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Hundreds of coloring book pages to print out and color.

Disney's Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Coloring Pages
Pictures of Ariel, Sebastian, King Tritan, and other characters to print and color.

Keith's Colouring Book
A website containing hundreds of black and white images to download, print out,
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Family Fun
A comprehensive online source for creative crafts, fun activities, recipes, as
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Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

  • What do they think of the Disney version? -- Not much! -- What Canadian Native people think of it from an article publishd by INAC, the Canadian government Indian and Native Affairs agency (like the U.S.

  • Clicking on the blue quotes below will start an immediate download of the Qwiktime soundbyte interviews, prepared for Disney in the Press Kit for the movie.

  • (Sierra is influenced by Disney who advised them on a game made to go with a mid-80's release Disney featue cartoon, Black Cauldron , derived from Welsh mythology, Chronicles of Prydain .) I'd love to see a feature cartoon made someday by Indian artists.

  • WEB STUFF FROM DISNEY Pocahontas --Big imagemap from which you can send Disney comments, visit "Pocahontas Space" (see below) or get the Press Kit (see below).

  • Totally leaky! Yes, Disney needs a consultant like me, and I need money, too! But I told 'em for free, fixit.

  • Hey, Disney, hire Carlos as a consultant for this section.

  • Unlike me--I spent about 15 hours reducing the screen pix I used so they'd load fast as possible--the high-priced Disney talent didn't do that.

  • I'm more watching out for Disney Corp.

  • lawyers than checks! (Disney is known as a rather horrible employer and they tend to sue everybody in sight.) --Interviews of all the major people connected with the film, including the only 2 Indians involved: Russell Means (Pine Ridge, SD, Lakota, AIM leader, voice of Powhatan) and Irene Bedard (I'm uncertain of her tribe, she describes herself as a "Native American from Alaska" without mentioning her tribe).

    Surfing the Net with Kids
    Fabulous archive of web site reviews on subjects such as butterflies, Houdini,
    online encylopedias,...

    DisneySites!! Clipart - Over 1500 Disney related clipart
    Features over 1500 Disney clipart images of different characters and themes.

  • DisneySites!! Clipart Search for Featured eCard Dude to a friend or loved one right now.

  • Welcome to DisneySites!! Clipart Looking for some Disney Clipart??? You've come to the right place.

  • Check out our new ! There are 1568 images for you to choose from! Categories (Clipart: 222, Categories: 18 ) Clipart of characters not in Movies (Mickey, Donald, etc) (Clipart: 80, Categories: 7 ) Print out pages for children (or you) to color (Clipart: 100, Categories: 12 ) Holiday specific clipart (Clipart: 38, Categories: 6 ) Misc clipart (Disney Signatures, Cruise Line Logo etc) (Clipart: 968, Categories: 312 ) Clipart by movie then by character (Clipart: 65, Categories: 14 ) Clipart from parks, resorts, rides, etc (Clipart: 93, Categories: 49 ) Clipart from Disney's TV cartoons A few random Disney clipart 1 - Use the search field in the top left to find what you want .

  • Images © Disney.

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    Hasbro's Disney Portal - Toy Story Online Games
    Online games include coloring book, comics, and matching games. Printable activities
    include coloring...

    Online coloring book and kid games includes favorite characters, holidays, and
    nature scenes.

    Judith's Disney Page
    Disney pictures, wallpapers, coloring pages and desktop themes.

    AFUNK - Pokemon Coloring Books
    A collection of printable Pokemon images for coloring.


    IMDb: Cinderella
    Cast and crew list, trivia, reviews, production information, and other details.

    Minnie`s Coloring and Games
    Free Mickey and Pooh java coloring books, and Disney games.

    Disney Clipart
    Sorted by character.

    Judith's Winnie the Pooh Page
    Includes pictures, sounds, stories, games, and recipes.

  • · · · · Partner Pages Welcome, Anonymous Nickname Password Membership: 3962 Latest: New Today: 0 New Yesterday: 0 People Online: 84 Visitors: 84 Members: 0 Which quote do you like best? Pooh - Oh bother Piglet - Oh dear, dddear dear Eeyore - Thanks for noticing me Tigger - Oh dont be ridiculous! Rabbit - Oh no, not again, oh my goodness greatest Gopher - I'm not in the book Owl - Someone has pasted Piglet on my window Votes: 452 Comments: 0 Welcome to my Winnie the Pooh page! : Piglet keeps Walt Disney cartoon off Turkish public TV Posted by on Saturday, June 24 Turkey's public television TRT has barred the popular Walt Disney cartoon "Winnie the Pooh" from air because it has a piglet as one of its main heroes, the Turkish press reported.

    Kids Domain PC Freeware by Age
    Free software and screensavers organised by age group.

  • (Win95/98) by Little Bits Multimedia (Win3) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Flix Productions (Dos) by PBS Online (Win3, Win95/98) Age 2 to 5 by Penguin Putnam Inc.

  • (Win3, Win95/98) by Disney (Win95/98) by Kids Domain / Soleil by BabySchool (Win95/98) by The MindBendR Co.

  • (Win95/98) by Owl & Mouse (Win3) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by LarKen Software (Win3, Win95/98) by Purina Meow Mix (Win3, Win95/98) by T and P SC Screen Savers (Win95/98) by Maveric Ultra-Media (Win95/98) by The Nature Conservancy (Win95/98) by Inc.

  • (Win3, Win95/98) by The Crayon House by Bill Buckels (Dos) by Nintendo (Win3, Win95/98) by BILL BUCKELS (Dos) by LatticeWork Software (Win3) by Vikram Madan (Win95/98) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Columbia Pictures (Win95/98) by The Crayon House by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by The Crayon House by (Win3, Win95/98) by Paws, Inc.

  • (Win3, Win95/98) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Feld Entertainment, Inc.

  • (Win3, Win95/98) by (Win95/98) by The MindBendR Co.

  • (Win95/98) by many publishers by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by PBS Online (Win3, Win95/98) by Nestle (Win3) by The Willie Wonka Candy Factory (Win3, Win95/98) Age 4 to 8 by Consumer Product Safety Commision by Lego (Win3) by Penguin Putnam Inc.

  • (Win3, Win95/98) by Disney (Win95/98) by North Carolina Bar Association (Win3, Win95/98) by INNOVA Multimedia Ltd.

  • (Win95/98) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Children's Book Nook (Win3, Win95/98) by Disney (Win3, Win95/98) by Kids (Win3, Win95/98) by Born Free Foundation by Penguin Putnam (Win3, Win95/98) by Zap Spot (Win95/98) by Sony (Win3, Win95/98) by BSAS (Win3) by Cap'n Crunch Cereal (Win3, Win95/98) by The Crayon House by Christy (Win95/98) by eij's Gallery by eij's Gallery by Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (Win3, Win95/98) by AbodeWorks Studios (Win95/98) by Cheryl's Image Gallery (Win3, Win95/98) by NASA Space Link (Win3, Win95/98) by Zap Spot by Robesus Inc (Win3, Win95/98) by Comp Ed, Inc.

    Kids Domain Valentines
    Includes Valentine coloring pages, crafts, word searches, mazes, graphics and music.

    Disney's Blast: Online Disney Games
    Educational Disney kids' games online featuring both new and classic Disney characters.

    Disney Stops Miramax From Releasing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"
    Alleges that political pressure was applied to block distribution of the film.
    Also includes a letter...

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