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  • Non-market failure, again 25 JUL 2006 - If a private healthcare system performed like , the BBC would be screaming "Market failure!" The solution to delays in diagnostic tests is to remove barriers to entry, allow competition in the form of pricing and speed of service.

  • And people who scream "market failure" are not interested in the welfare of consumers, just pretexts for intervention and bureaucracy.

    Islam, Animation and Money: the Reception of Disney's Aladdin in ...
    Timothy R. White and JE Winn discuss the reception of Disney's Aladdin in Islamic

    Cervantes and the Modern Latin American Narrative
    An essay by Roberto González Echevarría examines how the Quijote has been re-written
    in Latin America...

  • Ferreti's failure to canonize Columbus is the final meaning of Carpentier's searing meditation on literature and authorship, not to mention self-knowledge and self-projection.


    Dracula theme park town bites back

    The Celebration Controversies
    Duany examines the pros and cons of Disney's New Urbanist town for the International
    Network for Traditio...

  • It is difficult to retrofit to a higher density so it is always advisable in such cases of skepticism to provide the paper density and to reduce it subsequently if there is indeed a failure of demand.

  • The dissatisfaction was presented by the Times as a civic failure of the community, but it is actually the symptom of something else.

    Creativity Training
    Creativity Training in South Africa.

  • Then there is fear of failure, fear of what others think, fear of success.

  • Ironically, those who fear failure tend not to stick their necks out and, consequently, they don't succeed as much as those who don't fear failure so much.

  • HOW: How do you get around fear of failure and other creative blocks? Monahan: I show people how to build failure into their thinking, then they don't have as much fear of it.

  • Intergalactic Thinking™, 100MPH Thinking™, 180º Thinking™ [creative-thinking techniques], which I teach in my seminars, all have failure built into them.

  • Most people are unconscious thinkers, but if you understand better how you think, then you recognize the role of failure, the role of random inspiration, the role of shutting down judgment.

    Microsoft vs. Disney
    Parody news story of a trademark violation.

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    WWWF Grudge Match
    What if Bill Nye tried to solve the mysteries of Area 51?

  • Only a scientific failure would have to rely on bribery in an attempt to solve this mystery first.

    Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States
    Copyright chart.

    The Human Lives Behind the Labels
    Article in the summer 1997 issue of Rethinking Schools about the use of sweatshop
    labor for children's...

    Business Law Prof Blog
    Commentary and analysis of business law issues, from Professor Dale Oesterle of
    the Moritz College...


    What should Warner Brothers Do With The Iron Giant?
    Commentary by Harry Knowles of Ain't-It-Cool-News on the WB's failed marketing
    attempt for "The Iron Giant".

    A Word Fom The Right
    Rants, ramblings and intemperate thoughts from an unapologetic conservative.

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  • Say it ain't so! And Sodom to invade Jerusalem: over "gay" event [Jul 3] From Evolutionary Psychology , evolutionary constraints on democratic nation building: A of The Failure of Democratic Nation Building: Ideology Meets Evolution ; and can the social scientists be saved? Should they?: A of Missing the Revolution: Darwinism for Social Scientists .

    The Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go
    A comprehensive site with detailed necessary information on visiting or relocating
    to Japan - visas,...

  • NOTE: Failure to follow proper procedures could be financially disastrous since your pet will have to be quarantined up to 180 days.

  • IMPORTANT!! : Failure to get the re-entry permit stamp in your passport may prevent you from being allowed back into Japan.

  • Failure to do so may result in a year in jail or a fine of 200, 000 yen.

  • Failure to do so may result in seizure of your assets, DEA scrutiny, and maybe even an IRS audit.

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