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  • Part of the collection on Power Rangers TV series Films Spin-off Edited From Power Rangers is an ongoing, franchise of programs.

  • The Power Rangers series was distributed by Entertainment from until the end of and was broadcast on the .

  • Since Fall 2002, all Power Rangers shows have aired on various Disney-owned networks (, , and channels worldwide).

  • Contents [] What is a Power Ranger? A Power Ranger is a person who from a, unpowered form into a form fitting battle suit, which also has a with an opaque visor, which in many cases serves to protect his or her .

  • A morphed Ranger generally possesses strength, durability, and hand-to-hand combat ability; unmorphed Rangers may possess other innate abilities (such as, , , great hand-to-hand combat ability, etc.) which are usually not directly related to his or her Ranger powers.

  • Rangers appear to retain their original physiology beneath their suits when in morphed form, as Rangers' helmets have been seen removed or broken on numerous occasions, revealing his or her natural form underneath (There are exceptions to this rule: Justin, the Blue Turbo Ranger, was in his early teens and was much shorter than his Ranger form when unmorphed; Anubis "Doggie" Cruger, the S.P.D.

  • Shadow Ranger, has a muzzle [he is a humanoid dog-like alien] that seems to disappear beneath the helmet; and Daggeron, the Solaris Knight, transforms into a different creature while in the process of morphing).

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  • "Sweet Valley High" is produced by Haim Saban, the man who gave us such syndicated hits as "Power Rangers" and "VR Troopers." The "Saban" name calls to mind a certain set of production values, and this show delivers those, even if thematically, it's a far cry from his usually action-oriented children's series.

  • It wasn't produced by Touchstone Television at all, but like Saban's "Power Rangers" (which are now on a countless incarnation), Buena Vista Home Entertainment apparently carries video distribution rights.

  • There's a glimpse of another one of Saban's ventures "Power Rangers" on the set where Uncle Andy works.

    The Power Rangers Information Archive
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  • _ Coming Up! July 29 Jetix Soccer Mania Saturday, featuring all-star episodes of "Power Rangers, " begins @ 4:00 pm EST on Toon Disney! July 29 The 22nd episode of "Power Rangers Mystic Force, " Heir Apparent, Part I , premieres @ 6:30 pm EST on Toon Disney! August 11 The 23rd episode of "Power Rangers Mystic Force, " Heir Apparent, Part II , premieres @ 8:00 pm EST on Toon Disney! August 14 The 24th episode of "Power Rangers Mystic Force, " The Light , premieres @ 7:00 pm EST on Toon Disney! _ Cool Stuff _ "Power Rangers, " all logos, characters, names, distinctive likenesses, and related indicia is © and ™ BVS Entertainment, Inc.

  • The Power Rangers Information Archive is an unofficial "Power Rangers" website created and maintained by This site is best viewed with in high color with a of 1024 x 768 pixels (If Internet Explorer encounters an error while viewing this site, such as not being able to properly display a page, delete the browser's temporary internet files (Tools --> Internet Options --> Delete Cookies / Files) and refresh the page.) Established: September 12, 2004 The Power Rangers Information Archive Now Available on DVD! Coming Soon! ––––– Power Rangers on iTunes 1993 – 1996 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Jetix's "Power Rangers Mystic Force" Heir Apparent, Part I promo (Length: 30 seconds , Size: 1.65 MB ) Encoded in RealVideo format for users with cable and DSL internet connections.


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  • Gina Weiss | |, , , , , A UK music festival = loads of drink, no sleep and naughty things with strangers.

    Treu, Blair
    Biography and filmography, with synopsis of films, of the award-winning director
    of the Power Rangers...

  • "Secret Keeper" The Brainiacs.com (2000; TV) Phantom of the Megaplex (2000; TV) (1996; V) (1996; V) (1995; V) Television Series Directed by Blair Treu: "Chicken Soup for the Soul" (1999) "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" (1999) "Power Rangers In Space" (1998) "Power Rangers Turbo" (1997) Links: - entry for Treu - behind the scenes picture gallery Blair Treu 's films are characterized by a distinctive passion and charm that have earned this director critical praise and numerous awards.

  • He primarily worked on episodes of " Power Rangers , " the Saban Entertainment science fiction action series import from Japan.

  • "Power Rangers Turbo" (1997), "Power Rangers In Space" (1998) and "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" (1999) are yearly incarnations of essentially the same kids-oriented TV series.

  • Most of the "Power Rangers" episodes that Treu directed were written by Judd Lynn.

  • An example of Treu's "Power Rangers" work can be found in the 90-minute video movie "Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy: The Return of the Magna Defender." This direct-to-video film was a sort of sequel to the 1999 episode "Magna Defender", which first aired on April 3, 1999 and was directed by Koichi Sakamoto.

  • Synopsis: "The Rangers, onboard the space colony Terra Venture, must keep the powerful Lights of Orion out of the hands of the evil Scorpious, and must contend with the former hero Magna Defender, who may be friend or foe." Episodes of "Power Rangers" directed by Blair Treu include: 225 Stitch Witchery 12 Sep.

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