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Performing Arts Resources
Educational information and links in over 50 categories.

  • Performing Arts Resources SM E F G I J K L N P Q T U V X Z The online site of the Arts and Entertainment channel features a rich source of information on performing arts as well as the channel's programming.

  • This site provides a forum online for actors (it does require a $75 annual subscription fee to participate) to post a photograph (head shot) and brief resume online.

  • The online home of the American Ballet Theater offers biographies, story synopses, and a tour schedule as well as a number of images.

  • It also lets you order tickets online.

  • The National Endowment for the Arts offers an online newsletter that's searchable, with information and articles.

  • At this online resource center and educational facility you can learn how to produce a film, find an agent, direct your first feature, or sell your script.

  • It has important things like online texts, books, articles, and newsgroups, plus lots of fun stuff like props and how to make them.

  • Online Edition of Mix Magazine, dealing with "Professional Recording - Sound and Music Production." This site contains reviews of new equipment, studio showcase, and many more sections.

  • The Online Communicator features video, film, audio, and multimedia professionals.

  • Includes voice samples, script writing software, reviews, user partcipation page, links, and more! Readers Theatre Online Canada offers teachers' guides and sample plays for duplication and classroom use, as well as information and links on the Readers Theatre concept, "The fastest growing innovation" The Society of Internet application.

    KGO 7
    San Francisco. News, weather, sports, and Bay Area guide.

    Monthly Internet publication offers travel stories, features, tips, and directory.

  • Love to travel? Start your vacation by air, land or sea right here! Love to travel? You've arrived at the right online vacation destination! Award-winning offers travelers the unique perspectives of more than 100 professional travel writers.

  • No matter if you are hunting for last minute discount travel deals, or putting together international deam vacations, web sites like can act as your online travel agents, guiding you to the best airline, accommodation and packages to suit any travel budget.

  • ...AUDIO TRAVEL JOURNAL ONLINE Travel the world by air, land or sea for great vacations has been a trusted online source of travel advice for more than eight years on the Internet, attracting thousands of travelers like you every day.

  • Two years in a row, world-wide surveys by the prestigious Cincinnati-based magazine Writers Digest , to find "The Best Places To Get Published Online, " resulted in Travel-Wise placing first out of 50 websites chosen in 2001, and eighth of 25 websites chosen in 2002.

  • This site is now available for all travel writers to publish travel content and promote their services online.

  • An online allows travel writers and suppliers to openly communicate.


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    The Orlando Bloom Files
    Biography, filmography, pictures, multimedia, news, articles, merchandise, games
    and a Legolas paper doll.

  • New Interviews and Articles - - - - - POTC 2 Reviews The critics seem to be a bit divided in their opinion of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

    Martin's Route 66 Gallery and Essay
    Private page illustrating roadside features.

  • Boulder City Online features a travel article about Mitchell Caverns located in the Providence Mountains, California.

    LA Observed
    Kevin Roderick's newsblog primarily about Los Angeles, blogging, and newsreporting.

  • Numerous bars are screening games and there’s plenty of online chatter about the competition - including much discussion of the contents of the “magic spray” applied to footballers' injuries.

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    Hello, Larry Online
    Information, and episode guide.

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    Photo by Coco Lee
    Men's magazine online including profile, ratings, and pictures.

    All the latest South African entertainment news, listings, reviews and gossip
    sourced from Independent...

    Arabic pop culture news, music and video clips reviews in addition to celebrities
    news and other entertai...

    Includes reviews, release schedules, rentability index, children's videos, news,
    sell-through and...


    Fashist! Online - Models in Movies
    "Carmen Kass will appear in a Baltic project..."

  • Search: Keywords: • Language Translator Fashist! presents: Basilio's Models in Movies October 30, 2003 - by Nam Parker * Fashist! friend and Globe trotting photo journalist, Nam Parker report for Fashist!Online about Laetitia Casta in Toronto, promoting her new movie.

    Anime News Service
    News and event information worldwide.

    US Media Profit, Propaganda and Puffery
    Discusses the intellectual level of mainstream media and the profit interests of
    the media. By John...

    The Entertainer Online
    News, commentary and essays on Eastern Almeria for residents and friends of the
    area. Based in Mojacar....

    The New Mickey Mouse Club Renaissance Project
    Dedicated to preserving and promoting the memory of 1977's version of the show
    and its cast. - The Online Price Guide
    A free online price guide for comic book with the ability to track the value your

    MaryMc's Seventies Stuff
    From music to books, TV and movies to memorable events, a comprehensive collection
    of 70's culture.

    Ace Karaoke
    Wholesaler and retailer of Karaoke machines sells players, amplifiers, speakers,
    mixers, and accessories,...

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