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Michael Moore Film Faces Disney Censorship
The New York Times reports the Disney corporation is forbidding its subsidiary,
Miramax Films, to...

Disney Stops Miramax From Releasing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"
Alleges that political pressure was applied to block distribution of the film.
Also includes a letter...

Asian Villa Traditional Thai Massage in Eurodisney
Asian Villa is a new spa recently open in Eurodisney. Tradional Thai Massage &

  • Following a light pummeling to open up the ' sen' channels and get the circulation flowing, a variety of herbs can then be applied to the body to deal with specific ailments.


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    White Collar Crime
    Articles and resources on Corporate crime waves, business scams, workplace ethics,
    identity theft,...
    A news/resource site covering all types of paid content business models,
    subscription-enabling technologi...

  • are shying away from search or advertising deals with online giants such as Google and Yahoo, in favor of partnerships with small start-ups they can more easily control.

  • Anyway, back to the story: The story says Verizon Wireless is close to doing a deal with mobile-search provider , where VZW users will be able to search for downloadable multimedia content through a Medio-powered search bar.

  • Another small search provider says it has struck early-stage search deals with several North American carriers, and one is believed to be Cingular Wireless .

  • [] | New Video Deals: PBS On Google Video & Download To Own; MSN's "Arrested Development" [by ] Jaded as we may be with the constant cavalcade of online video deals, today’s inbox contains some worth noting including PBS downloads for sale and and an ad-supported syndicated sitcom for MSN: – PBS has two new online video options; both include download to own.

  • The deal is expected to close in the third quarter; terms weren’t disclosed.

  • [] | [by ] BT is to launch a broadband movie download-to-own service in UK…it will launch on Monday under the BT Vision brand, will offer initially about 150 films through a deal with Universal Pictures.

  • – Meredith is also dealing with the different needs and desires of its varied audiences .

  • Such a move likely wouldn’t have been possible when was owned by the same company that had a one-third interest in CareerBuilder , described in the Philadelphia Inquirer today as “fast-growing but money-losing CareerBuilder.” McClatchy is in talks with fellow owners Tribune and Gannett about the third it acquired as part of the KR deal.

    Euro-American Health
    Presents a explanation of the mechanism of disease based on the role of

    EJN: Bill Frisell
    Guitarist's biography, profile, and complete biography.

  • Frisell and Joey Baron performed Stephen Mackey's "Deal", a concerto for guitar and drums, with the Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group, New York's American Composer's Orchestra and the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players.

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    Offers free delayed share prices, news, portfolio, and charts, on major European
    Stock Exchanges in...

    Heroes Convention
    Held yearly in Charlotte NC. Information on attending artists, how to get there
    and why they do it.

  • And since he for some reason decided to unload the entire truckload of stuff we brought back from the show, virtually by himself, he more than any of us has had a slow healing process! But now we're starting to wake up a little bit and moan a little less--good thing, too, as we're swamped in congratulatory and thankful phone calls and e-mails! Pro's and fans from all over the country are letting us know what a great time they had, and many of our dealers are informing us that this year's HeroesCon was their most lucrative to date! In fact, we've heard from several different people that HeroesCon was their best show ever in terms of sales! While we're cobbling together our own photo report now, we'd like to take this opportunity to say a double-extra special Thanks to all the many thousands of people who attended Heroes Convention this year, not to mention our incredible guest list, and the dealers who drove from all over the country to set up.

  • The, located within a couple of blocks of the Charlotte Convention Center , has given us a HeroesCon rate of $75 a night , which is a great deal! You can always check on these rates and other HeroesCon travel info, but for now, here's the skinny: just go to the, enter your dates, and then under "group code", enter "hrohroa" for a single king bed room, or "hrohrob" for 2 double beds.

  • But it's true, too true--we're totally sold out! And it's not just artists, either; since our announcement, dealers from all over the country have been calling in to reserve their booths! Looks like is going to be a total sellout on all fronts! If you're a dealer looking to secure your booth, you'd be best-advised to ! Speaking of Artists Alley , the list is finally ! If you've purchased an Artists Alley space, Small Press Table, or Indie Press Booth, your name should be listed right now on our page! Note that there are still a few stragglers that Shelton's cleaning up, so we'll be adding a few more over the next couple of weeks, but this is the biggest part of the list.

    Islam, Animation and Money: the Reception of Disney's Aladdin in ...
    Timothy R. White and JE Winn discuss the reception of Disney's Aladdin in Islamic

    Cervantes and the Modern Latin American Narrative
    An essay by Roberto González Echevarría examines how the Quijote has been re-written
    in Latin America...

  • (The issue of Cervantes and Quijote statues has been shrewdly studied by James Fernández in an essay from which I have learned a great deal).

  • This was a grave irreverence in Borges' part because he was dealing with the greatest monument of the Spanish language.

  • Has anyone noticed that Terra Nostra is a dramatization of Maeztu's Don Quijote, Don Juan y la Celestina ? There are also characters from Latin American novels in the mix, but the founding fables are those figures, who live in a future ideal world where they commingle as in a sort of new Mount Olympus.

  • 176) A Quijote that joins the ranks of modern popular myths is not that unlikely, given that Cervantes' book, in dealing with chivalric romances was already concerned with such figures and stories at their birth at the dawn of the post-Gutenberg era.


    Wishart, Kelly Margaret
    Memorial in honor of Kelly, who died of Leukemia at age 18. Features photographs,
    diaries, letters...

    Dave Barry FAQ
    The small, auxiliary back-up FAQ about Dave Barry and the usenet group How To Deal
    Interview with actress Mandy Moore discussing her participation in the movie.

    Ground Zero: Friends vs. Seinfeld
    It seems that both groups want the same couch.

  • he-e-e-e-ey, E=MC2 Chandler: What Joey: Nothing, ow <kick><ouch>For God's Sake Stop! Seinfelder's get a new couch via the grease monkey Moral: Don't mess with Christian mechanics - Big Dy ROTW ™ Silver Medal Grudgie ™ WHAT THE HELL?! The only reason I voted at all was for the "both mangled and killed" button that I expected to come up on the next page! WHERE IS IT?! Now I just voted for "Freinds"! You must all DIE! - BOB: Slayerr of the wild spams ROTW ™ Bronze Medal Grudgie ™ Three things must be remembered in dealing with this match: 1) Friends and Seinfeld are both NBC shows.

  • Seinfeld must deal with NEWMAN! 6.

  • You'll really like the other guys at my apartment; the loveseat is looking for a companion, and the ottoman is a really nice guy" "And what's the deal with ottomans, anyway? Was the Ottoman empire an entire civilization devoted to putting up your feet?..." * * * As the comic begins to steer his monologue in another direction, a young singer/guitar player begins her set in a coffee shop across town.

  • I owe a great deal to television, but this is where I draw the line, dammit! No matter what television has thrown my way, I consumed it.

    Microsoft vs. Disney
    Parody news story of a trademark violation.

    Amusement Today
    Monthly magazine serving the amusement industry, includes park attendance trends.

  • for $1.24 billion, a deal announced in May.

  • We will enjoy an amazing regional culture and provide ideal opportunities for networking with some of the industry’s great leaders.” While visiting Mirabilandia and Gardaland, exclusive tours of each park wil showcase the facilities rides, operations, safety and technology.

  • The deal, announced Monday, should close by the end of October, Borin said.

  • Cyngus announced deal with Six Flags (MAY 25; 2:16 PM) Cygnus eTransactions Group, Inc.

  • Cedar Fair said there are no plans to divest any of the properties, the deal includes the Nickelodeon licensing agreement (currently a 4-year deal), movie tie-in agreements are still being reviewed, the company expects to maintain the distribution policy and that there would be no changes that the public would see this season.

  • NBGS inks deal with WaterPark Experts, Inc.

    United States walks dataprivacy tightrope during EU talks
    News, press releases, and game sales charts.

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