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Alan Kay
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CalArts School of Music
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Mindjack Magazine: Coercion by Douglas Rushkoff
Complete text of chapter seven: 'Virtual Marketing'.

  • The effects of the keyboard, the joystick, and the remote control had to be reversed.

  • I saw the computer keyboard and mouse as our best weapons in the effort to turn around the mind-numbing impact of traditional media.

  • Just as the remote control had deconstructed the television image and the joystick demystified it, the keyboard and mouse spawned a new generation of do-it-yourself media tacticians.

  • The first step was to reverse the do-it-yourself attitude that the computer keyboard had provoked, and restore the supremacy of commercial content over social contact.


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    Tron's Game Grid
    Describes construction of Tron's Game Grid, an arcade machine for the home.
    Also describes MAME emulation...

  • The left joystick and the buttons are hardwired into into the backside of an old computer keyboard, the kind that had actual solder connections, and real switches in the keys.

  • Some dedicated gamers dispense with the keyboard itself, and wire directly into the "matrix", the little brain in the keyboard.

  • The center joystick is wired into a cheap six-button gamepad to hold down "ghosting" problems (where too many keyboard keys being pressed at one time produce odd results.) Each cluster's two red buttons are "A" and "B", the traditional buttons for old arcade games.The left cluster is labeled "MCP" and is Player Two, with that joystick wired to the "arrow keys".

  • Some MAME games actually flash the keyboard's "CapLock" and "NumLock" LED's to indicate one and two player credits, so those lines were run from the keyboard to indicator lights over the one and two player buttons.

  • (I have two kids who love gadgets as much as I do!) Upper-left three button cluster are MAME housekeeping functions; <ESC> to break out of games, <Tab> for internal game specs, and <P> for MAME's pause function, a great feature when it's time for dinner and you just hit 1, 000, 000 on Defender! I also wired in a footpedel tied to the "up arrow" key on the keyboard for racing games, and there is even a "plunger" button on the case front for pinball games! Art for Art's Sake , that old Disney warhorse, seemed a perfect theme; nobody else had used it yet, and it was SO 80's.

    Nan Magazine
    Amusing bits of information.

    WWWF Grudge Match: Pinky and The Brain vs. Dogbert
    Comedic send-up of a fictional match between P&TB and Dogbert (from Dilbert).

  • Pinky un-wittingly types rondomly on the keyboard, and ends up with a message convincing the Microsoft staff to install billions of anti-rodent devices.

    VideoGameReview.com - Disney Interactive Who Wants to be a ...
    Selection of user reviews about the game, including ratings.

  • 17" flexible USB travel light with Superbright USB A Male Connection draws light from laptop to illuminate Keyboard.

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    The digital century Computing through the ages

    Geek Squad Guide offers unique computer help

    The 80's Movies Rewind
    Overview of the film includes trivia, filming locations, memorabilia information,
    and related links.

  • Anthem for Keyboard Solo Soundtrack Available: « For Quick Product Help, Using our unique, "one-click" intelligent search device, you can now get that copy of Tron, it's or at the very best price , Even if it's out of print! You guys asked for it...

    The 80's Movies Rewind
    Movie review, filming locations, pictures, trivia, soundtrack information and links.


    Babel: Computer-related Acronyms
    A glossary of computer science and internet acronyms.

    BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms
    A list of computer-related abbreviations and acronyms maintained by Irving and
    Richard Kind.

    New Age of Falsification ?
    Nature photographers face a crisis of ethics as digital imaging makes photo fakery
    easier than ever....

    Open Source High-level Languages in Your Neighborhood
    Treats 6 popular, modern, high-level languages (Eiffel, Lua, Smalltalk, Squeak,
    Python, Ruby), what...

  • Ron Bessams developed a Windows automation tool called Girder with Lua that demonstrates it.s extensibility, taking any sort of input, be it network, keyboard, DVD player or remote, and turning it into an action on your PC.

    3D Realms Site: Wolfenstein 3D
    Official site, containing shareware demo, links, link to buy the game, system
    requirements, and screenshots.

  • Fastest 3D VGA animated full-screen wide game available for IBM PC! Play with keyboard, joystick, mouse or Gravis Gamepad.

    Al Lowe: Downloads
    Free download of The Black Cauldron and a few other games by humorist Al Lowe.

  • (When the game was written all function keys were to the left of keyboard, with F10 at the bottom.) Technical If the game won't work on your computer, you might try downloading the new open-source .

    BIT Computer
    Computer sales service and support.

    Game links for K-6 students arranged in more than 30 categories.

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