd also like to give a big thanks to Susie at Disney, who typed everything Wayne and Russi said tonight." Double_D says, "Goodnight, Angela." Mickey says, "Sweet dreams, Angela!" Angela protests, "I don't want to leave yet!" Mickey says, "Then stay! By all means!" Rufus offers Angela a cup of Cappucheeso to help her stay awake

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  • . Other Disney Related Links - On December 1, 2003, Roy Disney and Stanley Gold resigned from the Disney Corporation in protest of the current mismanagement under Michael Eisner

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  • . Four Theme Parks, An Aviary, Three Water Parks, Nightclubs, Hundreds of Restaurants, Dozens of Themed Resort Hotels, It's Own Transportation System, Conservation Plants, and more UNDERGROUND! WALT DISNEY WORLD IMPORTANT WALT DISNEY WORLD DATES November 11, 1965: Walt Disney announces Florida Project Fall 1967: Site preparation begins Spring 1969: Construction begins on Magic Kingdom, two hotels October 1, 1971: Opening day for Walt Disney World Vacation Kingdom December 1971: Inaugural Walt Disney World Golf Classic March 1975: Walt Disney Village Opens June 1976: River Country water adventure park opens October 1, 1982: Epcot Grand Opening May 1, 1989: Disney-MGM Studios opens June 1, 1989: Typhoon Lagoon and Pleasure Island open April 1, 1995: Blizzard Beach water adventure park opens June 1995: Michael Eisner announces Disney’s Animal Kingdom July 1995: Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Pavilion opens September 1997: Downtown Disney opens March 1997: Disney’s Wide World of Sports opens April 22, 1998: Disney’s Animal Kingdom opens March 1999: Asia opens in Disney’s Animal Kingdom WHEN ATTRACTIONS OPENED 1971: 26 original Magic Kingdom attractions: Jungle Cruise; Swiss Family Treehouse; Tiki Room (Tropical Serenade); Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel; Dumbo, the Flying Elephant; Mad Tea Party; Mickey Mouse Revue (GONE); Mr

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  • . Classic Goofy cartoons have been featured daily on the "Donald's Quack Attack" and "Mickey's Mouse Tracks" programs, as well as "Mouseterpiece Theater" and such special shows as "Goofy's Guide to Success" and "The Roots of Goofy." During the 1980s, Goofy was often seen in the company of his friend Michael Eisner in the introductory segments for "The Magical World of Disney" network television program


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  • . Then he'll march right up from beneath Walt Disney World, and hoo-boy, look out! That bastard Michael Eisner is going to find himself dodging a rain of anvils

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  • . who can this be, driving up to Donald's house in a stretch limo? It's that irritating but utterly ruthless corporate weasel Michael Eisner, with all of his lawyers!!! The Warner characters are dead meat before they can pull off a single gag
  • . As he does this, the gun will go off, blasting Donald's head into convenient souvenir-sized bits for Eisner to sell
  • . And they can rename the store "Eisner Republic." - Kilgore Trout This is not a hard choice, people

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  • . (You'll recall that one of the three founders of Dreamworks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, used to work at Disney under Michael Eisner, who kept referring to Katzenberg as a midget
  • . Reportedly, Lord Farquaad's facial resemblance to Eisner and his small stature are intentional and not so subtle jabs.) Lord Farquaad's castle looks like Disneyland, right down to its themed parking areas (Lancelot rather than something like Pinocchio) and singing dolls à la "It's A Small World." I've just touched the surface of the comedic ideas that the film develops

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  • . This number is introduced by Michael Eisner, Walt Disney Company's Chairman and CEO

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  • . Another 1 win & 10 nominations TREASURE PLANET | 6 out of 6 people found the following comment useful:- For Roy , 1 February 2006 Author: from United States Everyone show watch and buy this movie if for no other reason than to support Roy Disney against Michael Eisner!! This poor movie suffered from political mudslinging between these two
  • . Eisner, ever Roy's opponent, was in charge of the advertising budget
  • . The day after it was released, Eisner held a press conference, declaring "Treasure Planet" a flop, and blaming it for Disney's poor 3rd quarter performance

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  • . When Disney CEO Michael Eisner saw Paige O'Hara (Belle) and Jerry Orbach (Lumiere) perform musical highlights from Beauty and the Beast as part of an awards presentation in New York City, he knew that audiences would embrace a live stage version of the film

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    Comprehensive biography of the Disney head, and his roles in Paramount and Disney.

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  • . Eisner
  • . With Eisner on the hot seat, Jobs is likely to get much of what he wants

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