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  • . The Mighty Ducks Starring: Emilio Estevez, Joss Ackland, Lane Smith, Heidi Kling, Josef Sommer, Joshua Jackson, Elden Ratliff, Shaun Weiss, Bob Miller, Marguerite Moreau, Michae Review Summary A workaholic lawer is sentenced to comunity service for drunk driving, and put in charge of a terrible PeeWee hockey team The Mighty Ducks
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    The Mighty Ducks Theatrical Release : October 2, 1992 / Running Time : 121 Minutes / Rating : PG Director : Stephen Herek Cast : Emilio Estevez (Gordon Bombay), Joss Ackland (Hans), Lane Smith (Coach Reilly), Heidi Kling (Casey), Josef Summer (Gerald Ducksworth), Joshua Jackson (Charlie Conway), Elden Ratliff (Fulton Reed), Marquerite Moreau (Connie), Shaun Weiss (Goldberg), M.C

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  • . Carter - Sheena Napier - Albert Wolsky - Toys Gabriella Pescucci - Jenny Beavan, - Anna Biedrzycka-Sheppard - Janet Patterson - - Orlando Tim Chappel, Lizzy Gardiner - - Moidele Bickel - April Ferry - Maverick Jeffrey Kurland - James Acheson - Jenny Beavan, - Shuna Harwood - Charles Knode - Julie Weiss - Ann Roth - - Angels and Insects Alexandra Byrne - Ruth Myers - Emma Janet Patterson - Deborah Lynn Scott - Ruth E
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  • . David Stern and David Weiss (, ), Joe Stillman (, Beavis and Butt-head do America ) put a little bit in for everybody

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  • . Weiss' 1999 underground hit album, EXTREMELY COOL

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  • . in | Senate to Consider Stem Cell Proposals Senate to Consider Stem Cell Proposals Fertility Patients Could Donate Embryos By Rick Weiss Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, June 30, 2006; Page A05 Senate leaders from both parties agreed yesterday to schedule a vote on a package of bills that would loosen President Bush's five-year-old restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research
  • . Examining the crystals with high-intensity X-ray sources at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Amy Wernimont from Winfried Weissenhorn's group at EMBL Grenoble produced a high-resolution image of the protein
  • . "Nucleoprotein acts like a clamp, " says Weissenhorn