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  • . Sony, Columbia, Tri-Star, they're all teenie-weenie pieces of Sony

    Tiny Toon Adventures episode guide
  • . They should've gone to Weenie Burger
  • . 27 : EUROPE IN 30 MINUTES [#142 -- Wang] FULL -- 10/26/90 Plucky wins a trip to Europe on a game show, and he, Hamton and the Bunnies take a whirlwind trip around the continent in a tour bus from Hell(tm), noticing along the way that there are Weenie Burger stands EVERYWHERE
  • . "Buster's Guide to Part Time Jobs" -- Buster and Babs get jobs at Weenie Burger (or is it Big Weenie?) and have to serve Max
  • . Having to order her a Happy Baby Puppy Face Meal at Weenie Burger is one thing, but can he sit through "The Adventures of Fido and Mewmew" with her? "The Amazing Three" -- Babs, Shirley, and Fifi grow tired of their unsophisticated guy friends, and slip into a Perfecto Prep senior party

    Stan Freberg Discography
  • . In Which an Insecure Weenie Is Not an Esskay Quality Frank
  • . In Which an Insecure Weenie Is Not an Esskay Quality Frank
  • . A Weenie Drum Roll for the Esskay Frank Jingle

    WWWF Grudge Match
  • . - Weenie the Great In the book Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (yes, the Sandman guy), it was stated that evil is always the tool of its own defeat

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