Disney Attraction Scripts
An index of unofficial Disney attraction scripts.

Emuck: Allwine/Taylor Invited Talk Transcript
Online chat with Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor - voices of Disney's Mickey and
Minnie Mouse.

Robert's Jeopardy Adventure
An article about being on the show from a former contestant.

  • At this point, they know they got smart people, and they're simply casting the show for the most lively, diverse and interesting line-ups they can find.

  • I want to be opportunistic as well by mentioning my websites: feel free to visit and drop a line. The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD
    Guide to all Disney movies available on DVD. Includes title listings, latest
    news, and a forum.


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    Culture by Commotion Trilogy
    Online version of the series of books that include: Plenitude, Transformation,
    Commotion. The series...

    Soloman, Courtney
    A DVD Talk with the director of Dungeons and Dragons.

    The Unofficial Daria Movie Rumor Page
    "What would happen if Hollywood's most hated director met MTV's best cartoon?"

    Bill Bennett, Director of Photography
    Cinematographer and Director of Photography specializing in the shooting of TV
    commercials in the...


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    Jain, Rajeev
    Features movies, articles and biographical information about the filmmmaker.
    Arriflex rate cards.

    WWWF Ground Zero: Jean Claude Van Damme vs. Steven Seagal
    A humorous look as the two action heroes duke it out for the lead role in 'McBain:
    The Movie'.

  • Spielberg motions for them to sit down across from the Hollywood power trio, but both The Muscles from Brussels and The Glimmer Man decline.

  • (What kind of pick up line is "Want to have a three way?" ( Van Damme, Friends ).

  • And it all starts with a kick to Seagal's gut, and the line "Don't f**k with me, I'm about to have a very bad day" ( Van Damme, Sudden Death ).

  • Spielberg, from the sidelines, watches the Double Impact of the fighters' Bloodsport with a Timecop, The Patriot, and even a Street Fighter standing as his personal bodyguards, ready for anything to occur.

  • Now, why did the Germans invade Belgium each time? To gain a better position to attack FRANCE! Anybody considered WEAKER than the French has got some serious wimpiness issues to work out; even if this reputation is in fact not deserved by the Belgians (anybody who can get Indiana Jones to fight in THEIR army can't be that pathetic), the blow to Jean-Claude's perceived ability to back up his words will cost his one liners the impact needed to win over Seagal in the witticisms part of the contest.

  • Woo is not a man to let moronic one-liners glut his movies, he prefers a sense of style (TM).

  • "He's the kind of Guy who would drink Gasoline to piss in your campfire! You could drop him off at the North pole wearing a G-string and two-weeks later he would show up in Mexico with a fist-full of pesos and an Attitude." Courtesy R.

  • - Joe Cohen As the Grudge Match progresses, we are treated to a dazzling display of gratuitous violence and lame one liners.

    Marc Shaiman biography emphasizing his relationships with Bette Midler and Rob
    Reiner and focusing...

    Lost Film Festival
    Film festival and traveling film series featuring progressive social commentary
    and documentary works....


    The Dreaming: Neil Gaiman
    News, links, tour and background information, bibliographies, and a search tool.

    Virtual Oslo
    Interactive maps and virtual guided tours through Oslo. Information about hotels,
    transport, activities,...

  • Language Destinations Oslo News online Travel Video, panoramas and slideshows Build your personalized business guide Build your personalized tourist guide Build your personalized conference guide Plan your transportation Plan your meetings & conferences Plan your automobile tour Shopping in Oslo Shopping Malls Byporten shopping Oslo's newest shopping center.

    Books Secondhand
    Secondhand books, specialising in Blyton, Gallico, Cronin, Du Maurier, Christie.

  • Cheryl Fletcher : web : EMAIL ME NOW! : Scroll down below, all books, except most Girl Series books, are in Author alphabetical order ! Or use your Edit > 'Find' on your browser toolbar !! Abbott, Jacob Caroline or The Little Friends c1878 (H/C Bound Brown & Gold Embossed, Sunday School Award Dated 1878, Owner Stamped 12 Engravings 1 Coloured! Good Con) Frederick Warne AU$30 Ackroyd, Peter Dickens' London, An Imaginative Vision 1987 1st Ed! (H/C, D/J, 192 pgs, Plastic Covered, Ex-Library Stamp & Reinforced, Beautifully Old Photo Illustrated, Good Con, ISBN 0747200289) Headline AU$45 Acorn Book Series Seven Scamps Solve A Mystery #7 1969 by M.

  • Ethel Talbot, Renwick AU$25* Penelope Annual 1969 (Pictorial H/C, Featuring THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO, Perils Of Parker, Ice Bound) ALL COLOUR, Tiny Drawing on Puzzle, Good Con) Century 21 Pub AU$58 Penny Annual 1983 1982 (H/C, Caroline & Bridget twins, Ann Douglas & Roberta, Annie Booth, Nina, Mansfield Park by Jane Austen, The Minitones, G/Con) IPC AU$7 People's Friend Annual 1973-74 (H/C, 8 1/4" by 5 1/2", Good Con) D.C.Thomson AU$4 Photoplay Film Annual 1975 (Pictorial H/C, 77 pgs, Roger Moore 007, Redford, Eastwood, Pacino, Not Price Clipped, Good Con) Argus Press AU$14* Pigeon Street Annual 1982 by Michael Cole (H/C, BBC TV, Rose, Daisy, Betty, Bob, Mr Macadoo, Molly, Hugo, Dr Glossop, Mr Baskerville, Mr Jupiter, Price Clipped, Good Con, ISBN 0862270820) Grandreams AU$50 Pink Annual 1981 (H/C, 127 pgs, Good Con) Fleetway AU$10* Planet Of The Apes Annual 1977 Auth Ed (H/C, Film & T.V.

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    Bleeding Fiction
    Graduate student in Seattle writes about his thoughts.

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    Online salg af dvd-film.

    Mutanex Earth Portal
    Crossroads of human-alien hybrids, time travelers, and shamanistic practitioners
    offering guidance...

    Clinique d'orthothérapie Nouvel Ère
    Clinique d'orthothérapie qui offre massothérapie et kinesithérapie, ortothérapie
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